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Elodie Rendax

Played by Link

Elodie Rendax (a.k.a. eminenceReanimated)

"I bec4me de4th~-?! H44H4H4H4444-! Don't be 4BSURD~ K4rzlo-! DE4TH BEC4ME ME!"
Elodie is a cadaverous visitant who has aspirations of ruling the planet with a ghastly fist. She is convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she is a zombie; having allegedly died and been raised from her watery grave, she behaves in a very macabre manner, prospects of consuming the flesh of those below her driving her psyche to do abhorrent things. Despite this, though, she still understands the importance of life - while she can't help but see those of lower blood castes as lesser beings, she also recognises that they need to exist for society to function, and, while she wishes she could have a planet-wide buffet, she keeps herself in check and attempts to be civil... Until the hunger comes. In general, she is formal and excitable, often slipping into grim tangents about ghastly topics. She enjoys jokes and witty banter, but whenever her self-perceived dominance or so-called undead nature is brought into question, she can get angry - and violent. Elodie seems very conflicted within herself, often swinging from bouts of merciless slaughter to periods of self-restraint and isolation.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Elodie's claims of being a reanimated corpse reinforce themselves in how she presents herself. Her flesh appears to have been grafted into one piece, with patches of varying shades and sizes stitched together to form the grey-and-fuchsia mosaic that is her skin. She wears tattered fine clothing, with all manner of damaged jewellery on her fingers and horns. Her horns are sleek and sharp, with one pointing up and the other sharply bending partway up before crossing the other, making an upside down 4 shape. She often wears a rectangular paper talisman on her forehead that hangs down over her face. She always smells of perfumed embalming fluid, with a slight sickly-sweet scent of decay.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child, Elodie was quiet and reserved, learning what she could about her role as a fuchsiablood. She showed great promise of being a competent and noble leader, and this growth progressed into her teenage years, until the incident. What actually happened on that day is kept hidden from the public eye, (though conspiracy theories run rampant,) but what the general populace do know is that Elodie's allegedly lacerated and decaying corpse was discovered after she had been missing for number of days. Following this horrific discovery, the young fuchsia blood's body was sewn together, and she was prepared for a proper funeral. That was, of course, until she woke up. Ever since her apparent resurrection, she has been a vastly different person, her reserved nature having seemingly decayed, as a more energetic - and volatile - nature had taken her. She now steadily campaigns for dominance over Amalgama, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with for the day Their 4nnexed Erudition's rule comes into question.


Elodie is gathering followers under a growing splinter-government, preparing herself to one day usurp T4E and rule Amalgama.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Elodie is cunning, knowledgeable, and ruthless. She is very skilled with a trident, and knows exactly where to puncture to cause the most pain. She has a lot of hands-on experience with anatomy, and is well aware of which organs go where, and which ones taste the best. She is charismatic and driven, which makes her a competent leader, but is also naturally intimidating. Elodie is allegedly immortal, with the ability to rise from the dead, even when her body has received lethal injuries.

Personality Characteristics


Elodie wants to be the uncontested ruler of the planet. She would like to someday kill and consume T4E.

Likes & Dislikes

Puns, the ocean, dead things, FLESH, games, being the best, learning new things.
Being hungry, rebellious lowbloods, losing control, being warm, normal food.


Densra Frenar


Towards Elodie Rendax


Elodie Rendax


Towards Densra Frenar


Elodie Rendax


Towards Helkei Ustefe


Helkei Ustefe

Loyal Servant?

Towards Elodie Rendax


Razzor Claroy


Towards Elodie Rendax


Elodie Rendax

Main Obsession

Towards Razzor Claroy


11.5 sweeps (25 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Replaces A with 4, turns commas into worms (~), and full stops into dashes. When she gets hungry, she tends to draw out words, and trails off in the middle of sentences. When she gets excited, she types in all capitals, and tends to leave out unimportant letters. Loves making puns relating to death and the ocean.
"the quick brown fox jumps over the l4zy dog-"
A gargantuan mass of decomposing flesh and bone. Elodie's lusus floats idly in the ocean, severely polluting the waters around it. There is much debate over whether or not it is actually dead; Elodie swears on her unlife that it is not.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Heart


In Person




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