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Irmano Bhutan

Played by Leng(Jay and Paper)

Irmano Bhutan (a.k.a. notoriousVisionary)

Irma is lazy and mildly antagonistic most of the time. He likes annoying people but seems to backtrack if he's made some one sad instead. He doesn't often hang around people in person and leaves chat quickly at the mention of blood. He also tries to keep people at a distance, but when he is attracted to some one he can't seem to help himself, as pushing them away is too much effort.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Irma's hair is long and messy as he finds dealing with it too much effort. His horns are longish and curve downward
glows when not suppressing himself
He wears baggy long sleeved t-shirts and scruffy old jeans

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Irma used to be more active, but being active made him uncontrollably bloodthirsty(litterally) and violent. He decided to stop trying at life after killing a good portion of his friend group on accident.


bum, Irma has no job and mooches off of others often

Accomplishments & Achievements

resilient, can take falls and blunt attacks and be mostly unfazed. due to this (and being lazy) he doesn't bother dodging(even when he should). uses a sling shot, but mostly to annoy people by hitting them with rocks.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

lazing around with friends, annoying easily annoyed people, flicking rocks at people with his slingshot, lying about stuff in chats to get a rise out of people or just confuse them
exercise, killing his friends in a blind frenzy, work
8.77 Sweeps (19 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
no capitalization, only punctuation is '?', doubles vowles, mostly out of 'laziness' uses his horns in emotes (;p (=O
"thee quuiick broown foox juumps ooveer thee laazy doog"
winged snake(venion can kill other lussi)
➠Original Planet
Mage of Space


In Person




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