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She gets it now

Laecoy played by Jiro
Laecoy sat in her room, playing with a music box.   You are my Sunshine.   She got up from her seat, walking over to her window. She kept spinning the handle on the music box, staring out at the storm.   My only Sunshine, You make me happy when skies are grey.   She decided to go out, despite the thunderstorm, keeping her music box with her. Its a good luck charm to her.   You'll never know, dear.   She wasn't even halfway down the stairs when they caved in.   How much I love you.   She hit her head. She felt.. different after it.   Please don't take my Sunshine away.   A few hours later she woke up.   You told me once, dear. You really loved me.   She was surrounded by the rubble of her house. It seems as if the storm had destroyed her home.   And no one else, dear, could come between.   She looked down at herself. She looked... like nothing had happened. But.. she had just fell through her stairs? Her house had caved in on her??   But now you've left me, and love another. You have shattered all my dreams.   She tried to touch her clothes. Her hand went right through. Something wasn't right here. She got up from where she was sitting, looking around.   You are my Sunshine. My only Sunshine.   She walked over to where her bathroom would've been.   You make me happy when skies are grey.   She looked into the shattered remains of her mirror, her eyes were white. Where are her irises?   You'll never know, dear. How much i love you.   Oh. She gets it now.   Please don't take my sunshine away.   She was dead.


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