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Secret Concert 1}

Melati played by Kiwi, Alegro played by CC, Saonji played by Orange, Richar played by SoperPlanet, Rozali played by Leng, Grefit played by SoperPlanet, Olmaka played by Ron
Melati hummed as she finished her makeup and put her contacts. She blinked a few times, the lime of her eyes dissapeared and became a Jade. She sighed and stood up, looking around her makeshift dressing room. No one was allowed back here but her, not even her band. She stood there taking a deep breath before she left the dressing room. She hopped up on stage and started to tune her guitar.[/container]
Alegro, who was previously twiddling with his drumsticks instead of doing anything productive, looked at Melati. She's so cool. She looks badass, and is so cool. He leaned on his drum set, about to say something stupid, before something metal-sounding clicked. Alegro jolted and looked worriedly at the drums, thinking he fucked a part up or something. Making extra double sure he didn't mess anything up, he looked at Melati again. He stood confidently as if nothing just happened. It might as well not have, because he completely casually said, "'Sup." What a champion.
Melati snorted at him and looked up from her guitar. "sup" She responded chuckling. "Nah I'm pulling your LEG, HOW ARE YOU?" she could tune her guitar and talk, after all she'd done it enough. she plucked the string and then tightened one of them. It was nice that Alegro was here already, now she'd have someone to bullshit and warm up with.[/container]
He huffed at the friendly teasing and shrugged. "I'm doin' SWEL-L, as ALWAYS. SUPER EXCITED for the concert, to-o!" He laughed and held two thumbs up, his smug smile wide on his face. "I slept like a FRIG-GIN baby last night, so NO dozing of-f for ME!"
She nodded and plucked a couple more strings, then she smiled content with the sound. She set the guitar back in the case and pat his back. "better not fucking fall asleep at the kit again I'LL KICK YOUR ASS" She started setting up the mics, starting at the one in front of the bass drum.[/container]
"It was ONE TIME!" He yelled defensively, but his smile was still there. "Lo-ok, I didn't get much sle-ep that time because I was to-o HYPED. NOW I learned how to be SUPER hyped AND sle-ep!" Alegro twirled a drumstick on his finger and calmly added, "CHLOROFORM. Haha. Just kid-ding."
She laughed from her spot on the floor as she fixed the mic. "Awww come on Alegro I can't TEASE YOU ANYMORE." She hopped to her feet going to fix her own mic. "and I mean if it WORKS. also kidding." She adjusted her mic to her height and made sure it would come in and out of the holder. She looked out off the stage to the ground below, and took a breath. It's like every other night, she knew that. Why did she always get nervous, it's not like anyone could recognize her.[/container]
He let out a little giggle, catching his drumstick before it fell to the ground. It's so fun to talk to her, it's like they were made to be friends. Alegro thinks for a moment of something to say. "Oh... is anyone you know COMING to the concert? My friends are al-l either BUSY or UNINTERESTED."
She shook her head, "Unless Roza's coming to SING WITH US." She flopped in a chair that was on the stage. "I don't know IF SHE IS THOUGH," she sighed and looked at the ceiling, "why?"[/container]
He lazily shrugs, choosing to sit on the floor instead of looking for a seat. "Just curious. I like knowing more about you. Hehe." He leans back. Not far enough to fall back, but knowing Alegro, he will lose balance. "I wish SOMEONE I know came to watch ONCE in a while, Y'KNOW? I ne-ed more MUSIC ge-eks as friends."
She chuckled and nodded, "yeah well sorry but I'M MYSTERIOUS" She sighed and looked back at him "I know what you MEAN THOUGH," She tapped her fingers on her leg, "wanna find more people that are into the same STUFF AS YOU"[/container]
"YEAH!! Havin a friendly personality is AWESOME and al-l, but I MIS-S when I used to make friends because of my music taleNT-" Alegro, as expected, loses his balance. He yells and wildly flails his arms around, but somehow doesn't fall back and slaps his hands on the ground to stop. He sits back up. "Uh. Haha." He laughs sheepishly.
Melati laughed and shook her head, "see I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA DO THAT." She gently poked his legs with her boot, "you are WILD," She smiled at him, "so you all ready FOR THE SHOW TO START?"[/container]
"THANKS!" He smiled back and excitedly nodded his head. "Of COURSE I'm ready!! I'm SO ready! I'l-l TRY to turn the CLUMSY meter down for the show, but CAN'T real-ly guarante-e it."
