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PM1 pt.05} •ㅅ•

candyGodling played by Riley, prettyPetty played by Jiro, stoatingParamour played by Ron, triggerWarning played by Kiwi, ardentPersuasion played by Kiwi, syntheticRebirth played by Leng
candyGodling [CA] has started responding to the memo.
prettyPetty [PP] has started responding to the memo.
CG: oh um, hello!
PP: suuup
CG: nothing much at the moment.. sorry if i bore you >_>
PP: i'm not thaaat eaaasily bored, swwweetie
CG: oh um.. alright. well then, what are you up to this fine evening?
PP: i'm haaanging ouuut in my hive. not muuuch
CG: i’m also kind of playing board games by myself, pretty boring (。╯︵╰。)
PP: thaaats kindaaa saaad
CG: yeah.. it kind of sucks when you have no one to play with. no one really lived around me so i couldn’t ask anyone
PP: daaamn. i don't reaaally live by thaaat maaany people either
CG: well i guess it’s kind of fun when you win all of the games you play against yourself :U
PP: youuu haaave aaa good point
CG: recently i thought i found someone or something walking in the woods behind where i live, it must’ve been an animal though
PP: youuu never knowww. it couuuld be aaa person
CG: it could be nice to interact with another person.. it’s super lonely out here
PP: maaaybe i'll somehowww find wwwhere youuu live and paaay youuu aaa visit.
CG: o-oh well, maybe..? i’m not sure. but it would be nice to have some company over
PP: maaaybe.
CG: a-anyways moving on from that, i’m glad that i have something to talk to other people though. i just recently found my phone laying around somewhere :/
PP: mood. shit gets lost everywwwhere
CG: yeah i lose a lot of stuff. it kind of sucks when you have a big forest around to lose stuff in
PP: i dont reaaally haaave aaanywwwhere to lose stuuuff buuut it gets lost
CG: yeah that stuff happens sometimes >:/
PP: it gets kindaaa aaannoying sometimes.
CG: especially when it’s something important of yours, yeah it’s pretty irritating
PP: i dont haaave thaaat muuuch importaaant stuuuff. i meaaan. i guuuess some stuuuff is importaaant.
CG: i don’t have that much important stuff to lose either, but yeah i have a few things
PP: most of the stuuuff i find importaaant i've been told is 'edgy emo shit'
CG: welp, our stuff is our stuff yknow. it doesn’t really matter if people say it’s stupid or dumb it’s still our stuff and it’s important to us :U
PP: thaaat wwwaaas oddly deep
CG: well i wasnt trying to be deep or anything i was just telling my thoughts on the thing heheh ( ~-)~
stoatingParamour [SP] has started responding to the memo.
SP: (•ㅅ•)
SP: (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
SP: ( ÒㅅÓ)
TW: 9h dear I must have left this 9pen my 6ad.
SP: ˚ᆺ˚
triggerWarning [TW] has ceased responding to the memo
SP: U╹ x ╹U
stoatingParamour [SP] has ceased responding to memo.
ardentPersuasion [AP] has begun responding to the memo
AP: sup fuckers I'm here for a good time not a long time
AP: what's happening?
stoatingParamour [SP] has started responding to the memo.
AP: welcome to hell SP
SP: Why howl you do! ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒
SP: Hell you say? Why so? /(•ㅅ•)\
AP: I don't know this place just tends to be crazy
SP: Oh! Sounds like a hopping good time to me! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
AP: Well whatever you find fun I guess
AP: I have just seen some things lol
SP: Been wanting some intertaining times!  ̄(•ㅅ•) ̄
AP: and some idiots of course a lot of them
AP: I mean entertainment that that is easy
AP: to find here a mean
AP: from arguments to people making fools of themselves
AP: it's all here
SP: Pawesome! It's what I've been searching for! (•ㅅ•)
SP: Haven't met anyone before...or maybe I have? Unsure really! (=‘x‘=)
SP: But it'll be furry nice to talk with someone that isn't full of stuffing. (′⅄‵)
SP: N-not that being full of stuffing is a bad thing though! (Just in case you are) (╹ૅ×╹ૅ)
AP: I am full of...meat
SP: That must've been very messy to get that all in there! (๑òᆺó๑)
SP: You usually stuff yourself with organs? ˚ᆺ˚
AP: I mean like yeah
syntheticRebirth [SR] has started responding to memo.
