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Vicden Ostuls

Played by Kiwi

Vicden Ostuls (a.k.a. circumscribedVirtuoso)

Also goes by Melati Loveta (A.K.A. captivatingVocalist)
[/container] By day Vicden is a high-strung and calculated musician. He plays classical music and classical instruments and he plays them well. He spent his life perfecting his technique and takes music very seriously. Anyone who knows him will tell you he’s a proper gentleman. His skill has let him to gain much respect in the music industry. However, Vicden has a different personality under the light of the moon. He is still a great musician but the type of music he does is far from classic. At night he is a female rockstar by the name of Melati. Melati is the opposite of Vicden as he shows his truly desired actions at night. He acts chaotic and unpredictable and has a great crowd who loves his rockstar persona.  
Extra bits:
Growing up he really struggled to fit in. Not only was he of an abnormal blood caste but he was also of an abnormal skill level. While most older people praised him on his musical porous his peers were jealous of him and often bullied him because of this

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child, Vicden originally wanted to pursue a career in the manual labor industry but his dreams were soon squashed when no one wanted to train the scrawny boy. His Lusus always sang to him when he was feeling sad so this was its idea once again. Sadly Vicden sang along to its tune and decided to find himself a life in the music field. He started learning how to play a plethora of instruments. He started out with Violin and Piano before picking up a ton of others along the way. He isn’t great at all of them but he works hard and practices a lot. Somewhere along the line of starting to play piano recitals, he discovered rock music. He loved it from the headbanging to the loud and fast drums. He loved the musicians that inspired and wanted to be like them. However, he already made sort of a name for himself in the classical industry and knew how a lot of classical musicians felt about rock. He decided to create an alter ego for himself so that no one would know it was him playing rock music. That’s when he created Melati. He loved getting up on stage as her for the first time and he still loves it. His double life may be stressful at times but it’s his life and he wouldn’t give it up for anything.


By day he is a classical musician and composer. By night he is a rock singer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He is very talented vocally and instrumentally and knows play a wide range of instruments.

Personality Characteristics


He wants to be able to do both kinds of music without having to pretend to be someone else.

Likes & Dislikes

Music, instruments, rock, bright and flashy colors, crowds
The industry pressure, the flute, tying ties, the stigma around rock music
8.31 (18 years)
➠Sexual orientation
Cano sign of the translucent
➠Typing Quirk
He uses instead of f's instead of ♫s insted of ns and ♭'s instead of b's He will often also start his sentences "humming a tune" when typing as Melati he will capitilze a lot and use!!!!!! A lot
"doo doot doo do The quick ♭row♫ ox jumps over then lazy dog"
His Lusus is a very loud hummingbird.
➠Original Planet
Knight of Heart


In Person



Character Portrait image: by Kiwi


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