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She couldn't feel her arm

Ezrane played by Orange
She was laying on the ground. And she couldn't feel her arm. (in which ezrane happens.)   Blinking back to half-consciousness, Ezrane realized she was in a small ditch, a pockmark on the earth from the battle. There was a very powerful psionic. Her head hurt. She couldn't hear anything. Her ears were ringing. And she couldn't feel her arm.   No one seemed to be around. She couldn't move. None of her friends were... no, they must be fine. Maybe they thought she was dead-- well, she'd show them. She had to get on her feet. She reached to support herself with her arms... And fell back down. She couldn't feel her arm.   The reason became extremely obvious, immediately. The amount of teal blood on the ground should have tipped her off, at least. And the fact that she hadn't been able to feel the arm at all. Pain crashed over her right in that moment, but she couldn't move to try and staunch the flow of blood or react in any way beyond shutting her eyes tight and trying not to scream. No one was coming over yet, too. That was strange. Where were her friends?   Minutes seemed to pass, before she tried moving again. This time, she managed to struggle to her feet. Viewing her surroundings through a film of pained tears, she was hit with a second realization. That was a body. And... another. And... That was Alfern.   She stumbled over, dizzy, nauseous, bloody, and in an almost all-consuming amount of pain, to fall to her knees at his body. There was no doubt that he was dead, olive blood seeping into the ground through multiple, gaping wounds on his body. Her crying went from involuntary to completely voluntary, clutching his rapidly-cooling hand with her own. She couldn't make a sound. Even through her tears, she couldn't say a word.   The rest of her friends she either couldn't see, or their bodies were also littering the ground around her. But she was overwhelmed with grief over one thing, right then; the death of her matesprit.


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