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Opal says No

Halo played by Roj
Halo heard the sound of utensils tumbling out, shooting up and feeling their metallic limbs creak. There was a small whirring sound whenever they blinked their soft, yellow eyes, startling them a bit.   They were aghast, worried that someone had broken in. What could they possibly want from a drunkard’s home? If anything, the most valuable item in the whole place was Halo themself. That thought kind of scared them.   Leaving their room through the aperture leading towards the main hall, the navy carpet barely visible in the dark. There were a few windows spaced out, flooding spots of the house with light.   They flinched as they passed by, groaning in irritation as they reflected it all like a mirror. Ow. Much too bright. Much, much to bright.   Continuing their little trek, they then made their way down the few stairs cascading to the first floor. Halo chirped whenever the wood creaked, bringing their shoulder up to their ear rather quickly and in a repeated manner.   “Hello?” Halo spoke out, their robotic voice echoing throughout the remaining rooms they had yet to explore this fine..night. That’s when they heard whimpering, and even more clattering. What’s that? The robot wondered, ticking again and again. How this irritated them.   Halo decided to pick up the pace, their legs aching a bit as they walked. That’s when they came upon the empty, now messy kitchen. I swear I cleaned this earlier, Halo commented with obvious and blatant annoyance in their voice. They froze and kept quiet once they heard whining again, tilting their head and looking about in confusion.   Halo then spotted something weird. And I mean weird. They leaned down, getting onto their knees and studying this. “Hm..Gee, I wonder who this is?” Halo said with an amused tone, watching as that something whined and messed with the strainer on their head.   They tilted the dish, wishing they had a mouth so they could smile when Opal’s face showed underneath. “Well, look at you.”
”What’re you doing up? I thought I put you to bed,” Halo hummed, wiping the toddler’s tear-soaked cheeks and gently tapping her nose. “And how did you get all this out, woo, hm?” They laughed as the small child raised her arms, requesting to be picked up. “Alright, woo, alright. C’mere,” Halo mused, grabbing Opal under the arms and lifting them, tucking an arm underneath so she could be comfortable. “Let’s head back to bed. Okay?”   “No..” was the reply the little girl gave, making the older being chuckle.   “No? What do you mean no?” Halo questioned, beginning to walk out and make their way towards their sibling’s room that was back up the stairs. “I think, woo, that you’re tired.”   “No,” Opal stated once again, shaking her head.   “Is that your favourite, woo, word now?” Halo asked, clicking their tongue a few times and chirping.   “No.”   “Yeah..right,” they mumbled, sighing quietly as the stairs groaned and the light hit their face harshly. Hey, who doesn’t like being blinded? They shook their head, slinking through the tiny slit that was left when Opal must’ve snuck out of her room. They brought their sister over to her crib, which of course was going to be too small soon.   “A-o!” Opal snapped, standing up almost immediately in protest and jumping up and down. “Nooo.” ”Yeeee-woo-s,” Halo replied, once again wishing they could smile as Opal attempted to say their name. “A-o has to go and clean up now. You made a mess,” they giggled, ruffling the small girl’s hair. They felt guilt seep in as the other sniffled and sat down in defeat, pausing on their way to the door.   Fuck. “..Fine. A-o can stay for a bit,” the robot scoffed, going over and plucking the tot out of the small crib and bringing her over to the rocking chair that was oh so conveniently placed in a nice secluded corner of the room.   Sitting down, they began to rock back and forth, holding Opal to their chest and humming deeply. They snickered when the kid snuggled up to them, pulling down the blanket that was resting on the back of the seat. “You, woo, want me to sing?”   When Opal didn’t reply but only yawned, Halo shrugged and started to run fingers through her hair.   "You are my sunshine. My only Sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. "   Opal clung onto Halo, wrapping a hand around one of their fingers tightly.   "You’ll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away."


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