She smiled and nodded, everything was ready and there was about 40 minuets till the show. Like every night the place was gonna be bouncing. She rose to her feet and chuckled at him, "that's alright it's what MAKES YOU YOU," She patted his head.[/container]
The house lights were on and the crowd was pretty big, tonight was going to be a great show Melati was sure of it. A smile was plastered across her face as she looked back at her bandmates. The show was only five minuets away now and she was ready. "You all ready to ROCK," she whisper yelled the last part.[/container] Five minutes until the show started, and already everything was extremely loud. Not that losing her moirail would be particularly easy, seeing as how they were among the two tallest trolls around. Saonji was, at the very least, being slightly inconspicuous, eschewing her goggles for once and wearing a modest horn covering. Not that it would hide the fact that she practically towered over many of the other trolls. How was she even convinced to come here? Public appearances were the the most opportune time to get assassinated, after all.   Needless to say, she was slightly lost in thought.[/container]
Richar could be found quickly dashing towards the tallest person in the city, or as he like to call them, his vast superior. He previously was chatting with.people on trollian becuase he saw that someone was actually saying something somewhat agreeable with. Making a final stop a foot away from his superior as he pants from having just done some gimnasntic weaving and dodging in the crowd so he wouldnt disappoint his morail but not showing up on Time, the music blaring in the back ground isnt Richars taste, infact it was wasnt his idea to go to this place, nir was it saonji. Instead it from some purple blood in his stream who told him to and well.. he couldnt just disobey an order from someone of such high standing! "Hello Vast suPerIor! I'm here-"
He managed to convince saonji to go to the party for some 'morail bonding time' that and he... he just didnt want to go alone. Maybe he wanted to get some real life interaction for a change that wasnt her dressing him up in a maid outfit and practicing cleaning utensils. Not that he didnt like doing that, of course! He loved it even! It just wasnt the uh.. bonding experience that he thought THEY needed. .. wait, isnt that a bit domineering? Did he unintentionally tell his cast superior what to do??? Hhhhhhheeeeee aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Crap- crap- hes a failir to rust bloods, he is supposed to be a beacon of knowledge and yet he broke rule number one! Dont exert your will over those above you!!!   -ThIs Is PaTheTIC. I am, quITe hOnesTLY, OFFended TO Be FORCed TO LIsTen TO YOuR ThOughTs.- As richar pulls himself together he realises. He was just sorta standing there staring at saonji with a vacantly horrified expression on his face. "S-sorry Vast suPerIor! So er uh, hows the.. ConCert? "
Saonji finally spotted him, among the crowd. Turns out he'd just gotten a little lost, that was alright. Getting stood up would have been the worst case scenario, though she severely doubted he'd have the spine for that. After all, what were moirails for?   "Well, now that you're here, it's markedly improved." An excellent dodge to the question, if she did think so herself. Was she even enjoying her time here? Not overmuch, but the situation could certainly be worse. Either way, she extended her hand as she turned back to the stage. Hand-holding, a time-tested moirail tradition. Really gets you in the spirit of things. No demands, no pointed looks, just her hand.[/container] Melati's band nodded at her one of them patting Alegro. "we got this girl," She chuckled and grabbed the mic. she put her foot down on a petal making the house lights shut off. For a couple seconds the lights were off until boom the spotlights came onto the band. A wide smile was on Melati's face as she grabbed the mic and yelled. "are you guys ready TO ROCK AND ROLL!!!!"[/container]
Alegro lets out a loud "WHOOP" from his place behind the drum set, raising his arms into the air. He scanned the crowd. Big crowd. Wow. If he was any other person, he'd definitely be feeling nervous, but Alegro was charged with all kinds of excitement. He could already feel his heartbeat quickening and he wasn't even playing the drums yet. Although he wasn't as at the front as the rest of the band, his joyful expression could still be seen from the crowd. Rad.
