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Olmaka's Hive 1} Olmaka and Rozali

Olmaka played by Ron, Rozali played by Leng
Cautiously Olmaka kicked her Lusus in the back leg, knowing fruitlessly that it wouldn't work.
Everything else that she did including the trick with putting their paw into a bucket of warm water didn't wake them!
Guess that'll teach her to watch random earth movies, their techniques are just terrible!   The inside of Olmaka's hive is coated in a light and dark colored purple stripes, covered up by posters from her favorite romance movies. She doesn't remember if she was the one to choose the color of the room, but it isn't too displeasing to the eye so up it stays.   The room is in a slight dissaray from the WICKED WILD disco party she and her numerous rabbit plushies had last night. While they aren't the best conversationalists they do know how to have a good time. Once she is able to receive visitors she'd make sure to invite her new friends, surely they'd enjoy these soirees as well! After all Mr.Woffles is the best party planner this side of the woods.   By the door are two windows, which mocks her with their lack of usefulness their kind is usually known for. Whomever made this hive made a major error in design with putting the light sockets just far away enough from the window's power cords. Hopefully this person gets a swift retribution in the form of soggy wet shoes on a winter evening for such poor planning.
Roza checked her dms again, yep this was the place. She cased the place a bit, looking for ways in and out. She had gathered the temperment of the lusus from Olmaka so was feeling she wouldn't have to run, but she was ready just in case.
She dusted her dress and fixed her hair and gave the door a solid ratta tap tap to the beat of one of her songs.
"~Hello there, you home?~
~Here to visit Olmaka~
~My name, Rozali.~"
At first she looked around the room in confusion, wondering where the disembodied voice was coming from. Was it Marilyn Bunroe? She was very much into pulling amusing japes as of late, maybe she finally learned to throw her voice as well! So clever she is! Though looking around she notices that she is doing a puzzle with Howly Berry her BMFE (Best Moirail Forever Ever). Truly a relationship to aspire for.   The continous tapping on the door alerted her back to it, making her realise that it possibly wasn't one of her numerious stuffed friends teasing her.
"( ÒㅅÓ) Uwuuuuuu is that really youuuuu?" She asked, climbing ontop of her Lusus to talk with her through the door.
"~Wonder of wonders~
~In person and everything~
~Amazing but true~"
Roza stood back and spread her arms in a 'behold it is I' manner, though she couldn't be seen. She wondered if just being there would get the lusus moving or if she was going to find a chimney to crawl down or something.
"Gasp! It is amazingly true and wonderful! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She clapped her hands in her excitement.
"Have you thought of an amazing plan to get my Lusus to move? I'm sitting ontop of them now and they haven't even twitched. (′⅄‵)" Even though Roza couldn't see she gave her Lusus a poke in their tickle spot to prove their point. Not even a ear wiggle! How concerning!
Roza scoffed at the question.
"~I'm Rozali the great~
~So of course there's a plan~
~A concert, half price~"
  She moved away from the door to set down her bag and rifle thought it. She had a boombox in there some where. Never knew she she'd need to preform an emergency half price concert after all.
Olmaka tilted her head in puzzlement. What did a half price concert sound like? Was she going to play on half of an instrument? She didn't think that would sound very good, then again it might be just horrible enough to wake up her Lusus.
Roza went about setting up her backing track and got into position. She closed her eyes and centered herself in the moment with a few deep breaths. She tapped her foot slightly, counting the beats till the moment she would start singing.   The music blared out a happy tune, not her standard fair, but it was a song that always got Koar to move, so it was worth a shot. She could usually slip out of the house while he was dancing.   Roza put her hand over her eyes as the beat started in earnest and raiser her head before swiping her hand away to start singing. She knew she couldn't be seen but she did her dance as she sang anyway, never hurt to get the practice in.
She bounced in her seat, clearly enjoying what she was hearing so far.   It was unclear if her Lusus was twitching their nose in annoyance over the loud cascade of music outside, or Olmaka's bouncing. Either way it seemed to show signs of rousing.
Rozali paused after the first song to catch her breath from all the dancing.
"~A cover of the~
~Melati Loveta song~
~'Hiding in myself'~"
She announced, pacing around the stage she pictured herself on.
"~I hope you enjoyed~
~Next an original song~
~By me, Rozali~"
As she started into the second song her Lusus was waking up, making a chuffing noise as it rose. Olmaka didn't have enough time to get off so she fell flat on her tender butt onto the floor.   Glaring at the door the Rabbitwolf Lusus took one big paw and smacked it right off it's hinges. Squeezing itself through the opening it stood over Rozali, giving it what would assume was a glare though their expression was pretty blank.
Roza didn't stop singing though, she picked up her boombox as she danced and started moving away from the annoyed lusus. Guess it wasn't as amused as hers when it came being woken from a nap. But by golly she was going to finish her dang song no matter what!
The Lusus was looking to swipe at her with her paw, but Olmaka beat them to it with tackling right into Roza. She squealed as she gave her a tight squeeze that would rival any hardcore fangirl's grip.
Behind her, Olmaka's lusus chuffed in annoyance as it yawned showing off it's big pointy teeth. Sighing it went off into the woods, rubbing against the trees as it did.
"Ack!" Roza exhaled as she dropped her boombox, not expecting the tackle glomp.
"~I told you didn't I?~
~Nothing's impossible for~
~Rozali the Great!~"
She giggled as she let go, standing back to let Roza get herself situated. "I won't ever doubt you again! Not that I did, but you have amazed me at your efficency! ( ÒㅅÓ) " It was odd when she 'spoke', she didn't move her mouth like any other speaking biped. What was odder was that it sounded like it was coming from back inside the house.
