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New Horns

Grefit played by SoperPlanet, Claroy played by Leng
"well. this seems.. to be the place." Grefit stands in front of a door to this doctor's.. hive? office? yeah its probably an office. they are apparently the nearest doctors who deals with prosthetic s, and as such is the most ideal troll to help you with yourself-inflicted situation. she knocks on the front door, her head being covered in a very sweet looking hoodie to cover up her fins and lack of horns, its not out of fear trolls would notice her lack of horns and try to attach her, but more because she doesn't want people to think her ripping off her horns wasn't intentional. why would she get the horns after the event? wouldn't she have had the prosthetic horns already made? those type of questions can lead to more people not believing her story of wanting to seem more open to human and the hornless troll populations that she is currently trying to build. her public image is quite important after all.   It had been a peaceful night at the new lab, the sounds of the hospital it was located in were new, but a welcome distraction for Claroy. He had only been living there a week or two, and almost had everything how he wanted it. Rozali and Koar only had one or two loads left to bring over from the old hive, but it was mostly Rozali and Roza's things.   Roza had not shown up and Claroy was still surprised Koar was letting Roza out and about on her own.   That being said, he was alone at the moment in his new home/lab/office and was not expecting visitors. So the knock at the door scared him. Did they find him? Was he going to have to go through all that again?
Or was it a fellow doctor from the hospital trying to say hello? He got that a lot from the human doctors that he was now working with. They had much different ideas of how to interact.   "Come in, unlezz you're a birade, dhen bleaze jo away."   she isn't sure what birade is, but she has a feeling it isnt' what she is! she walks into the hospital, closing the door behind her. only then does she take off her hood when she sure no one else is in the room. "hey, so uh,, i heard you can do prosthetic horns.. is that true? also um, doctors do have that uh.. "clients secret" thing, right? or is that therapists? actually, I'm pretty sure its just therapists. because doctors would regularly need to tell others their clients problem to get medicine and stuff.. i guess the better question is, do you tell people what your clients came in for?"   Ah a patient. He frowned, or well he was already frowning... he frowned deeper and sighed.   "Yez, I can make brozdhedicz ov any zord you mijhd need. Dhoujh, I muzd zay, i vind hornz increadibly borinj." He waved a hand dismissively as he headed over. "I have bedder dhinjz do do widh my dime dhad chad do beoble aboud bazd medical endeavorz, ezbecially onez zo mundane. Unlezz idz live dhreadeninj I zee no need do dell anyone ov your medical needz."   He gestured to a little sitting area with a tea table and some soft chairs
"Bleaze, zid." He was used to have Koar around, showing up with tea out of nowhere, so he didn't think to actually make some himself while his lusus was out.   well, that was atleast reassuring! even if she feels slightly offended there is no reason to be to bothered by his seeming boredom of the prospect of helping her. but its not like she should complain, would he rather him gasp and shriek at the sight of her hornless? the answer to that is probably not. she does what the doctor said, sitting down on one of the chair, well more of falling. her spending most of her time underwater as lead to her not really being used to how gravity works above land and expected to float gently into the seat, instead of that happening down she landed onto the chair and felt a sharp sensation run through her body. good thing the chair was soft. she sorta sits there with a sort deer in the head lights look before recollecting her thoughts   "sorry about that, I sorta forgot how um.. gravity works? heheh. so um, do you need me to do anything?"   "Id'z nod uncommon vor zeavarinj badiendz do have dhad izzue, unvordunadely. Nod dhad I have had many zince movinj here, mind you."   Though he was violet as much as she was, Claroy had been raised on the land, so had no such trouble as he gracefully sat across from her. He crossed one leg over the other and wondered briefly why there wasn't tea magically in his hands.   "Vor now you will need do hold zdill brievly az I meazure you head, az well az any zdubz you mijhd have. You will alzo have do invorm me ov dhe zdyle and weijhd brevrencez you mijhd have, az well az addachmend medhod iv you have no zdubz."   "oh okay!" glub glub! this is going to be much easier then she thought it would be, just sit here for a bit where he measures her head? shes SUPER GREAT at sitting still! practically the best there is from all the Marathoning shes done! "well, on style, i was thinking of asking your opinion... i mean, i know i want one in the shape of hearts but i cant decide between these three" she then pops a bubble which then has three pictures fall out into her hand. one picture shows horns that look awfully similar to arceus's horns from pokemon, another one looked like... Shrek ears? yeah, yeah does are Shrek's ears. and the third is a surprisingly well drawn drawing of two hands shaking. "as for the weight.. id say them being light would be ideal? or do you need like, a specific weight.?"   Claroy motioned for her to put the pictures on the tea table between them. Other than the hands shaking one, they didn't seem particularly odd to him. He wasn't well versed in pop culture, from any of the worlds. What was odd was that she was torn between ideas. Usually people wanted something exactly like what they had lost.   He leaned forward, actually somewhat interested now.