Richar looks at the hand that his morail outstretched and got conflicted, was it proper for a low blood such as himself to besmirch someone of such highstandings hand with his filth? Ir would it be even more rude to decline a platonic gesture such as this? Perhaps out of sheer need to feel another creatures skin and not have it be through the means of him being slapped he decided to take saonjis hand and... was okay. Nothing to terrible happened. He watched onto the stage and even though he had no real enjoyment from the lyrics themselves he still smiled for the first time in.... he doesnt know how long. Possible since he was a weiggler. Of course, he has had to have smile for many a things. But those where never real smiles, this.. this one was. It's simply just a nice moment with no real bigh stakes or someone to debate with... is this what those "feeling jams" are all about? He doesnt care.
Roza managed to finally get on stage just as the spot lights came on, she did her best to hide her panting after rushing so hard, glad that most of the attention was on Melati.
It was her own fault she'd gotten busy with a few things, but she as heck wasn't going to miss a show!
Melati smiled at her and gave her a head nod. She looked put at the crowd, he bloodpusher was pumping and she was ready. She shut her mic off and looked at Alegro "everyone were doing set list 3, Alegro hit it." After saying this in a hushed tone she flicked her mic back on, ready as she'll ever be. But shes always that ready.[/container]
Alegro nodded, not without giving Roza a relieved smile, and immediately jumped into action. He excitedly playing the drums to start up. Alegro is always happiest playing the drums, and it could be visibly seen on his face. Usually he was all over the place, but on the stage his focus is all on his playing.
They were holding hands, as moirails would. Good. The music was certainly something, Saonji might have had more of an opinion were she actually listening. She was more concerned about all the trolls around her, and her moirail in specific. As they both would be quick to point out, he was incredibly fragile as trolls went, and she wouldn't want him getting hurt at all out here. Of course, her fears were mainly unfounded, as the vast majority of her fears were, but that didn't matter. Having all the bases covered is what mattered. All the bases. All of them.   The music was alright, actually. And she always seemed to forget how warm lowbloods were, in comparison to seadwellers. Her hand must have seemed incredibly cold in comparison.[/container]
As fr eyes lower themselves to the two taller individuals in the crowd, she notices something that shocks her..
FR stares at something in utter disbelief..
Saonji is.. holding hands with a lowblood? Could her homie (they are not actualy homies) have gotten a matesprite with out her knowing? Gosh, what a twist! And with a lowblood! You would have thought she would be completely against the idea of even talking to a lowblood, but here she is. Maybe you miss judged her? It's quite possibel. FR makes a note that she should change her fact board on saonji later.   FR steathly moves closer to saonji, preparing her self to talk to saonji and try not and offend her, but as she gets closer she realizes who the rust blood was-
Richar better. Of course it was, not like she has anything against it or anything! Who's she to tell her fellow gill pal who not to date? "Hey uh- my great gill pal, I didnt know you found yourself a date! And I most certainly didnt expect to see you hanging up in a cool place like this. "
A violet blood! Just said that saonji and him where on a date- no, richar, get a hold of your self. Just kindly explain to your superior their mistake. "um where er uh.. aCtually not uh really-" as he fumbles over his words in the presence of TWO royalty class he sorta burrys his head in his scarf a bit, still mumbling. His morals hands being cold didnt bother him, and even if they did he wouldnt dare make not of it!
Saonji turned slowly to face the new addition to the party. Who was this. A fellow seadweller-- one who would recognize her without her typical adornments. She took a moment to consider the options, her grip on Richar's hand tightening slowly, before remembering. The one without the horns, that's who it was. What was her name? Fretis? Gresli? Grefit? That last one sounded most likely. Saonji allowed her face to slip into a wide, obviously insincere smile.   "Do you have a comment on my choice in moirail, Grefit?" She practically chewed out the name, a practiced art developed over many sweeps. "And my visits to the surface are none of your concern, I should think." The music was warming up, hearing one over the noise and cheering was already getting difficult. Fortunately, no one else in the crowd seemed to be paying them any mind. That, at least, was good.[/container]
Oh, morails? Well. That is.. something. You suppose, not as spicy as it would be they where matesprites. But, still, it's not like you should force them to become more then morail just to make it so you where right in the long run! Though, you will take yet another note to put something like that in your fanfiction. "I dont have a single comment, love is free after! Ain't them some facts that where spitting? And I understand that, if anything, good for you for coming out here! Really, the city Is quite nice to be. So many interesting people to meet! Speaking of meeting, how did you meet richar?"
