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PM1 pt.20} hiitiin thaat soop

stoatingParamour played by Ron, crypticPerjurer played by Marcy, notoriousVisionary played by Leng, ardentPersausion played by Kiwi, flavoredVaporist played by Kiki, divineConvergence played by Dodo, chaoticallyCrafted played by Jiro, stupidIdiot played by SoperPlanet
stoatingParamour [SP] has started responding to the memo
SP: Very hoppy day for me! I'm finally able to go outside! ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒
SP: Anyone have suggestions of where I should visit first? (๑òᆺó๑)
SP: As well as any directions since I cannot sniff it out myself?
CP: The mountains?
SP: The mountains? Hrmm, that does sound like a good place to start! Think my Lusus will stay out of trouble there? They tend to like licking windows. ( ・×・)
CP: Just make sure they have something to eat
CP: And do
CP: I mean, like make sure they aren't bored
CrypticPerjurer [CP] has ceased to respond to the memo.
SP: They're always rather entertained by sleeping! Though where they like to sleep is the issue. (´・×・)
SP: Which is why it took me this long to get outside. (=‘x‘=)
NV: leeaavee yoouur luusuus aat hoomee
NV: oor yoouu need iit too hoold yoouur haand?
SP: Hrmmm....I don't think it needs to. (๑╹ᆺ╹)
SP:: Course I think it'd have a hard time walking if it did!
SP: I suppose I could leave them at home, but I worry about them eating my couch again. (′⅄‵)
NV: heeh heeh heeh fuuck yoouur coouuch maan
SP: Oh ho? Have a grudge against my couch do you?! ( ÒㅅÓ)
SP: It is known for munching a derriere or two in it's time I'll give you that. (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
NV: yeeaah maan
NV: iits noot heelpiing mee oouut aany thaats foor suuree
NV: wheeree waas yoouur coouuch wheen ii neeeedeed iit?
SP: Imprisoned behind a door! ( ÒㅅÓ)
SP: But you're right! (hehhe butt) It should've still been there for you!
NV: iikr?
SP: Shall I mail you the remains if digestion is it's final fate? (๑òᆺó๑)
NV: yeeaah maan yoouu kiindaa oowee mee aat thiis pooiint
SP: Howl terrible! That I must take on the debts of my own furniture! ○(・x・)○
NV: ii meeaan uunleess yoouu diisoown iit
NV: haarsh maan aafteer aall iits doonee foor yoouu
ardentpersuasion [AP] has begun responding to the memo
AP: I am going to light this fucking house on fire than my fucking landlord I swear to god
SP: AP! Howl you doing?
SP: That would be harsh NV, I will not abandon my couch like that! Even if it has failed you more times than it should! ( ÒㅅÓ)
AP: hey SP I'm tired, you?
SP: So excited AP! Roza came and woke up my Lusus! I'm free now to feed you all the sugar rice you want! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
AP: yes please, I like just got home and didnt eat while I was out
SP: I'll be hoppy to make you some! If you don't mind the wait I'll make it right now! (๑òᆺó๑)
NV: ooh shiit heey maan (:}
SP: You'll send me your location won't you? Uwuuuuuu!
AP: hey ;) yeah I'll DM you my location, dont trust NV over here
NV: (;}
NV: ii doont truust nv eeiitheer
AP: with good reason
AP: sent them by the way
SP: Thank you! I have it! Uwwwuuuu! ⌒(・x・)⌒
SP: I'll be over once it's all cooked! U(ㅇㅅㅇ❀)U
AP: see you then
SP: Yes! Try not to fill up too much on organ lubricant until then! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
SP: NV I will make sure my couch makes amends to your neglected buns! ( ÒㅅÓ)
NV: ii duunnoo whaats gooiing oon buut iits hiillaariioouus aand poosiibly teereefyiing
AP: I'm selling my kidneys
NV: duudee wheeree diid yoouu geet theem?
stoatingParamour [SP] has ceased responding to memo
AP: stole them from you
NV: aah shiit
NV: ii kneew iit
AP: I told you did I not
AP: :)
NV: seeee maan thiis iis whaat ii geet foor
NV: shiit hiit seend doont eeveen reemeembeer whaat ii waas guunaa saay
AP: lol classic
CrypticPerjurer [CP] has begun to respond to the memo.
AP: hey cP
CP: Hey
NV: ooh fuuck noot thiis guuy
CP: You know me?
NV: yeeaah maan yoouu doont reemeebeeer whaat yoouu diid?
NV: fuuckiin ruudee
CP: Rude how?
NV: too noot eeveen reemeembeer mee
CP: Explain the first time we met?