"You wand heardz... and zomedhinj elze? Am I correcd in azzuminj you wand do be able do zwidch dhem oud?" That was new. "Iv zo... why nod have dhem all?"
He was too interested in designing removable, interchangeable horns to answer her weight question just yet.   "uhm yeah. something else. them being switchable is ideal, after all I do want to look my best for when I got to conventions, and horn shape is always where the cosplay fails! and, I see no reason not to take advantage of this situation and gain yet another way to stylize! glub." she is quite serious when it comes to her appearance, what would a future... 'right hand man' be if not respectable in the public eye?
"well... as for why i don't want them all, I'm not sure if i could afford them all! i do want to try and get that new life size uh.. actually never mind about that last part! glub glub! how much uh, how much do the horns cost? I did look it up previously and did plan on writing it down.. but then uh, I was alerted that Doctor who might have been getting a new season, then I was entranced by the new doctors stylish new scarf, really they do have the best scarfs, and sorta.. forgot to write it down?"   Claroy listened to her ramble the best he could, though his mind was already on more interesting topics than whatever she was going on about. He didn't pay much attention to how other doctor's dressed and failed to see how that was relevant to the situation at hand.   He did catch the part about seeing a listed price though and sighed.
"My 'azzizdand', and I uze dhad dern radher loozely, likely bozded dhad lizdinj, az I don'd readily adverdize dheze zordz ov zervicez. I'm cuide unvamiliar widh dhe brice zhe mijhd have cuoded, dhoujh, I zubboze you could jed dhem zlowly over dime. While id iz uldimadely ub do you, I vind havinj dhe obdion do zwidch dhem oud, yed nod havinj a zelecdion do chooze vrom, zeemz radher boindlezz. Dhe bulk ov dhe brice will be inzdilladion, and dhad will only occur once."   He waved a hand like he was brushing his own words away.
"Rejardlezz, you know you wand dhe heard onez, we can zdard dhier and zee whad you dhink. Id izn'd az dhoujh I wand do zbend weekz on a hand vull or hornz ad any rade."   "oh, oh? OK.." she sat there and and contemplated her choices, how much money did instillation cost? oh, blast her inability to do prior research and her short attention span! hm,,,, okay, okay, so she has about 3000 dollars to work with, but is still unsure of how much the instillation costs. and it seems as though he.. doesn't keep track of it's price himself? how strange! she rubs her chin, contemplating her choices. she knows she needs to get at least one horn from here or this entire trip was pointless!!! "alright, yeah that's fair. so, how much is the instillation fee? I would like to that know so I can gauge how much I can afford currently, ya know?"   Claroy put a hand to his face in thought. He didn't really know how to price things. Although funding was important for his research, it wasn't really on his mind most of the time.
