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fandomloveRr + romanticProphet

fandomloveRr played by SoperPlanet, romanticProphet played by Leng
fandomloveRr [FR] began pestering romanticProphet [RP]
FR: hey!!!! What is all up and crackalackin? What have you been doing in this FINE year we've been having.
FR: But if you dont want to get yo felling jam on about the things you've been doin thats fine, I can dig with discussion topics that you personally find interesting and "cool as fire"
RP: That. Lovely. Fire.
RP: Dig. A hole. 6 feet?
RP: I like...
RP: Blood?
FR: :0
FR: a hole? You burying bodys? That's pogchamp! And you like blood? Which j guess can mean multiple things, do you mean you like the hemospectrum or just blood itself? Or both? I dont want to be getting in yo grill assuming thangs, ye fell me?
RP: I feel...
RP: Pain?
RP: The hole. Is me?
RP: I like...
RP: Mixing?
RP: Blood. Romance.
FR: :0
FR: :0!!!!!!
FR: that is quite deep! Much like the hole, which is apperently a metaphor? Are you dead? If so that's really cool!!! And you like.. mixing blood? Is that another metaphor or do you enjoy mixing literal blood. And romance? My my, you have so many tricks!!! All the tricks are what you have
FR: or I guess surprises. You use surprise in that scenario
FR: do you like romance movies? Or books? Are you one o those trolls.that are professional morail/austpice? If so im.down for it
RP: Yes. Metaphor.
RP: I like...
RP: Friends? Romance.
RP: Yes. Dead.
RP: You. Like Romance?
FR: oh I love romance! It's my second favorite type of anime! I just cant stop watching my senpai fall in love after 5 seasons and hold hands!!!
FR: it's very exciting stuff, but I'm sure you already know. And you actually are dead? Wjats being dead like? Is that rude to ask? I havent really been able to chat it up with a dead peep
RP: Do you...
RP: Hold hands?
RP: Very. Exciting.
RP: Yes. Dead.
RP: It feels like...
RP: Pain.
RP: Pain. Pain. Pain.
RP: I am...
RP: Thirsty?
FR: I havent held hands before, though I want to in my lifetime.
FR: really? I thought beingaghost was... painless.then again, you are the actual ghost here. I'm sorry to hear that, it must not a big chungus moment.
RP: Yes. Chungus. Small.
RP: You should...
RP: Hold hands?
FR: with who, though? Unless of course.. that wa supposed to be flirtatiou~~
FR: But in all seriousness I do long to be able to do the sacred act of holding hands with someone after a long relationship filled with twists and turns. Really make it feel like I earned it, though i do suppose holding hands for the sake of it wouldnt be too bad
FR: have you held hands before? I have given you a look into my love life so I beilive it's fair to ask
RP: Yes. Hands.
RP: Once. Twice.
RP: So many...
RP: Arms?
RP: Kill the spiders
RP: Do you like...
RP: Some one?
FR: kill the spiders? Cant tell I'd that is also a metaphor
FR: its hard to tell, but.i do.see why you would. Theh have no hands to hold so whats the point?
FR: and me? Liking someone? W-well that is.. umm.. a question that uh..
FR: no. I dont beilive I do, ahem.
FR: atleast, none that are real.
FR: they all be living in my fantasies, and sadly, we cant.make them real just yet
RP: (( o_o ))
RP: No. One.
RP: I am...
RP: Sad?
FR: well, I do suppose it doesnt have to be no one forever. Actually, I have recent joined a few of those dating apps
FR: and while o have had a few people message me I have just failed to.find someone who I personally woild.messahe first.
FR: why do you feel sad? Where you excepting me to all up and say something different?
RP: I want...
RP: Romance?
RP: You. Must. Romance.
RP: I will...
RP: Help?
FR: well, who would I be to refuse?
FR: so, are you proposing a sort of.. morligiance? Becuase I dont have one of those either.
FR: or.. could it be that you wish to be something more?
FR: I am grateful for the proposal of helping me be better at romance
RP: No. Maybe.
RP: I don't know...
RP: You?