She will admit, she has a slight pangs of jealousy at the fact saonji got a morail first! Tsk tsk
Saonji practically waved away the question. "We've known each other a long time, now, haven't we, Richar?" Her smile turned onto him, having maintained its insincere width throughout the conversation. She just needed him to work with her, and get this violetblood away. This entire encounter was an exercise in disguising her contempt, and as far as she was concerned it was all going her way.[/container] The band was rocking out on stage and their volume holy HELL that was loud. Melati sang as the stage bass thumped. This was a rock show alright.[/container]
oh! He was addressed! He was so busy being infactuated by two superiors standing so close. To him that he sorta wasnt really listening? But he heard his name and he thinks he understood the question. "oh yes, most CertIanly Vast suPerIor! I dont belIeVe there was a single time where I dIdnt know you, my Vast suPerIor!" His head is no longer half way submerged in his very stylish scarf as he always gains a bit of confidence in himself when he is addressed by name by saonji
Fr is... put of, to say the least, at the fact richar calls his morail vast superior... why is she getting the feeling something's going on between these two? Not like it matters to her, let their lives, and then later you can read about it online. "My, you two must have been destined to be morail! Why, this reminds of this one anime, it wasnt my favorite but I did enjoy it!! There was this... actually, hm.. now that I think about I'm probably all up and "being a third wheel" I may have never been in one myself but I can tell a classic morail bonding experience a mile away! I suppose i should let you two go back to the platonic bonding. But I will tell you about the anime later saonji!" As fr says this she sorta.. begins to walk backwards into the crowd, waiting incase saonji does want to talk about anime
Saonji did nothing but maintain eye contact, watching as Grefit faded back into the crowd. She didn't consider any of the nonsense worth a response, especially not when it was barely-heard over the music. Well. Now that that was over with, she could get back to her moirail. He wasn't about to get lost in the sea of trolls, not with their hands locked as they were, and besides-- he did stand out in a crowd. There was no reason for her to be worrying. She did pull him very slightly closer, though, if only to make herself feel better. There really were a lot of people out here. And an equal amount of noise.[/container]
Roza took a moment between songs to wave at someone in the crowd. Though she couldn't really see them with the lights in her eyes, so she might have just been waving to everyone and not them specifically.
Melati smiled at her before looking around at the band. She tapped her foot preparing for the next song. Man tonight sure was a night for her, she was tired.[/container]
Olmaka grinned seeing the wave and bounced up and down as she waved back with both her hands, nearly losing her bunny plush in her excitement. So far she was enjoying the concert, it was an exciting start with getting smuggled in. Oh how naughty she was now! She wanted to do that again, it was so thrilling trying to keep out of sight from the bouncers.
FR also locked Saonji in on saonji gaze as she gets fully submerged into the crowd, and completely vanishes from view. That went well, she thinks to herself. Sure, you may have came off as a jerk that interrupted their little feelings jam or whatever. But who would you be if you didnt ask your best girl pal a few questions, or atleast talk to them!
Anyways, you do suppose you should do the thing you came here to do, which is watch the concert.   Man your bored.
You look down at your phone and notice that your best ghost friend RP is online! You wonder if they'd like watching the show with you.
She was, considerably offput. A seadweller recognizing her was no big deal, but what if it led to others? There were too many people around. This had never been a good idea. She needed an out. Her foot was tapping increasingly fast, as she judged all of her options.   Then she remembered, she was royalty. This wasn't some grand scheme, she could just leave. And she could take Richar with her. Trying to communicate her intention would be difficult over the din, so she didn't bother, choosing to just pull him along and away. She kept her grip on his hand firm, routing through the crowd of other trolls and away.[/container]
Oh! Well, looks like this is happening now. Not like he could complain, he did what his purple blooded superior asked and went here, and Saonji does outrank them anyways. Also, he just didnt like the concert to begin with. He tried to keep up with saonji so he wasnt being dragged across the ground but find it quite hard to do so. He wonders where exactly shes taling him now?
The next song died down and Melati held up her finger to Alegro, singling him to wait for the next set. "YEAHHHH" She yelled into the microphone, "halfway through AND THE CROWD IS POUNDING!!!" She shook her head and wiped a bead of sweat off her forehead. "YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING OUT TONIGHT" She nodded her head and cracked her knuckles. "so I won't keep you WAITING ANY LONGER, LETS MOVE ON TO THE NEXT SONG!!!"[/container]
To be Continued...


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