It was rare a person of their station had to worry about money, but what was the use of money if one didn't spend it? It was possible she's done the same.   "Yez, dhad iz bervecdly reazonable, jive me one momend and I'll check my recordz, iv you don'd mind." He waited a moment as if expecting the records to simply show up in his hand, then sighed and got up to head to a filing cabinet.   Should he make small talk to fill the space while he searched? He really hated the idea of it, he had no idea what to say. Perhaps he should ask a few questions about her horns... but he'd be learning the answers anyway as soon as he examined and measured her head. It seemed a pointless endeavor.   "Ah here we are" He took out a file and headed back to the table to go through it. "According to this, we charge for consultation, measurement, installation(variable to difficulty), materials, madications, and checkups..."   He scowled at all the numbers Rozali had come up with. Normally he let her go wild keeping the amounts high so that he would have to do less of them, but he was actually some what interested this time, so he'd bypass her. Koar could deal with her ire later if she didn't like it. It was his work after all.   "None ov dhad inderezdz me, zo, inzdead, a vlad vee ov a dhouzand zhould do id vor dhiz inzdilladion and one zed ov hornz do zdard oud widh. Will you be needinj any zbecial monedary conzideradion or baymend blanz?"   "um..... uh.." does she even have a 1000 dollars? she.. could put it on credit, she supposed. and like, what are the chances she doesn't? i mean, it was just a fur suit, how much.. oh. HM... looks like she has dug herself into a corner, a very big and spacious corner, mind you, its not like she has no way to fix this! just use credit and worry about it later, maybe start going double time on fan fictions? eh, that's something to think about later! "you do except credit, right? do you think i could pay off the horns by like, paying a 100 dollars of it every month? if not that's fine.. mostly!"   "Yez yez, credid iz vine, bud only becauze dhe idea ov inderchanjeable hornz iz inderezdinj do me ad dhe momend. Bleaze don'd jo zbreadinj around dhe idea dhad I am willinj do drob everydhinj do work on hornz vor anyone all day."
His face soured at the thought of such a boring and mundane existence. Working on the same thing over and over... dreadful.
"Dhoujh, I may be berzuaded do lower dhe endry vee iv one mijhd ajree do bardakinj in zome rezearch."   Oh, so like, different types and techniques! or maybe, one of those like, trial runs for new vaccines. "I.. suppose I would mind partaking in research, though the type of research I would be doing can change that. and, you have my word that I wont tell a soul about this! not like I was going to, though." she looks across the room, lightly bouncing her knee. she does this quite frequently. normally when she hasn't moved in a bit.   "All I would need vrom you, ad dhiz dime, would be a blood zamble. Dhoujh iv you inzizd I will jladly azk you vor your bermizzion vor each dezd I blan do run widh dhe zamble and each brojecd I uuze id in."   "Zhall we move on do dhe meazurinj dhen?"   "oh.. a blood test, huh?" thats.. dissapointing. i mean, you don't know what you where expecting but you did think it would be something a bit more exiting then that! like something super hero origin worthy! glub glub, not like it matters. perhaps they where rihgt when they said tv affects one mentaly! " yeah! sure, you can start thaat, the measuring that is! funkolisus!"   Claroy pulled his arms in, as if her strange way of talking was somehow going to hurt him. He scowled at himself and took a moment to calm down before asking. "Wahd, ezacdly, iz vunkolizuz? Iz dhad, berhabz, a nickname? Or an ailmend?"   "oh! uh, um.. no?" what is funkolicous? i mean, you do know what it means to you, but how do you describe it? "it means like, something is really cool or.. rad? is itsn't used much.. or ever.. its just something i began doing because it's fun to say!" she rubs the back of her head, that was quite embarising! you forget not every one is as in on hype gamer lingo as you are sometimes.   Claroy thought for a moment, he didn't know the words 'cool' or 'rad' either, at least, not outside basic scientific meanings, so having them for comparison wasn't much help. He tried to think of the context it was used in but it really didn't seem worth the effort if it wasn't going to be harmful to him in any way.
"AH, well id id'z nod zomedhinj do be worried aboud, dhen id doezn'd madder, I zubboze. I don'd dake kindly do nicknamez dhoujh, az a vorewarninj."
He relaxed a bit and stood up.   "led'z jed zdarded dhen." He walked over to his shelf and came back with some measurement tools. "This won't take long if you hold still." He informed her before walking around behind her chair to start messing about with her head.


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