RP: I will. Learn.
RP: You need...
RP: Makeover?
FR: 0
FR: well, yes. Yes now that I think about it I do, gosh
FR: its just been.. I can't rember that last time I did any sort of makeup. I. Guess I was busy watching while also reading my show
RP: Makeover. Now.
RP: New. Clothes.
RP: What is...
RP: Your type?
FR: my type... hmm..
FR: i do have a fondnious for the humans school girl fashion
FR: and the idea of wearing those long hats- top hats? yes, top hats
FR: is appealing
RP: So. Cute.
RP: Pigtails. Yes.
FR: indeed, i am a real fan of the skirts that are comanly worn with them- looking at them sort of like, woosh around is fun.
RP: Love. Swoosh.
RP: So. Cute.
RP: But. Wrong type.
FR: ?
FR: do you meant the type that i like.. in others?
RP: Yes. Others.
RP: Black and red. Grey and pink.
RP: All types. Must know.
FR: uh- hm..
FR: i do like the type that have an adventurus spirit, someone who yearns to find out whats out there in the world, and if your talking more about blood color i really dont have a prefrence!
FR: ... okay yeah thats a lie, i really like indigos. their appreciation for culture is ideal!
RP: Culture. Explore.
RP: Lofty ideals
RP: What color...
RP: Is your?
RP: Blood.
FR: fuschia
FR: waot
FR: violet
FR: dont know why i said fushia, even though i wish i did
FR: am
FR: was? was a fuschia
RP: Oh. Tension.
RP: Good black. Testy red.
RP: Tesnion. Spicy.
RP: I will...
RP: Look around?
RP: Indigo. Shcool.
FR: Okay! i dont really know what you meant by the first part but i am not complaining about it, thank you for helping me
RP: Friends. Help.
RP: You are...
RP: Welcome?
FR: friends? yes, i do suppose we are now! i enjoy being friends with you
RP: Enjoy. You.
RP: We must...
RP: hang out?
RP: Soon.
FR: oh, most certainly!
FR: and since your a ghost that means you an i can swim together, which i cant really do with most ofmy friends
FR: on ac account of the fact they cant breathe underwater.
fandomloveRr [FR] ceased pestering romanticProphet [RP]

fandomloveRr [FR] began pestering romanticProphet [RP]
FR: ;0
FR: hello my favorite ghost friend!!! You know, I always do look forward to our chats
FR: but dont be mistaken! This chat have a very serious reason to happen. So serious it may shake the foundation of the world as we know it!!!
RP: Favorite. Friend.
RP: Enjoy. You too.
RP: Shake the...
RP: World?
FR: <3
FR: but yes, shake the world! You see, currently I'm on a top priority mission...
FR: to watch a concert with you!!!
FR: and the world is most certainly shaking with all of the base and the rowdy crowd!
RP: Concert. Exciting.
RP: I love...
RP: Concerts?
RP: Mission priority. One.
FR:yay!!! I knew you would, or atleast, I hoped so! After all, it's the least I could do for my best pal
FR: here, click accept so you can see it aswel!
[FR] began to facetime [RP]
[RP] accepted facetime invite
RP: I feel...
RP: Joy?
FR: :3
FR: your welcome, I did wish you and I up in person one day, but for now this will do!
FR: so, how has your day been? I forgot to ask that question earlier becuase I was to exited at the prospect of face timing you!
RP: Day. Plesant.
RP: How was...
RP: Yours?
RP: Dancer. Indigo.
RP: Is she...
RP: Your type?
FR: my day has been going quite well! I actually met one of my best gill.. gill..
FR: oh dear
FR: oh no! Oh deary oh no!!!
FR: darn blast hocksnarl-----
FR: it seems I have made a brave mistake, saonji doesnt HAVE gills!!!
FR: oh jegus!
FR: er uh, well now that I realised that it has became slightly less great! Man I messed up big time!
FR: But on the subject of the dancer indigo, sure! I mean if you can I would like to see a picture of them. But me talking to them may have to wait
RP: Indigo. Stage
RP: I think...
RP: They are?
