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Its perfectly servicable

Planae played by Orange, Sestle played by Kiwi
He was going to have a visitor today.   A welcome one, fortunately, a young goldblood. One who managed to find Platae all the way out in the middle of nowhere, in a small bump of a hive obscured by tall grasses and taller trees. He'd made a life for himself on this hostile planet, with his lusus by his side. Had it mistaken him for a regular bronzeblood? That seemed like the only possible answer, it wasn't uncommon to hear of wrigglers abandoned by whichever guardian chose them. But none of that mattered right then. He needed to have his tools out.   His main pursuit in life was robotics, made of pieces scrounged from downed drones and wrecks found nearer to the cities. You might think it very difficult to learn how to make a semi-functional robotic eye while being completely blind, and it was, but once you have that semi-functional eye it gets a lot easier to make more. He had a small box full of them, and the latest models practically worked as well as the real deal. It wasn't a very pretty sight, he frequently wore a hat if he knew someone was coming over-- broken horns, strange wires, and patchy hair tended to deter people. But the goldblood was trustworthy enough, and didn't seem to mind too much.   Speaking of, he should be ready by now. Tools laid out, pieces laid out near them, all nice and organized. Day was breaking.   Sestle was rushing to beat the light "damnyt" he hissed falling over and hitting the dirt. Today was not his day. Quickly he pushed himself onto his feet and rushed into the hive. He panted holding the strap to his bag tightly.   Sestle was a small scrawny troll, he spent all his time with a book or an equation. He didn't have time to play around with all of his peers. In fact he thought that was stupid. He huffed and looked up at the mutant, he was unphazed by the appearance as he really didn't notice.
"Ssorry y'm lateeee"
  Platae turned from his large worktable-- one of the only pieces of furniture in his mostly-underground hive-- to greet the younger, and definitely shorter, troll. "ɧɛƖƖơ, ɬɧɛཞɛ! ı ɬཞųʂɬ ŋơ ơŋɛ ʂąῳ ყơų ơŋ ɬɧɛ ῳąყ ɧɛཞɛ?" He smiled, knowing the question was a formality at most. He fully trusted Sestle to get to and from his hive safely, though in their earlier days he certainly worried about it.   He pulled a book off his small shelf-- it only housed books, thick tomes with yellowed pages and dusty covers-- and set it down on the table with a loud thump. He had its contents near-memorized, but the graphs and diagrams would always be easier to understand than someone verbally explaining.   "No no of courseeee not!" Sestle assured him as he rushed over to the older trolls side. "Y brought thosseeee toolss you assked meeee about," he took the heavy bag off of his shoulders trying not to wobble around, he stumbled almost falling but he caught himself. Sestle still didn't understand that this was a formality, and he really didnt want to stop coming, so as usual made sure to fuss about not being followed.   He managed to heave the bag onto the table, as he let out an oof. Sestle then looked up at his mentor, his face plagued with curiosity.   Platae eagerly opened the bag, his robotic eyes almost gleaming brighter as he rifled through its contents. "ɛҳƈɛƖƖɛŋɬ, ɛҳƈɛƖƖɛŋɬ..." he muttered, pulling out and laying in order various small, ambiguously-useful parts. He could always count on his pupil to deliver precisely what he needed, which was more than he could say for most creatures. Even Wormy, the silly thing, couldn't tell the difference between a nut and a bolt!   "ƈƖɛąཞƖყ ყơų'۷ɛ ŋơɬıƈɛɖ ცყ ŋơῳ, ɬɧąɬ ı'ɱ ŋąɬųཞąƖƖყ ცƖıŋɖ. ąŋɖ ıɬ ıʂ ąცơųɬ ɬıɱɛ ʄơཞ ɱɛ ɬơ ƈཞɛąɬɛ ą ŋɛῳɛཞ ℘ąıཞ ơʄ ɛყɛʂ, ɠı۷ɛŋ ƈɛཞɬąıŋ ąɖ۷ąŋƈɛɱɛŋɬʂ ıŋ ɬɧɛ ɬɛƈɧŋơƖơɠყ. ıŋ ཞɛąƖıɬყ, ɬɧɛ ʄąƈɬ ɬɧąɬ ı ɱųʂɬ ɱąƙɛ 2 ơʄ ɬɧɛɱ ıʂ ɛҳɬཞɛɱɛƖყ ცɛŋɛʄıƈıąƖ-- ῳɛ ƈąŋ ɱąƙɛ ɬɧɛɱ ɬơɠɛɬɧɛཞ." He pointed to his own eyes, smiling at Sestle. It was certainly a personal project, but his current model of eye had been acting up lately anyway.   An excited face instantly overcame Sestles, as he eagerly grabbed a screwdriver. The kid loved this so so much, he was about to rush to do a task before realizing he had no idea what he was doing. "Y um yess!" He nodded harshly.   "What do Y do how can Y heeeelp?" He blurted out impatiently awaiting instruction.   