Skatepark 2} Thresh and Ezrane

Thresh played by Kiki, Ezrane played by Orange
Thresh was standing near the entrance of a ramp, and it looked like he was struggling to keep something that seemed... very alive... in his backpack still. He was holding it pretty close to his torso, obviously trying to make sure it didn't escape by holding the zipper shut, while muttering some very creative profanities in the most disgusting New Jersey accent imaginable, and managing a capped syringe full of something in the other hand. It's not super clear what is in the bag, but whatever the fuck it was is probably Very Not Legal.
Ezrane was doing some scouting, on the way back from a meetup with a couple other trolls. Cutting through the park was easiest, after all. Her coat was flying out behind her, feet slapping against the concrete. She jumped down from a half-pipe, in fact landing wrong and falling down, before scrambling up again and continuing to run. Vaguely suspicious, and not very quiet.[/container]
Oh fuck. Thresh had to decide if he wanted them to pass without noticing him, confronting them, or pretending to be nice. And he probably had to decide fast, which isn't a good thing, because he already isn't in the Best Of Moods. He decided to pretend she simply Didn't Exist, and tried to be as still and quiet as possible as not to get noticed.
And then there was a very loud angry cry from whatever was in his backpack.
Ezrane paused, looking up. What was that, a violetblood? Did she really want to stir up trouble? Not really, but-- a noise. Were they smuggling some kind lusus or something? Well, no matter what it was, it was worth checking out. So, she started walking on over.[/container]
Oh NO. Thresh tensed up, going back and forth between if he wanted to run now and look suspicious, or stay and fight. It was looking more like the second option - this lusus was not going to stay still enough for him to get the anaesthesia in. "Hello?" he asked, obviously Not Wanting to Talk.
"H e y ." Ezrane looked up at him, being an absolute squirt of a tealblood. "Wh atc hagot th ere?" Though she was unlikely to be considered a legislacerator at any continued observation, she knew that first glances could work in her favor. Any tealblood could be mistaken for a civil servant, and the safest bet was always the dangerous kind.[/container]
Oh good. A fucking cop. Of course. He has to pretend to be friendly. Not the day for this, not the time. "Oh, this?" he said, putting on a Very Convincing fake smile. "This is my human friend's pet that got loose. She has an issue with her pancreas, you see. I have to give her her medicine, because she hasn't had it in a few days, she's just not the biggest fan of me." He patted the bag gently, making the lusus inside thrash around in anger.
Well, that was easy. She had a fake ID and everything, to deal with highbloods, though most of them could tell it was fake. Tapping in very slightly to the metaphorical blood that ran through all (literal) tealbloods, she returned the smile with her own. Fucking clowns, man. "W hat's apanc reas ? So unds li keyou sto le this'pe t.' An dthat mi ghtbe aniss ue." Why was she even bothering with this creep? There wasn't much else to do that night, at least, and sticking it to a real highblood would be fun.[/container]
Well, shit. He has no idea what a pancreas is, so he's just gonna skip past that. "Why do you think I stole it? You know it's just not safe for humans to go around on their own at night, so I went out for them. I found it in the.. skate... pit. Is that the name?" Yes, a distraction. Make the tealblood think about something, and bolt while they're off guard. Good plan.
She took another step closer, poking the extremely-wriggly jacket on Thresh. "W hy' s it inyou r jack et,huh ? Wh yhi deit ? Wh y' sitsom ad ?" She wasn't even going to bother explaining what the bowl was. Who wouldn't know? Skate pit? Such a dumb name. Fucking clowns, and their lack of skating knowledge. So inconsiderate of them.[/container]
"It's in my bag." he said simply, the jacket not even having a zipper, just buttons and unnecessary fuzz. "I'm not hiding it, I'm just keeping it in here so that it doesn't run away. It..." he stopped mid sentence, and then put the backpack on his back quickly and uncapped the needle, getting into a Fighting Stance, giving her one (1) chance to run before he attacked.™️
She jumped back, surprisingly far for such a tiny troll, grin remaining on her face. She was going to beat the shit out of this violetblood. That was dramatic irony, by the way, which we will soon juxtapose with the fact that the opposite will happen. She considered throwing off her coat dramatically, before deciding against it for now. Why didn't she have her revolver? Plot convenience.[/container]
Thresh came at her, tackling her to the ground and probably just. Sitting on her, still holding the Definitely Not Medicine For Pancreatitis, It's Anaesthesia For A Lusus Needle. "I'm gonna give you 3 seconds, and if you don't run, I'm gonna fuck you up." He is so very biteable.
Ezrane is not at all well-versed in the art of syringes, be they pancreatic or lusus-y, and chose to try and grab the syringe-holding hand, jab it into his leg or something. She didn't really have a plan, and violetbloods were known to be strong, so that would definitely go one way or the other.[/container]
"What the FUCK???" Thresh screeched in anger, and bit her as hard as he possibly could in the shoulder before the anaesthesia started to kick in. Now it was just time to wait and see if this actually works on trolls, or just lusii. Regardless, his jaw was locked like a bulldog and didn't seem to be letting go any time soon. Ouch.
