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Fairyl Calpob

Played by Kiwi

Fairyl Calpob (a.k.a. amplePlaything)

Fairyl is a flirtatious asshole who picks on people for her own amusement. She enjoys hurting others because it makes her laugh. She also likes playing with emotions and thinks others are just toys for her to play with. She would make you fall in love with you and then drop you because she felt like it. An evil bastard she is indeed. Between manipulation and just straight up maiming you because she wanted to today her life is not a good one.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Fairyl grew up dirt poor. She had nothing and so she stole and she lied and she cheated. Everything she did was for herself in her Lusus because she had to be that way to survive. When she was stealing at a younger age she was caught and the crime for her life was mutilation and her Lusus’ life. She scampered away after being beat within an inch of her life and she hid. This moment broke her she was all alone and she now had no one. Her physical wounds healed but the scars on her mind were there forever. She used the same wretchedness on others that she had been treated with. She began committing horrible acts of violence leading up to her evenitable actions. Tw murder canibilism brains, manipulation and abuse just tread with fucking caution in a fit of rage while beating someone to a pulp she smashed them over the head with a rock. Seeing their head split open engulfed her into a fit of laughter as she hit the troll over and over again. The troll was far gone as she laughed dropping the rock on the ground. That's when she got a heinous Idea to reach her hand in the open head cavity and eat some of the brain matter. It filled her with a feeling she’d never felt before and she began to crave meat that wasn’t from animals. She started her murder spree of killing and eating but that even eventualy got board with that and began hurt others mentally as well as physicaly. She would break hearts and fuck with emotions. Others were her playthings and she used them how she pleased. She soon became in cahoots with a Fuschia blood only making her ability to do bad things easier. When she came over to Amalgama she loved the chaos and was sad when everything actually started to stabilize. She still does her dirty work under the coating of the highbloods influence.


none she mooches off um someone

Accomplishments & Achievements

She is pretty strong and also good at manipulation. She’s also very good at hiding in plain sight.

Personality Characteristics


to not get caught

Likes & Dislikes

The color Pink, blood, meat, uwu times, being a disgrace, pain of others, fucking around with people
Silence, losing, falling in love, feeling actual feelings, possums Pixzie


Fairyl Calpob

Beforian Dancestor

Towards Pixzie Calpob


Pixzie Calpob

Alternian Dancestor

Towards Fairyl Calpob


Kameln Frenar


Towards Fairyl Calpob


Fairyl Calpob


Towards Kameln Frenar


12.92 (28 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Like Pixzie fairy language but her’s are a lot more disturbing. She likes to stretch out any words that pertain to things she really likes. IE mmmmmeeeeeeeaaaaatttttt, bbbbbblllllooooooododddddddd, ppppppaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnn. This doesn’t happen all that frequently but ya know.
"The quick brown fffffffffoooooooxxxxxxxx jumped over the lazy dog"
An annoying possum who was killed
➠Original Planet
Sylph of Doom


In Person




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