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PM1 pt.03} this is entertaaaining

notoriousVisionary played by Leng, ardentPersuasion played by Kiwi, caligulasAquarium played by Dodo, gallowsCalibrator played by Jiro, arachnidsGrip played by Link, prettyPetty played by Jiro
NV: aanyoonee aaliive oouut theeree? oor noot aaliivee ii guueess ii knoow hoow iit iis
ardentPersuasion [AP] has begun responding to the memo
NV: fuuck yeeaah biitch whaat whaat shiit yoouu beeeen uup too?
AP: hey dude, I don't know thievery and stuff hehe
AP: my ususal
NV: claassiic aap weell my daay iis looooking uup aat leeaast ii caant chaasee yoouu oouut oof chaat iin teeaars
AP: lol yeah fuck you if you even thought you could
AP: I'm not Densra
NV: maaybee iif ii paaiid yoouu
AP: yeah but you'd have to give me a LOT
AP: I'm not a cheap whore
NV: goottaa haavee liikee mooneey foor thaat ii thiink
AP: which I'm guessing you don't lol
NV: ii duunoo ii haaveent looookeed iin aa whiilee buut yeeaah prooly noot
AP: ha lol same
AP: good thing i have fast hands and am good at barrowing stuff
caligulasAquarium [CA] is no longer idle!
CA: seems like there really isnt much a anythin goin on tonight huh
CA: got a wwhole lot a nothin happenin right noww an i dont havve any plans either
CA: sure hope somethin of vvauge interest is goin on here otherwwise i got no clue wwhat im supposed to do wwith my time
CA: not seein any handles a interest at a glance though so thats not gettin my hopes up as much as its pushin em dowwn under the wwater
gallowsCalibrator [GC] had started responding to the memo.
GC: H1 3R1D4N
CA: it looks as if i wwas wwrong in my prevvious assertion scrollin back dowwn here
CA: although the handle a interest im seein isnt particularly interestin
CA: oh wwell
CA: suppose somethin can be said here for not choosin wwhile bein a beggar
CA: wwhats goin on in your wworld a nonsensical morals rezi
NV: heeh heeh heeh baarroowiing
AP: yeah yeah I know
AP: two losers have shown up fresh fucking meat
AG: So many losers! 8ut nothing to write home a8out, really, I've come to expect it from this memo.
AG: Dualscar. Redglare. :::;)
CA: twwo losers
CA: wwhat do you havve no idea wwho wwe are or somethin
CA: seems like wwhoevver they put in charge a my pr has failed in a completely spectacular fashion as to be expected
CA: wwell for your information i just so happen to be one a the trolls wwho got the ball rollin wwith this here neww planet wwere all on right noww
CA: i wwas about to agree wwith you there rezi but then loww and behold i see some putrid blue creepin up onto my screen like an unwelcome guest slippin into my hivve
CA: i wwould say its good to see you mindfang but i think wwe both knoww that theres no point in usin pleasantries wwhen seein your mug isnt pleasant for anyone involvved
AP: Oh woooow you've sure got an ego
AP: to bad it's for nothing
NV: ooh.. ooh shiit
AG: You don't have to express your delight at seeing my 8eautiful 8lue text. I know exactly how you feel. You're an open 8ook. ::::)
AG: 8ut really, it has 8een so long since I've had to put up with your 8ullshit. It's almost refreshing.
NV: soorry maan ii juust neeeed aa moomeent iill geet baack too maakiing yoouu cry laateer
AP: seeya later NV
NV: naa maan ii caant leeaavee yeet ii goottaa maakee suuree oof soomeethiing fiirst ii juust neeeed aa seec too geet my shiit toogeetheer fuuck maan
CA: eugh
CA: if you think misconstruin my intentions is enough to ruffle my feathers like some sort a swwelled birdbeast then youre completely wwrong there vrris
CA: ivve been enjoyin not dealin wwith you an keepin things on the dowwn loww for the most part but i suppose its good to see you havvent kelled ovver wwhile tryin to sell the neww wworld on your relevvance
NV: heey caa yoouu iintoo cliimbiing treeees oor aany ootheer suupeer aanooyiing uuseelees shiit?
AG: Ha! I don't need to "sell" anything. It's more a free disti8ution of undisputa8le truth. 8ut you know that already. :::;)
AG: So, what asinine drool have you 8een keeping yourself 8usy with as of l8?
AG: I wouldn't imagine it's clim8ing trees. Pro8a8ly something more trivial. You may not think that it's possi8le to get more trivial than that, NV, 8ut just you wait and see.
NV: ii caant beeliieevee iim aactuuaally looookiing foowaard too soomeethiing eextreeaamly aasiiniinee
AP: what's that?