Roza was a bit confounded by this odd scenario.
"~Um, back in your hive~
~I think your voice was left there~
~Should we go get it?~"
Olmaka looked perplexed at her question until she looked down at her arms. "Oh! So I have! One moment! Don't go away! (•ㅅ•)" Twirling on her heel she bounced back to her hive.
Roza fixed her outfit and packed away her things while she waited. If she ever came back to do this again she was bring Koar, she was half afraid she'd have to fight that lusus for waking it up. Maybe they could do lusus things together. She felt he probably wouldn't try and kill it.. hopefully. Never knew with him.
She didn't take too long before she came back, one of her bunny plushes in her arms. It was dark gray with bright orange button eyes with a pair of troll horns sticking out of it's head. It was dressed very smartly in a suit and tie with the most perfect olive colored pocket square proudly adorning the front.   "There we are! That should be better! ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒" She beamed, but she still wasn't moving her lips. Instead her voice sounded like it was coming from the plush in her arms now.
"~That is different~
~Oh well I don't judge you much~
~Unless you pay me~"
Roza pulled out a bag of hand sanitizer, shoving it and a slip of paper at Olmaka.
"~I hope you enjoyed~
~Now, for the concert and goods~
~This is the billing~"
"Oh yes! The organ lubricant! Thank you! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" Bouncing on her heels she took the bag from her and awkwardly took the paper from her in the other.   She looked it over a couple of times, frowning and making concerned noises. "This certainly reflects your professionalism and skill! I don't think I've ever seen a service be so highly monetized before. If you don't mind come inside and I'll pay your fee!  ̄(•ㅅ•) ̄ "
"~Delivery fee~
~Lusus safe removal fee~
~Concert fee, half price~"
Roza ticked off the fees on her fingers.
  "~I'll wait here thank you~
~Going inside is extra~
~House call fee, and all~"
"Oh it is? (´・×・)" She looked sad for a moment, then perked up. "Well maybe next time I can cover that fee as well! The other rabbits did make quite a mess from our party last night."
"Can't have you think we are messy. (•ㅅ•) Wait here!" She dissapeared again back into her hive to get the payment. Behind Roza was a snuffling noise, Olmaka's Lusus was back and was giving her a big sniff.
Roza tried to ignore it sniffling her, but got ready to bolt if it decided she was food or a threat. She knew very well that not all lussi were like hers, and she should be careful.
The Lusus got all up in her buisness sniffing at her hair then started nibbling on her sleeve taking a tastey bite out of the material.
Okay sniffing she could handle, but no one chewed her clothes and got away with it. She spun around and bopped the Lusus right on the nose.
"~Keep your nibbling teeth~
~In your stupid fluffy face~
~Or I'll remove them!~"
It made a noise of surprise, jumping back as it pawed at it's assaulted nose. It got over it quickly though as it bared it's teeth in a growl.   "Hey! No! No teeth! ( ÒㅅÓ)" Olmaka yelled at her Lusus, sprinting back out of the house. Bending she scooped up a stick and waved it around, the Lusus's big ears perking up.   "You want the stick? Huh huh?" She wiggled it around, her Lusus's eyes following it as it's tail started thumping. "Goooo get it!" Turning to the opposite direction she threw the stick as hard as she could into some bushes. With an excited squeak the Lusus pounced into the bushes, flattening some in it's excitement.
Roza checked her outfit to make sure it wasn't ruined in some way. She worked hard making the damn thing and she wasn't about to let some stranger's lusus ruin it.
"~Not to be an ass~
~I didn't come to cause trouble~
~But she started it~"
"I don't doubt it, they like starting lots of things! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)" She giggled, handing over a small wad of cash to her. "I think it's because they're what they call a 'go getter'."
Roza took the cash and put it in her bag without counting it and gave Olmaka a pat on the shoulder.
"~That pun is top tier~
~But I've got somewhere to be~
~Message me later?~"
"Leaving so soon? (′⅄‵)" She pouted at the thought, then perked back up. "Sure! I hope in the future we can hang out again. Thank you again for helping my Lusus to wake up, it's about time they start moving around again." Thinking that patting was her way of saying goodbye, Olmaka patted Roza back on the cheek.
"~I'm cutting it close~
~I've got to get to a gig~
~You're free to come too~"
Roza explained, allowing the face pet without much fuss.
Olmaka danced on her feet, looking conflicted. On the one hand she was excited as one could be to finally get to explore outside her hive. On the other hand she really needed to take care of that front door, if she didn't what would keep out the telemarketers from making nests inside her hive?   Her curiosity finally won out as she gave her a grin, "If you don't mind terribly much! Oh! Do I need to bring money to see this 'gig' of yours? ( ・×・)"
"~Always bring money~
~If you are leaving your Hive~
~That rule's important~"
Rozali held up a finger as she stated the rule.
"~But you are with me~
~I think we can get you in~
~cheep or maybe free~"
She wiggled with a grin as she said, "Ohhhhhhh are we going to sneak in? I've always wanted to try something sneaky like that! They make it look so fun! (๑òᆺó๑)"
Roza grinned and took Olmaka by the hand.
"~Come on, Olmaka!~
~Today is your lucky day!~
~You met Rozali!~"
And with that she ran into the woods, toward the city. She had a concert to get to and she was already cutting it close. Sneaking her new 'friend' in was going to take a bit of time.


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