RP: Beg forgiveness. Mistake.
RP: Please...
RP: Be careful?
FR: I will get right to begging for forgiveness-- I'll be right back! Sorry to cut this chat short but hopefully I'll be back.. actually, wat
FR: I should probably talk to them later because they are going on a. Date! I've already interrupted them once and I dont think it would be wise to do it again
FR: so, the indigo name is stage? Ir do they do stage performances
RP: Oooooh a...
RP: Daa~aate?
FR: yes indeed! I shouldnt say with who though, that might be even ruder!!
FR: ruder isnt a word.
FR: bur I do also really want to tell you because it is some good gossip.
FR: ooooo I'm conflicted
RP: Torment. Decision.
RP: I love...
RP: Gossip?
RP: (( o_o ))
FR: okay I'll tell you, I mean they where publicly holding hands and flat out said he was her morail so it's probably not that big of a secret
FR: Soanji is morail with richar! I was personally quite surprised to find this out
FR: he called her his vast superior, which I guess is fine. They can do what they want to do.
FR: actually, this might just be some tame gossip
RP: Excitment. Scandlous.
RP: Richar is...
RP: Podcaster?
RP: Fuchsia. Rust. Ooo~ooolala.
FR: yes, hes a podcaster which main topic is the support and reinstillemtn of alternia hemospectrum
FR: he geniounly WANTS to have that back! While I'm not one to say what one should and should not say, I think I am okay with saying that that is pretty messed up
FR: but yes, it is quite odd of a red blood and a FUSCHIA to be morail, but it's not like its hurting anybody.
FR: but do tell me more about this indigo, namely their Chumhandle and perhaps a few things to spark a conversation with them
RP: Spicy pairing. So bold.
RP: Yes he is...
RP: Messed up?
RP: Name unknown.
RP: They are...
RP: On the stage?
FR: oh wait, the indigo on the stage of the consort!!
FR: hm, let me check them out
FR: :0
FR: :heart_eyes:
FR: You where right, I dont know how I didnt notice them before. Probably becuase I was to busy doing everything except pay attention to the stage!
FR:your chum handle really doesnt lie
RP: Romance. Master.
RP: I have...
RP: Your back?
FR: Thank you, you really are the best morail someone could ask for!
FR: do you think I should talk to them after the show is over? Man, what should I talk about?
FR: is the latest anime I watched a good conversation starter?
RP: Anime. Passion.
RP: People love...
RP: Enthusiasm?
RP: Your charm. Shining.
FR: your right! Thank you RP, you always do know what to say!
FR: I guess I will have to wait to talk to them though. So... hmm.. want to hear about this one show called uh.. gravity falls?
RP: Heavy. Gravity.
RP: I am...
RP: Curiuos?
FR: okay so like
FR: The show is all about mysteries and is in general really good
FR: I dont want to spoil to much so we can watch it later but what I will say is that who ever says that humans cant make good shows have clearly never seen if
FR: I would even go as far to say it's better then some animes!
Though, dont tell anyone I said that
RP: Secrets. Eternal.
RP: Is there...
RP: Romance?
FR: yes, actually, there is! The main character has a unrequited love with the mystershacks cashier!
RP: Ooo~ooh.
RP: Sweet. Sad.
RP: Romance. Heartbreak.
RP: I like...
RP: Happy endings?
FR: uh, yeah. That.. yeah, totally
FR: man it's hard to talk about this show with out massive spoilers, we MUST watch it together ASAP!
FR: maybe we could even meet up? Or just do screen share
RP: Spoilers. Massive.
RP: Must. Watch.
RP: I don't know...
RP: Where I am?
RP: Share. Screen.
FR: okay! But I should probably do so after the consert ends
RP: Yes. After.
RP: Do you like... This music?
RP: First. Romance.
RP: Second. Share.
FR: hmmm.. well, I suppose I'm enjoying it. Though it isnt my favorite band it is still perfectly fine. Though it's hard to focus on the words when I'm given the prospect of a possible romance! I do hope this goes well, not like there much i could do if they didnt want to talk!
FR: so, I must ask,. Who on this stage do you find attractive?