NV: maaybee coolleectiing staamps oor rpiing oor iin shooooteer gaamees soomeethiing
AP: dude I am super confused? what are you on about?
NV: shiit ii doont knoow maan iim feeeeliing kiindaa fuuny maaybee ii shoouuld aactuuaaly leeaavee foor aa biit
AG: You can read, right? Or is that 8eyond the scope of your psyche?
AP: Yes I can fucking read I just can't see, thats my problem
AP: my bad
CA: climbin trees are you bein serious
CA: take one look at the royal vviolet wwhich coats my text an take a guess if id be wwastin my time wwith such a frivvilous activity as climbin up a tree and sittin there like some sort a wwriggler
CA: an as for wwhat ivve been doin wwhat i do in my free time is nobodys business but my owwn an its ESPEICALLY not the business of a serket
CA: obvviously not climbin trees a course but im not narrowwin things dowwn any further then that
AP: It's just worse than climbing trees thats why you don't want to say anything
AP: and go a head and flaunt your royalty like we care
AG: (He's 8een clim8ing corals again.)
NV: lool
CA: put a sock in it vvomitblood if youvve got nothin to add then keep your wworthless trap shut
CA: cant you see the people a noteable blood colors are tryin to convverse here
CA: vvris i DO NOT climb corals thats completely idiotic you cant evven climb em since theyre all underwwater to begin wwith so youd just look like a moron tryin it
AP: Vomit blood you wanna fucking go you pompous prick
AP: No one needs you putting your fucking bullshit here
AP: and sorry it's just so fucking annoying that someone of such a high caste as you is just a completely worthless waste of space AG: Hahahaha! Still t8king the 88 like the small fry you are! Priceless.
AG: Hey, at least she's sorry for 8eing annoyed 8y you, Eridan. That's more than most would afford you. 8888)
CA: wwhat do you think just because you added some sparkles you your message it suddenly makes up for howw pathetic the insults your slingin are
CA: id take you up on that challenge but i think evveryone here evven vvris can vvouch for me in sayin that it wwould be a complete wwaste a time on account a your trashblood self gettin thrashed wwith utmost ease
CA: you knoww wwhat i take it back i dont think vvris is capable of exhibitin the behavvior commonly knowwn as common sense
CA: all the barbs you keep throwwin out like some sort a crazed sea stingbeast only servve to showw wwhat a complete an utter fool you are
AP: you know what you fucking bastard your just afraid
AP: It's my typing quirk so I don't really care what you think about me adding sparkles
AP: and I swear you are just picking at straws at this point
AP: If you think caste determines fighting abilities I got news for you,
AP: you're fucking wrong
AG: I don't have time for common things, Dualscar. My sense is LEGENDARY. :::;)
AG: 8esides, you're no stranger to needlessly slinging 8ar8s of your own. I'm just 8etter at it than you. 8ut that's okay! It's what I've come to expect.
AG: AP, maybe don't play with fire, unless you particularly like 8eing immol8ted. CA's a faecal smear, no dou8t, 8ut he's very much capa8le of disintegr8ting rowdy loudmouths such as yourself. ::::)
CA: wwell on one hand i appreciate you vvouchin in this situation mindfang on the other im completely disgusted by you an am startin to seriously think bein bored wwas by an far preferable to wwatchin you pollute the memo wwith your smug stench
CA: an as for the other screechin treebeast in the room
CA: wwhat reasons exactly do i havve to be afraid of a lowwly olivve such as yourself
CA: sure caste isnt the determinin factor in LITERALLY EVVERY SITUATION but wwe both knoww the gap betwween the twwo a us isnt lookin upon you favvorably
CA: an i sure as hell doubt you got any wweapon that can square up to the legendary firearm i wwield
AP: Well theres where you fall short, you need a fucking gun
AP: God whatever I don't need to waste my time on idiots like you
prettyPetty [PP] began responding to the memo.
PP: suuup
CA: au contraire i think youre the one wwastin my time here
CA: dont knoww if bein complete savvages is the norm for you lot or wwhat but us civvilized folks typically use some form a cullin instrument wwhile doin battle instead a clawwin eachother like rabid lusii
CA: but by all means go an storm out if it makes you feel better about bein generally inferior wwhen youre this wworthless youvve got to take the small vvictories sometimes
AP: fucking scumbag I hope you die trying to load your stupid fucking shit weapon
PP: wwwhaaat haaave i wwwaaalked in on
AG: Hahahaha! I missed watching you get this worked up over what might as well 8e nothing, Eridan. You're giving Karkat a run for his money at this point.