Platae opened the book-- it had been dogeared to a page regarding blood-pumping robots, a 'theoretical' way to create an entire troll. Of course, at that point, such a thing had been proven, but the book was particularly old and the information was exactly that reliable. Then he gently popped his own right eye out of its socket. "ʂɧơųƖɖ ყơų ῳąŋɬ ɬơ ɬąƙɛ ıɬ ą℘ąཞɬ ąŋɖ Ɩɛąཞŋ ơʄ ıɬʂ ɱɛƈɧąŋıƈʂ, ŋơῳ ıʂ ɬɧɛ ƈɧąŋƈɛ," he said flippantly, leaving his other eye in-- he'd have to see to make the new eye, of course! Trying to make robotic eyes while completely blind is really hard, man.   He dropped the tool back on the table and gently grabbed the eye. He set it down and grabbed a magnifying glass, beginning to examine it. He was enamored with the way the mechanical device presented itself. It was amazing craftsmanship and even more amazing did it look in general. "Wow" was all he could say as he stared at the mechanical eye.   "ıɬ ıʂ ℘ɛཞʄɛƈɬƖყ ʂɛཞ۷ıƈɛąცƖɛ, ʂɧơųƖɖ ყơų ɛ۷ɛཞ ცɛ ıŋ ŋɛɛɖ ơʄ ąŋ ɛყɛ!" Platae laughed, peering over at the book before digging through the bag again and sitting on down. He used to only have one chair, to work at his table, though he soon ended up making another during Sestle's first visits. It wouldn't do to keep the younger troll standing, after all.   It had been a while, living alone, without seeing any other trolls. He'd almost convinced himself that he was fine with it, that he didn't need to meet with anyone else. Not after various 'accidents,' and especially not considering his standing among the caste system. Alternia was brutal, after all. This goldblood had proved him wrong, in many ways.   Sestle flopped down onto his seat, and he continued to look at the eye for a few more seconds before turning his attention back to the other troll. A small giggle came out of him "Y'll keeeeeeeep my eeeeyeeees safeeee, so you can keeeeeeep theeee robo oneeees for yoursself"   Sestle was still very young and while he understood math and science very well he didnt understand the society. Plante was very smart a genius in fact, so it made no sense for the empire to hate him, and yet. He looked back to the eyeball.   Platae nodded thoughtfully, tapping his chin. "ყɛʂ, ı ʂų℘℘ơʂɛ ɬɧɛ ცɛʂɬ ℘ơƖıƈყ ῳơųƖɖ ცɛ ɬơ ʝųʂɬ ƙɛɛ℘ ơŋɛ'ʂ ơῳŋ ɛყɛʂ." He'd wink, if he really had the ability to do so. Reaching for a tool off the table, he began rearranging the pieces he'd gathered into another sort of order. These new eyes wouldn't be tremendously complex, and he would really prefer to recycle parts from his current ones, but again, being blind isn't very conducive to fine robotic work.   "Oh heeeereeee" Sestle held the eye back out to Platae as he scooted his chair closer to the action. "Y am ssureeee workyng wyth only oneeee eeeeyeeee ys unfavorable." Of course he wanted to observe the robotic prosthetic more, but the idea of watching Platae work intrigued him more.   Taking the eye back, Platae slotted it right back into his eye socket. How did it really connect? Magnets, man. Or something like that. "ıʄ ı'ɱ ŋơɬ ῳཞơŋɠ, ყơų ʂɧơųƖɖ ცɛ ąცƖɛ ɬơ ʄơƖƖơῳ ɱყ Ɩɛąɖ զųıɬɛ ɛąʂıƖყ." He clicked a couple pieces together, before reaching across his work table for a small box of neat compartments-- each one full of a different sized screw. Most of them salvaged, some new. Altogether a peaceful scene, if not for the inherent danger Platae lived in. Wormy, since we were all wondering, was curled up in a nice damp corner, asleep.   Sestle nodded and grabbed some parts and peices, carefully he began to follow in the mutants footsteps. He silently worked doing his best with careful fingers to put another eye together. Even though he had practiced and knew he was competent in his work he was still very nervous.   Platae, in contrast, was entirely at ease. The sun was rising, he could see the light spilling in from under his door, and it's not like he had any neighbors. He hummed along, as the eyes were assembled, occasionally referring to the open book for advice. It was very nice having someone who would venture into the cities and outskirts for parts, going himself was always a journey and an ordeal. He didn't like hats all that much anyway. They would, in all likelihood, work late into the morning.   For the many hours that they were together, Sestle listened, and took in the information he was handed. He loved this more than anything else, learning was his passion, especially learning about things like these. Sestle was an attentive and talented student, he had no trouble keeping up with the more experienced worker. He was ready and willing to the task, just like he was happy to help his mentor in any way he could.


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