AP: welcome SR
AP: I think it's time to ingest more fucking hand sanitizwe
SP: Is that the trick of getting the organs inside? U。・.・。U
SR: ~Hello and thanks ap~ ~Organs and sanitation~ ~Looking for any?~
SP: Oh! Howlo!
SP: Not at the moment, I have to ponder if making my own organ filled friend is worth the effort. U(•ㅅ•)U
SR: ~How much would you pay?~ ~If you were to buy either~ ~Asking for a friend~
AP: ....wait a sec hold on I kill animals
AP: Not like trolls and shit
SP: Furry interesting question! I suppose it'd be how hard it is to acquire? (=‘x‘=)
SP: ( ÒㅅÓ)
SP: I hope bunnies and wolves aren't part of your killing spree, I'd have to put my paw down on that sort of thing! (乂☉ェ☉=)
AP: I kill only animals permitted by the government
SR: ~Nice healthy organs~ ~I mean its not hard to get~ ~Keeping them fresh though~
SP: Are those two on the list? I haven't been able to get out the front door to check the mail if they sent out a list. (´・×・)
SR: ~No one died its fine~ ~Well more that no one was killed ~ ~You interested?~
SP: That's good! Hrmm...I'll have to see! I'm unsure if I'm able to receive anything at the moment. ⌒(•ㅅ•)⌒
AP: ah well discussing the affairs of illigalfd sa
SR: ~Ok maybe next time~ ~What about sanitizer?~ ~Can get a discount~
SP: Hm! AP did say it'd make the organs go in easier... ⌒(・x・)⌒
SR: ~Sure thats how that works~ ~Whatever makes you buy it~ ~My friend makes good deals~
SR: ~Sanitizer keeps~ ~So why not buy it in bulk?~ ~I'll get you in touch~
SP: If you can burrow around my Lusus blocking the door then I'll be interested! (๑òᆺó๑)
SR: ~They're so used to it~ ~Overprotective lussi~ ~I'll dm you soon chum me?~
SP: I managed to hop outside for a few days, but they took a nap in front of my door again. (′⅄‵)
SP: Yes! I'll be hoppy to do that! (•ㅅ•)
syntheticRebirth [SR] has added stoatingParamour [SP] to thier chumroll
stoatingParamour [SP] has added syntheticRebirth [SR] to their chumroll
SR: ~Its real good stuff~ ~Alright I better go now~ ~Thank you for your time SP ~
SP: uwuooooooooooo! Thank yoooooooouuu! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
syntheticRebirth [SR] has ceased responding to memo.
SP: how fun! I'm going to get my first delivery! (๑òᆺó๑)
AP: my Lusus was freaking out
SP: Oh no! I hope they're ok! ( ・×・)
SP: You didn't lose any furnature did you? Mine always likes to eat the chairs. (′⅄‵)
AP: she is fine she's just an asshole
SP: Mine gets that way if they haven't eaten in awhile. (=‘x‘=)
AP: well mine likes me to take care of her like hygiene
AP: and I hate doing that
SP: ○(・x・)○
SP: Sounds dangerous! Mine tries to bite me if I try brushing them. (′⅄‵)
AP: she's not that much of a bitch, she knows I'd never brush her teeth again if she did that to me
AP: shes just a pain and sometimes I feel like I'm her Lusus
SP: Ooooo! If you are the Lusus that means you get to make the rules! Sleep in front of her door and over the recuperacoon!
AP: yeah I'd be nice if that's the way it worked
AP: if I piss her off enough she lays on me
AP: and I'm small and shes big
SP: (′⅄‵)
SP: Does food make her sweeter? Maybe you could make them a tastey treat! ⌒(・x・)⌒
AP: ppfff no fucking way am I making her shit
AP: i don't even have any food to make her
AP: I haven't even eaten today she can get her own food
SP: If you like maybe I can come over after SR gets me out and I'll be hoppy to make you both something!
SP: (course long as it's rice, it's all I know how to make) (′⅄‵)
AP: uuh, I mean free food
AP: as long as you bring some food with you you're welcome here
SP: Pawesome! I hope you like sugar in your rice! uwuoooo! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
AP: I've eaten worse
AP: thanks I guess
SP: It won't make your organ stuffing easier, but at least it'll fill you up! (๑òᆺó๑)
AP: haha yeah well the organs can be stuffed later
SP: Pellets....I have to leave. My Lusus is chewing the furnature again. (′⅄‵)
AP: aw damn have fun
SP: I had a howling good time with you! Lets do this again! U(ㅇㅅㅇ❀)U
stoatingParamour [SP] has ceased responding to memo.
AP: alone again


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