Ouch is correct, but at least leaning down like that provided an excellent opportunity for Ezrane to shove the jacket down Thresh's own shoulder with her free hand (not that she had another hand, but, you know,) and chomp down herself. If this was the fight they were going to have, so be it. The next plan, was to grab him by the back of the jacket, and try to drag him over and get on top. Effectively, just rolling over.[/container]
Now being crushed, drugged, and bitten, Thresh just. Laid there, still biting the shoulder, but the bite was lessening. He may be going unconscious due to the anaesthesia, but it wasn't fully obvious. Either way, he was no longer fighting back.
Ezrane was still definitely being held down by the force of the bite, and made an attempt at wrenching herself away, releasing her own bite in turn. That "pet," or more likely lusus, was probably not going to be pleased at the situation. Why couldn't it just, squirm its way out? They were pretty good at that, right?[/container]
The lusus was definitely trapped by the zipper and also now being squished. Thresh stayed put, waiting for her to wriggle her way off of him. He closed his eyes, seemingly going to Sleepy Land™️.
She decided to, rather than stand up, just scoot back a little and start fucking around with the zipper. That thing sure was stuck, wasn't it, and only having one hand to work with wasn't doing her any favors. However, this certainly occupied her enough to not be paying extremely close attention to the actual troll she was sitting on.[/container]
Thresh shot up and bit her hard in her other shoulder, the one that would actually affect her. He bit down even harder than before, since he had finally regained his energy. The zipper was Finally Loose enough to unzip, but that just caused Thresh to bite harder in distress.
Oh shit oh fuck ow. She exclaimed in pain, trying to shove the other off of her, which would be considerably more difficult than normal because she only has one hand to work with. The zipper seemed to be loosening, maybe that lusus could escape? She wondered what kind it was, while gathering her feet under her. Likely some sort of prey animal, definitely small. Once she got her legs situated enough, she gave Thresh a nice hard double-legged kick. Unlikely to actually move him, but probably painful.[/container]
A small cat-like lusus tore out of the bag, immediately running for it as soon as its paws hit the concrete. Thresh let go of her shoulder, flinching at the kick. He doesn't want to kill her, but she definitely doesn't want to let her win the fight, either. And the lusus he was taking just escaped. And he was feeling really loopy. And so he just decided to roll back on top of her, stand up, and hold his bleeding shoulder, glaring at her with pure rage. If looks could kill, she'd have evaporated by now.
The lusus ran off, apparently. Her shoulders felt like they were on fire, and she could feel how her coat was dampening with blood. Ow. And the violetblood seemed considerably upset about it. Of course that syringe probably didn't have anything in it, but who would wield one as a weapon? A clown church attender no less, which the other troll certainly seemed to be. They always favored more blunt objects, didn't they? Then what was the point? Oh, he was standing up. So would she, then, keeping just out of arm's reach, glaring right back at him. "A lus us, h uh ? N eve rsee nah um anwi thon eof tho se."[/container]
"I WAS LYING. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT A PANCREAS IS. IT'S PROBABLY LIKE A UTERUS OR SOMETHING." He crossed his arms, still holding one hand against the shoulder that was bleeding. "You aren't even a cop, are you? You're just a regular tealblood. So we're both liars here." She didn't ever say she was anything, but man, he's frustrated and going to stick to that.
She winced at the pain in her shoulders, before grinning again. "I ne v e r s a id I w as a cop." There wasn't much point in trying to hold either shoulder, so she let her arm hang limp. "Yea h,hum an an atomy is we ird. I th i nkit's like a lumpsqui rt ? B utI' mnoscient ist, eith er." They were all being strangely civil all of a sudden, and since the lusus had apparently gotten away safe, she didn't particularly mind.[/container]
Thresh had just. Accepted that the lusus was gone for now, and might as well talk to someone he just bit the shit out of. "Yeah.
...are your shoulders okay? They look like they're bleeding."
"Yo u'r eals oblee ding. N ice t ee th,I g uess." Well, this was suddenly awkward. Get in a fight, talk about it? With a highblood, no less? At least he seemed somewhat system-averse, and didn't look to be about to run off and find a real cop to track her down. So that was good.[/container]
"Yeah, I'm bleeding.
..I sharpen them." He sounded like he was joking, but at the same time he didn't, so it was not clear if he actually did. "Do you, uh. Want me to take care of that for you, or are you good?" He's surprisingly calm for someone who was just on top of her and trying to bite off her remaining arm.
She shrugged, immediately regretting that and wincing again. Ouch. "I ' l lbe fin e. Gott en hurtwors e, at l east." She carefully removed the coat, though, before managing to tie it around her waist. At least it wouldn't end up drying onto the bites, that would be even more painful later. The cool night air was blowing gently, slightly soothing the burning pain of her shoulders. Those sure were bleeding a bit, likely to scar up, adding even more to the tally. Man, she's so cool, getting into reckless fights all the time.[/container]
"Yeah, I figured. Because you're, uh." He awkwardly gestured to her missing arm. "You.. you know." Oh, he probably shouldn't have mentioned that. This is awkward. He should probably go find the lusus before someone else does. "Uh, yeah. So. I'm gonna.. go now."
"Ye ah, a l - - a lrig ht." Why she was letting this highblood go, she wasn't entirely sure. It's not like he was a safe individual by any means, and clearly benefitted from the caste system... But, sure. She turned to wave slightly, careful not to move her shoulder too much, before going back to her route. Cydorn wasn't going to believe this.[/container]


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