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Leonor Bhutan

Played by Leng

Leonor Bhutan (a.k.a. romanticProphet)

A hollow shell of her former self, Leonor wonders aimlessly around the beyond, praying on any trolls she finds sleeping there, as well as wild animals from time to time. Despite believing herself to be dead, she still tries to engage in romantic topics and matchmaking. She feels no real remose for those she drinks, as she doesn't full know she's doing it to living beings. She also tries to kill anything spider relared,. hoping it will end her suffering.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She has looong black hair that is matted into a braid, filled with twigs and small critters. It drags the ground as she shuffles the through wilderness, picking up much filth.
Leonor walks a bit hunched over with her head lulling about as if she can't hold it up.
She wears the tattered remains of years old clothing.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leon was once a hyper and vibrant troll, who spent her time wrapped up in the love lives of others. She loved to gossip, speculate, and matchmake.   One day, while visiting her friend she was attacked by their lusus and was subjected to an unending nightmare. She couldn't handle the pain and horror so she died.   And then rose again as a Rainbow drinker. But she is still in the dream, and believes that she is dead. Because of this she doesn't take very good care of herself.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Fast healing, Glows

Personality Characteristics


To be free of the endless dream

Likes & Dislikes

Blood, Romance, Gossip
Being thirsty, Pain, Spiders
➠Sexual orientation
Pansexual Panromantic
➠Typing Quirk
Small. Sections. but sometimes... this?
winged snake(dead)
➠Original Planet
of Space


In Person




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