NV: duudee iim noot eexplaaiiniing shiit
CP: Then how do I know that your thinkpan isn't malfuctioning?
CP: That you aren't some poor sap who decided eating sopor was a good idea?
NV: iif iit iis iits aal yoouur faauult
AP: aw dude CP you asshole
flavoredVaporist [FV] has started responding to the memo
FV: ~(wait whats wrong with eating sopor)~
AP: oh boy
CP: Ahem, it fries brains. Like no tomorrow.
FV: ~(i thought that was a myth)~
AP: dude even I know you arent suPPosed to eat that
NV: droovee fv too hiitiin thaat soop
AP: and I eat fucking hand sanitizer
CP: Its not. There has been mutiple studies on it. It fries brains very quickly.
NV: thaats aa neew loow eeveen foor yoouu cp
CP: I don't know you NV.
CP: I'm damn sure we have never spoke.
FV: ~(i need proof man)~
CP: Look it up
CP: Everywhere is screaming not to eat sopor
FV: ~(do i look like im about to use the internet )~
AP: :sparkles: the Proof is yourself oBviously :sparkles:
NV: dooees thaat aannooy yoouu cp?
NV: woouuld yoouu liikee mee too stoop knoowiing yoouu?
CP: Name one thing about me
FV: ~(hey what is that supposed to mean)~
NV: yoouuree aa jeerk aan noo oonee liikees yoouu? ii meeaan coomee oon maan iits noot haard
FV: ~(you don't know anything about me :"( )~
AP: :revolving_hearts: it means you are a fucking idiot :revolving_hearts:
AP: I know enough to know that
CP: Wrong. what is my name?
NV: duudee ii doont knoow yoouu iin peerssoon aand ii doont maakee aa haabiit oof aaskiing naamees
CP: You are a terrible bullshiter
FV: ~(:pleading_face:)~
FV: ~(what did i ever do to you)~
AP: be a complete and utter idiot in my presence
AP: which is enough for me
NV: noot tryiing too buulshiit yoouu maan
NV: ii meeaan ii aam buut reeaaly iits noot thee gooaal heeree
FV: ~(who are you)~
CP: You don't know me, and you are just trying to pretend you do because I'm guessing you like making people angry?
CP: I'm not very angry, not even annoyed.
NV: aaww fuuck ii giivee uup theen
NV: thoouugh yoouu kiindaa soouund aannooys too mee
FV: ~(someone answer me or else i'll cry)~
CP: Nah, I'm just normally like this.
NV: doont cry maan
AP: you dont need to know
NV: yoouu guunnaa bee ookaay theeree fv?
FV:~(yes :) )~
AP: god I hope you cry
AP: That would be so funny
AP: is this just Densras alt
FV: ~(who the fuck is densra)~
FV: ~(well now i can't cry)~
FV: ~(and its all your fault)~
FV: ~(you ruined my dramatics)~
FV: ~(fuck you)~
NV: heeh heeh heeh
AP: sorry to pretty for you
divineConvergence [DC] is no longer idle!
DC: man I feel LIKE such A dick RIGHT now
DC: someone BROKE into MY hive BUT i THINK they WERE just LOST and I scared THE shit OUT of THEM
DC: like I didnt KNOW to BE fair BUT still THEY cried AND everything
DC: bluh
CC: oh, hello.
DC: hey I guess
DC: i DONT really KNOW what TO say TO you BECAUSE i KIND of JUST did MY introduction THINGY there
DC: which YEAH i FEEL bad I guess
DC: why AM i TALKING about THIS here THIS is STUPID
DC: you KNOW what JUST forget IT what THE hell ARE you DOING
CC: not much, hence my presence here.
DC: im SURE were GONNA have A real THRILLING conversation THEN
DC: cant WAIT to TALK to YOU about HOW bored YOU are EXCEPT i REALLY fucking DONT
DC: please TELL me THERES someone ELSE still AROUND
CC: there might be. I haven't been here in a while.
SI:YOu knKw, IF YOu ThInk aBOuT TheY aRe In The wROng.
SI:eVen IF TheY wheRe LOsT TheY had nO ReaL ReasOn TO BRake InTO YOuR hOuse LIke ThaT
DC: i MEAN yeah BUT still
DC: being A jerk TO someone WEAKER then ME doesnt EXACTLY make ME feel GREAT about MYSELF even IF it WAS my PROPERTY and ALL
DC: i HAD to BUT i HONESTLY just WISH theyd NEVER shown UP in THE first PLACE
ardentPersuasion [AP] has ceased responding to the memo
DC: nice I dont CARE


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