AG: 8ut yes, 8ye 8ye AP, have fun picking out fleas or whatever it is you enjoy doing. 8888)
ardentPersuasion [AP] has ceased responding to the memo
AG: PP, welcome! Another cu8e of meat to the 8lender? ::::)
CA: dont think anyone can outdo kar in havvin a nuclear gogdamn meltdowwn ovver the most beging a affairs there vvris youre givvin me far to much credit
CA: hes somethin else i appreciate him an all but sometimes i seriously wwonder if one day his bloodpushers gonna explode in the middle a him rantin an hell fall face first into his husktop before kellin ovver
CA: not that youd knoww anythin about him a course youre too busy schemin in your wweb or wwhatevver it is you wwant to think of sittin in your hivve and amountin to nothin is called
PP: youuu wwwish, AAAG
notoriousVisionary [NV] has ceased responding to memo.
AG: Oh, Eridan. Oh sour, guilty Eridan... I know more a8out our mutual friends than you ever will!
AG: I spoke to him earlier today, actually. Seems to me he's 8een doing even worse than usual! It was a riot to watch him go 8allistic for a 8rief moment before an uncharacteristic wisdom persuaded him to turn off his husktop. Sad.
AG: It's going to 8e HILARIOUS when his thinkpan finally 8oils over and causes his head to pop. I can't w8, honestly.
CA: wwas he here
CA: wwell thats unfortunate i wwould a far preferred speakin wwith him then gettin stuck wwith your unsightly dialog cloggin up the display a my husktop
CA: typical a you to be excited at the prospect a one a us bitin the bullet it seems like you always had a thing for killin off the other members a our group wwith your moronic machinations
CA: sometimes i wwonder if you thought killin evveryone else off wwas a good idea because itd mean evven more a evverythin would be revvolvvin around you
CA: an people alwways chalk me up as the one with the grossly ovverinflated ego jegus
PP: jeguuus fuuuck this is entertaaaining.
AG: Oh, don't 8e so dum8. If I killed you all, there'd 8e no one left to revolve. :::;)
AG: Though, eh. It's not like I gain anything from killing any more. 8een a while since I've had to get my hands TRULY 8loody.
AG: 8uuuuuuuut, sometimes a head just has to pop. It's the way of the world, especially when you've got as short a fuse as the more 8area8le Vantas. And I'm not one to tempt f8; unless it concerns me directly, of course.
AG: Eridan, this may come as a shock to you, 8ut there's a very good reason people always say you have an overinfl8ted ego. (Hint: it's 8ecause you do.) :::;)
CA: at least i got good reasons for thinkin highly as myself seein as i havve the second richest blood the hemospecturms got to offer its basically my birthright to stand abovve all of you dirtsuckers
CA: you on the other hand havve nothin remarkable goin on other then your astoundin ability to be a thorn in the side a evveryone else in existence simultaneously
CA: its almost amusin really howw you alwways build yourself up as some sort a protagonist or wwhatevver it is you envvision yourself as wwhen in reality youre just the bane a reality at large
CA: at least a small handful a trolls could be argued to be happy to see me croppin up wwherevver i do wwho can you possibly say that about
CA: an dont bring up rezi shes got no reason to like you after that business wwith the revvenge cycle
AG: Don't you have ANYTHING going for you other than what you were hatched with? It's sad, really. Sometimes I imagine what you'd 8e without your salt-soaked 8lood, and the sheer fee8leness of the imagery 8rings a tear to my eye.
AG: Don't you forget who 8uilt that doomsday device for you. If it wasn't for the idiocy of the so-called "superior" 8lue8looded neighbour of mine, you'd 8e mud8east8acking off of my genius and into a "8righter" tomorrow. 8ut no, instead, the caste system failed us once again. Siiiiiiiigh.
AG: People don't need to 8e "happy to see me" for me to 8e important. In fact, they SHOULD fear me. It keeps them in check, and lets me go a8out my 8usiness undistur8ed.
AG: Either way, you'll all appreci8 me a lot more someday. You're just too stupid to realise all that I'm doing for you right now. 8ut hey, that's fine, I'm p8tient.
CA: oh im sure you do imagine that you just lovve imaginin things that arent real dont you vvris
CA: thats all you evver do is prop yourself up in your pan as some kind a legendary figure wwho stands as a rivval to your ancestor in sheer good for nothin-ness but in reality youre just another blueblood wwith a smart mouth wwho thinks theyre hot stuff just because theyre barely scrappin the highest parts a the spectrum
CA: an for the record your doomsday machines wwere all lousey pieces a junk anywways no matter wwhat i commissioned from you they alwways wwent caput instead a actually doin their job an cullin all a the landwwellers
CA: all youvve evver been good for is leechin off other trolls like a bloated parasitic bloodbug wwhether its my funds or the REAL mindfangs rep
CA: wwake up an smell the sea salt spinneret youre not as important as you think you are
AG: Not everyone gives as much of a shit a8out the hemospectrum as you, dum8ass. Our gr8ness is measured 8y what we accomplish, not 8y what we get on the genetic lottery. Some of us are just predisposed to 8eing 8etter than others due to the colour of our 8lood. 8ut there's exceptions to the rule. Like you.
