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Hide and Seak

Elodie played by Link, Densra played by Kiwi
Elodie Rendax walked alongside her fellow young fuchsiablood, Densra Frenar, as the two approached the lavish entrance to the above-water gardens. She looked up at the almost imposing entryway and took a step closer to Densra as she strode next to him.
"so~ do you w4nt to hide first or sh4ll i~?"   "you should hide first" he said walking through the entrance with her. He looked at all the flowers for a second before returning his gaze back to her and smiling.
Elodie gave a small smile and a nod to Densra, putting her bag on a bench and joining her hands together.
"well~ st4rt counting-!"
Once he looked away, she scurried off and climbed up into a purple-leafed tree. She hadn't hit up there before and had a good feeling that Densra would have a hard time finding her. She perched herself precariously on one of the branches and quietly sat in wait for Densra to finish counting.   He counted down from 20 to give her some time then called out "ready or not here I come" and uncovered his eyes. Densra walked into the gardens and he looked behind larger plants and near flowers. It had been a couple minutes and he hadn't been able to find her but he didn't give up yet. He walked around under some of the trees but didn't think to look up. "WoW she is really good at this"   As Densra was by a nearby tree, Elodie sneakily picked a nut from one of the branches, and tossed it onto the ground text to him. She let out a barely audible snicker and picked a few more nuts, preparing to mess with him more. Delightfully devilish, Elodie.   He looked at the nut that had fallen next to him and he crouched down to pick it up. He stood up and looked at it for a second before looking up and spotting Elodie he gasped and snorted "Found you!!" As Densra looked up at her, Elodie gently tossed a nut at him, having it gently plink off of his forehead. She gave a small giggle, steadying herself on the branch.   "well done densr4~ th4t w4s so quick-!"   Densra tossed the nut in his hand back up at her and he chuckled. "How'd you get up there so fast?" He said still standing under the tree and watching her.   The nut bounced off of Elodie's arm and she wobbled slightly, her balance momentarily wavering. "i've been pr4cticing my climbing~ it's fun-! m4kes me eel so free~ h4h4-"   "uh maybe you should get doWn from there?" Densra watched her wobble and got a little nervous "you look like you're gonna fall"   "th4t's prob4bly a good ide4~ umm-"
Elodie fumbled on the branch for a bit, before losing her balance and slipping off one side, grabbing the branch and hanging from the bottom of it. A handful of nuts fell to the ground. The tree wasn't that tall, but a fall from that height could still hurt.
"4h-! glub-!"   Densra stood under her and tried to reach up and grab her legs so she didn't fall but he was a little to short. "It's okay, try to get near the trunk"   Elodie shimmied slightly towards the trunk of the tree, but lost her grip and fell with a surprised squeak.
"oop-!"   Densra tried to catch her but her weight took him down and he fell over. He wheezed and let out a wine because it hurt."oW"   Elodie FLOOMPHED into Densra's arms as they both flopped on the ground, a spray of purple leaves being kicked up around them. She let out a small groan that quickly transitioned into a giggle.
"nice c4tch~ h4h4-! sorry densr4~ i'm not 4s good a climber 4s i thought-"   Densra sat up and he cracked some of his joints. He looked at her and rubbed his head "it's okay" he smiled at her "maybe shorter trees neXt time" he shakily rose to his feet.   Her giggling died down as she watched Densra stand up, and she got to her own feet.
"yes~ sorry-"
She meekly looked down at the ground, joining her hands together. bleh.   Densra dusted himself off. "I guess this means it's my turn to hide" he stuck his toange out at her and made a farting noise.   She looked up at him and smiled softly.
"it is-! i'll st4rt counting-"
She stepped over to the same tree she had just fallen out of and started counting.   Densra was terrible at hiding and they both knew it. He looked around and hopped over to the flowers hiding in them like he normally did. He scrunched up amongst them and waited for her to finish counting.   When Elodie was done counting, she span on her heel and opened her eyes. Figuring that Densra surely wouldn't hide by the flowers AGAIN, she did a quick sweep of the gardens, before nodding to herself in acquiescence that he most certainly had hidden by the flowers. She climbed up onto a bench and looked over the flower bed, noticing a small spot where the flowers were displaced. Hopping down, the walked over to the flower bed, and made her way through it carefully - walking close to, but past, Densra. Once she felt that Densra might think she had lost scent of him, she leapt over some flowers and wrapped her arms around him.
"found you-!"
She tickled him and softly laughed.   Densra smiled when he thought she hadn't seen him. Then he felt her grab him and let out a high pitched screech. He flailed and laughed when she started to tickle him. "Eloide no!!"   "h4h4h4-!"
Elodie giggled as she tickled him, before giving him a squeeze and sitting up.
"you 4lw4ys hide by the flowers~ densr4-! it m4kes it so easy to find you~ silly-"   "I never know where else to hide" He said giggling a bit still after she stopped tickling him. He stuck his tongue out as well gently pushing on her face.   Elodie licked Densra's hand before pushing it away with a smile.
"4nywhere else~ densr4-"
Elodie looked up at the tall flowers around them, a certain tranquillity coming from being there with her cousin under the canopy of colourful flowers. She sighed, her happy expression waning slightly.   "Ewwwwww!" He wiped his hand on his skirt. "And I like it here," he said following her gaze and touching one of the flowers.   "i like it here too-"
She looked down at the ground, joining her hands together in front of her.
"hey~ densr4~?"   He picked one of the flowers it was a carnation. He put it on her dress. "Yeah Elodie?"   She looked down at the flower, and then up at Densra.
"do you ever get sc4red th4t this will 4ll go 4w4y when were older~?"   Densra frowned and looked back at her. "I hope it doesn't, you're my best friend Elodie I'll always want to hang out with you." he set his hands on his own lap too.   Elodie smiled at him.
"youre my best friend too~ densr4-!", she pulled Densra into a hug, "i hope we c4n be friends forever-"   Densra smiled and hugged back "Of course!!" He squeezed her and giggled   She happily embraced him with a grin.
"ill 4lw4ys be there for you~ densr4- i promise-"   "I promise I'll always be there for you too Elodie!" He let her go and smiled happily at her Elodie playfully licked Densra's cheek as she pulled away from the hug and giggled, putting her hands together. She yawned.   "lets go home~ densr4- i eel like i need a n4p-"
Densra wiped his face off and ewwwed again "Yeah we should go before you fall asleep in the flowers," He got up and pulled her to her feet   Elodie took his hand and carefully lead him out of the flower bed and towards the exit, getting her bag on the way out. She admired the flower Densra gave her with a smile as the two happily headed back to their respective hives.


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