RP: Only. Try.
RP: I bevieve...
RP: In you?
RP: Everyone. Always.
FR: okay then, good the way to dodge the question -wo
FR: so, who you find the MOST attractive
RP: Tee. Hee.
RP: Hard. Choice.
RP: I like...
RP: Lead singer?
FR: oh, really? Perhaps I'll have to give them your number after I totally hit it off with the indigo blood~
FR: put ins good word about how.much of a great friend you are!
FR: so, what shows have you been watching?
RP: Blushing. Scandlous.
RP: I've watched...
RP: Constant terrors?
FR: constant terrors? My my, you really are full of surprises! Not like I didnt already know that, of course.
FR: by that I mean I havent actually watch constant terrors! This bas basically never happened before. What's the show about?
RP: Horror. Blood. Thirst.
RP: Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.
RP: I'm glad you...
RP: Don't see it?

FR: oh... well, that doesnt sound very pleasant.
FR: but I cant exactly call myself a master of media if I dont.. watch it... even if it sounds quite honestly horrific.
FR: Is the pain the reason you enjoy watching it so much?

RP: No. Enjoyment.
RP: Only. Visions.
RP: But you are...
RP: The media master?

FR: oh.. that.. is sad, actually. Wow
FR: uh,,, yeah. I am! Or atleast, I like to think I am. I'm in a mission to find and watch every single peice of media to get a better understanding of the world around us
FR: its a thankless task, but I must do it!
FR: If I wish to try and better the world around me, I need to understand what's wrong in the first place
RP: Truth. Beautiful.
RP: Thankless. Noble.
RP: I think...
RP: You're amazing?
FR: heh, thanks...
FR: man, its sorta hard to.. take the compliment, you know?
FR: haha.. man, its sorta new for me. Most people just say it's a waste of time...
FR: <3
RP: Time. Meaningless.
RP: Compliment. Trueth.
RP: One day...
RP: They'll understand?
FR: :>
FR: I sure hope so, or atleast, i hope one day i can undeRstand their point of views.
FR: yeah, time is quite meaningless. Atleast, for me i it is guess? being a vioLeT blood i basically lIve fOrever... which.... i guess is cool.
FR: you know, people always say that Immortality or living forever is so cool but lIke.. it's not really, becuase Now i will have to watch basicly everything I grow attached to end.
FR: um.. anyways, off that sad topic! Ahah! Uf it's not to painful, can you recall some of the things you witnessed in your visions?
RP: Horror. Death.
RP: Blood. Torment.
RP: Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.
FR: oh.
FR: yeah.. yeah that makes sense. I'm not sure exactly what i was expecting exactly!
FR: these uh visions, do you want to talk about them more? ill admit i don't really know what to say, which i wish wasn't the case! i wish there was something i could like, think of to say to help.
FR: but I can hopefully help by showing you other things you could watch! perhaps something light-hearted like... we bare bears? its a show about these three bears that get into wacky hijinks that normally lead into comedic situations!
RP: Bear. Hijinks.
RP: Fun. Comidy
RP: I like...
RP: Romance?
FR:romance! Yes of course, why didnt I think of that? My my, I really am losing it these days!
FR:so, you want a romance show? Then oooohh boy do I got the one for you!
FR:have you heard of this human show called the bacholeret?
FR:its this show where they put a bunch of people in like a island or what ever, and theres 1 girl and 13 guys or something. And the guys have to try and convince the girl to marry them! And at the end if every episode the girl votes to kick on of the guys off the island until theres only one left.
FR:theres also one where the gender roles are reversed, I think the best season also includes trolls in the mix which is quite surprising!
RP: Mass. Romance.
RP: Drama. Intrigue.
RP: I am...
RP: Interested?
FR:wonderful! Glub Glub!
FR: I am so glad you are interested! 2 out of 3 suggestions is a pretty good track record I'd say~~
FR:so many things to do, my plate is practically bursting!
FR:one more thing and it may just shatter, and then it would be quite inconceincnet becuase I have to make sure I dont eat the shards of glass.


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