AG: I think I'm "hot stuff" 8ecause I AM. I'm 8rilliant, Eridan, you know it as well as I do. Quit pretending that I'm not just to hide the fact that a landdweller is o8jectively 8etter than you. Like everything else you do, it makes you look 8ad.
AG: ........ Ugh.
AG: I forgot how much I h8ted you.
CA: wwell a course not EVVERYTHIN is determined by caste im not gonna be a complete idiot here an suggest a vviolet wwould be better then a mustard at powwerin a ship but wwe both knoww that us seadwwellin folk are at the top a the food chain for a reason
CA: i must admit i havve to agree though before this little showwin a yours i nearly forgot wwhat a piece a wwork you really wwere
CA: in retrospect im a bit astounded that i managed to do that because good gog you really are a cut different from evveryone else wwith that attitude a yours
CA: the sheer audacity a evvery wword out a your mouth makes my earfins curl wwith distaste
AG: I guess so much changed after the merge that we just stopped thinking a8out all that stuff. Now that I don't have to sacrifice droves of low8loods on the daily, and all.
AG: I never really stopped h8ting you. I just stopped thinking a8out it. My rel8tionships in general have 8een rocky for a while. It's something I've come to expect 8y this point.
AG: So much has changed since our campaigns. 8ut you're still the same deplora8le little 8oy with nothing tangi8le going for him other than the colour of his 8lood. It's reassuring, in a way.
AG: Anyway. I haven't FLARPed in forever. May8e we could meet up sometime soon, relive the 8ad old days?
CA: hmm
CA: temptin offer there mindfang
CA: i cant really say i got somethin much a anythin goin on at the moment so ill definitely consider it although im not sure if the flarpin scene is the same as it wwas anymore
CA: if that sub empress wwhatevver her name wwas had anythin to say on the matter she probably made it all about huggin people an instated mandatory shinpads or some other equally pan fryin bullshit
CA: evveryone from beforus says thats howw she is so i wwouldnt be surprised ivve been a bit busy myself though so i havvent been keepin up as closely wwith the flarpin scene as i used to back wwhen it wwas a matter a life or the end a our species
AG: I know you don't have anything "goin on at the moment", that much is made a8undantly clear 8y the fact that you're you.
AG: Regardless. The rules never really stopped us 8efore. We could just home8rew the shit out of it to make it like our old games. Minus the part where we feed the losers to my lusus, o8viously.
AG: I've 8een keeping half an eye on the FLARP community. It's not as lively as it used to 8e, 8ut it's still got its dedicated circles. Seems a lot shittier in general now that it's 8een 8astardised 8y the 8eforan edition, though. Ugh.
AG: Either way, I'm perfectly content with just lo88ing scathing insults at you like old times. You still deserve to 8e constantly 8erated, that will never change. ::::)
CA: wwell i mean wwhen you put it that wway
CA: alright fine youre right ivve got nothin better to do so i might as wwell take you up on settin up some sort a modified flarpin advventure to harken back to the old days
CA: sure it wwont be the same either wway for the reasons you said but im not gonna start complainin about that ill take wwhat i can get
CA: you thinkin wwe should try an rope in a couple a other players so wwe got someone to fodderize or you just wwant to go up against eachother
CA: i got no preference really id be perfectly happy to kick or carry your rear dependin on wwhether or not youre feelin like youll handle the loss wwell right noww
AG: Eh, it's hard to say. I know I'd just 8eat you in a one-on-one so a lot of the excitement would 8e lost. So may8e we should try and gather a few more chumps to put 8etween us, extend your inevita8le failure 8y just a little 8it!
AG: Might even 8e a8le to gra8 some people from this memo. Anyone listening who gives a shit a8out FLARP? We're literally the 8est at it, so you'd 8e terri8ly remiss to pass up this opportunity. Even though CA is fucking insuffera8le at times. (All times.)
CA: wwell clearly nobodys showwin up to bite on the 88 you put out there vvris so im just gonna go an get myself in line assumin wwe wwont havve anyone else
CA: probably not gonna be as interestin only havvin one target to shoot at but i suppose thatll just make things easier on me in the end
CA: i think that youll find all a your luck pales in comparison to the aim of a skilled oprhaner such as myself
CA: see you soon mindfang
caligulasAquarium [CA] is now idle


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