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How dare you call yourself a Calpob

Pixzie and Fairyl played by Kiwi
Warning: This memory involves violence and blood
Pixzie was at the market, thieving. She was at the ripe age of 7 sweeps, without a care in her world. (That was a lie; she was poor, sad, and alone.) That's okay, she pretended she wasn't as facing the truth was not her cup of tea. She snatched a couple of fruits with ease. It was like her hand moved faster than others’ eyes did. She knew what she was doing, she did this her whole life after all.   She had collected a good amount of food when she saw a fancy looking purse. She knew she could do this, but purses were harder. She couldn’t just take it, she had to get something out of it because the whole thing was too obvious. She was Pixzie Calpob, and she still hadn't learned her lesson from the last time she tried this. I mean she'd had plenty of attempts at this after the first time that went in her favor, why wouldn't this be the same?   She silently walked behind the slightly taller woman and quickly reached her hand out. Before she could even touch the purse the woman grabbed her and pulled her into an alleyway. She couldn’t ever let out a yelp before the woman had her pinned against the wall.   As Pixzie struggled the woman growled at her "What do you think you're doing" She hissed out angrily. Pixzie looked at her as a realization dawned on her, the two of them looked really similar. The woman looked almost just like Pixzie, same horns, same eyes, and same everything. The woman noticed this as well but she was more concerned with Pixzie’s silence, and she wanted an answer. "I said what do you think you are doing!" the woman twisted Pixzie's arm, making her let out a yelp of pain.   "ack I was just ow ow-" Her nose twitched in pain "I was just looking at your Purse" The other Oliveblood saw right through her lies making her smirk and shake her head. She dragged Pixzie father into the alleyway and into a cranny where they wouldn't be seen. The Oliveblood gave Pixzie an evil look and pulled her arm to make her feel more pain.
Pixzie yelped again, as tears pricked in her eyes. God this woman was fucking strong. "Oh hun you can't lie to me~" She giggled evilly "So you look familiar do I know you, ooh ooh tell me your last name!"   Pixzie didn't answer until the other troll kneed her in the stomach, hard. Pixzie yelped and hissed under her breath, "Calpob" She groaned out, obviously in a lot of pain. God, that really fucking hurt. A laugh erupted from the other Oliveblood as her face twisted into an even more evil grin.   "Oh, you are one of those alternian counterparts, like my ancestor, but tiny. I hope you aren't as weak as her though. Hi I'm Fairyl, I'm like you from beforus!" She laughed. Pixzie's eyes grew wide. That was her ancestor, like the fucking woman known for killing anything that moved. Her pupils dilated in fear, this was it, she was going to die.   Fairyl saw the fear and her eyes and lived for it. She grabbed Pixzie's bangs smirking, "aw don't worry I won't kkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllll you, maybe!" she laughed, as Pixzie started squirming again, She shook her head before slamming Pixzie's head back into the wall. Pixzie let out a noise of pain, as she hit the brick behind her. She whined as her head started to pound, and her heart followed in suit. Fairyl tisked before dropping her and crouching in front of her.
Pixzie tried to get up but was swiftly punched in the face. A crunch was heard as her nose broke, and Fairyl started laughing again. Grabbing her face digging her nails in, she smirked at the poor girl in front of her. Pixzie grabbed her wrists as tears started to roll down her cheeks, as well as olive blood dribbled from her nose. Her cheeks started to bleed as well from the sharpness of Fairyl's nails. Pixzie tried to squirm, and she did whatever she could to get Fairyl off, but Fairyl was too strong for her. Boy did this woman know what she was doing. She punched Pixzie in the gut, making her let out another pained yelp. She stopped squirming, and Fairyl threw her down by her face.   Pixzie's skull hit the ground again, making her dizzy and disoriented. She couldn't do anything because her vision was spinning. When she stayed still for a couple of minutes Fairyl glared and kicked her in the gut. "That all you got in you, pathetic" She shook her head.   Fairyl spit on Pixzie as she cried and curled in on herself. "how dare you call yourself a Calpob. and don't try to steal from a ttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffff brat!" She turned on her heel and quickly left.   Pixzie laid there, crying and disoriented, as she tried to catch her breath and calm down. She wiped her nose and sniffled, hissing because it hurt. She stumbled to her feet before making her way to her hive. Once she got home, she collapsed on the bed before having nightmares about her young ancestor.   These nightmares continued for many months before they finally died down. She never stole from a purse again. Sure took her long enough to learn her lesson.


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