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Sestle Guslel

Played by Kiwi

Sestle Guslel (a.k.a. slitheringCreep)

Sestle is a very smart individual. He’s always been into academic things and his education was the most important thing to him. He loves to study and find out new things. While Sestle is incredibly intelligent on the academic front socially he doesn’t exactly know where to begin. He’s never been the kindest and will often tell people their flaws to their face, not in a cruel way intentionally but it often comes off that way. He often ignores people that talk to him in favor of his studies causing many people to just stop talking to him. He is sad about not being able to keep friends but he is too busy with his work to try and make more. Since he knows it just won’t end well he stopped trying. He can do extremely complex equations in his head from the amount of time he spends on his math. He loves it with every fiber of his being.  
Extra bits:
With extensive knowledge on academics Sestle acceled in school and got top marks. The only thing he couldnt learn was people. As much as he studied their patterns and behaviors he just didn't understand what made them tic. This is where his obsession with giving Yuntea her emotions back comes from. If he can figure out how to do that surely he can know more about them as a whole

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sestle growing up did everything he could to gain knowledge. His Lusus lived with him in a library so from the very beginning he had access to pleasantly of resources. As a small child, math was his favorite. He would clean out the math books in the library and try equations all day until he got tired. After studying a lot of math he began to move to the other subjects as well but he mostly did science and math. Math was his favorite he found the fact that there was always an equation to get to the solution comporting. Since math and science go hand in hand a lot of the time He also became pretty well versed in science as well and enjoys experiments and other things. However, he would much rather just do equations for a scientist than conduct experiments himself. Growing up and pushing everyone away caused him a lot of loneliness. Sestle would often wander around in the forest that surrounded his hive to get his mind off his sadness. One day while walking he found an old beat-up robot on left abandoned and he decided to put it back together. After almost a year of work, he finally got it up and running. The robot told him that she was a long-dead troll who’s creator gave up on trying to bring him back. This robot was named Yuntea and she retained all of her memories from her life but she couldn’t feel anything that a human could. Sestle decided to keep her around as sort of a helper while he tried to figure out a way to give her feeling back. He frequently has her do the mundane tasks like keeping the library clean or spending time with his Lusus while he shuts himself in his lap.


He is a mathematician

Accomplishments & Achievements

He is really good at math and science.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Math, snakes, reptiles, learning, reading, intelligence, robotics
social situations, going out in public, cooking, cleaning, getting distracted from work
9.69 sweeps (21 years)
➠Sexual orientation
Gemruis sign of the perspective
➠Typing Quirk
He uses y’s instead of I’s He doubles all of his s’s and quadruples his e’s
"Theeee quyck brown fox jumpss oveeeer theeee lazy dog"
A giant snake that is very terrifying to see but is actually really nice and enjoys company.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Hope


In Person



Character Portrait image: by Kiwi


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