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Kameln Frenar

Played by Kiwi

Kameln Frenar (a.k.a. genuflectMotherfuckers)

Fuck off.
Kameln is a cold and seemingly uncaring person. He hates the company of others and does what he pleases not caring who he hurts. He has a horrible hatred for lowbloods, particularly rusts, but he doesn’t like killing. He has others take care of any dirty work he may want done. Though these things about him are true to an extent he’s mostly just in hate of himself and of his weakness’. He’s fueled by a rage to wipe out his insecurities and problems, and in turn, just ends up creating more problems for himself. As he grows he never seems to learn all that he gains is more bitterness and less humanity. He knows that he cares too much and getting rid of that care is the only way to rid himself of weakness.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up Kameln was a bundle of curiosity, and he longed to know things that seemed outside his range of life. After finally managing to sneak out he was met with the first-ever troll to stand up to him that wasn’t of his caste. I mean no one stood up to fuchsias, it just didn't happen, but under his cloaked disguise, this troll had no idea who he was. But this girl had intrigued him so he kept seeing her hidden by his cloak.
Eventually, the two formed a friendship that soon developed into a romance. Kameln was deeply in love with her, but she was a rust, and rusts only lived for so long. Once she died he was thrown into an unbearable depression. He hated himself throughout this all, not even he could save her. What a useless troll he was.
In all this self loathing he started to get angry and he took his anger out on others. He no longer cared about the things he used to and he started becoming a really awful leader.   About ten years ago he met a girl that would become his kismisis, she also was conveniently a hitman for him. Since she was already killing it wasn’t hard to get her to do what he wanted…with the right price of course. Soon she became a little glued to his hip however and she spent a lot of time on his ship doing routine runs around the planet.
Fairyl was one to sneak around places that she shouldn’t and ended up finding something interesting, a game. She introduced it to him one day on the ship and they decided to play. And after that poof the merge. The two were hurled into war and wreckage, but the two didn’t have much problem staying alive. After things settled Kameln assumed his status and began continuing his dirty work.   Though the discovery of his dancestor caused some more ticks to be added to the list. He has a lot of work to do before his plans can be completed.


I mean he’s kind of a prince what other job do you need when you rule the world.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He hasn’t really figured out much of his abilities as a fuschia but he can do very minor telekinesis and he’s very strong. The strength was more that he trained himself.   He’s very good at using his trident like the strength he trained a lot to figure out the way of using it.   He’s never been a good manipulator so instead he uses intimidation, he’s very good at making people do what he says because as a fushia he already has respect from his subjects. He learned how to make people fear him. He wears a military esk uniform as one of the ways to achive that. His voice is also loud and demanding, and even his walk commands attention and respect.

Personality Characteristics


He’s secretive and doesn’t share his plans with anyone but those closest to him.

Likes & Dislikes

capes, jewels, paintings, attention, respect, gold, and power
himself, death, lowbloods, empty spaces, and loudness


Kameln Frenar


Towards Fairyl Calpob


Fairyl Calpob


Towards Kameln Frenar


32.77 (71 years)
➠Sexual orientation
Pilo, Sign of the Spirited
➠Typing Quirk
Capitilizes everything but the letters V W X Y Z
An angry angler fish that is now dead
➠Original Planet
Prince of Heart


In Person




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