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Tenbir Odhalt

Played by Mal

« ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Tenbir Odhalt ➠Trollhandle: sapientPallbearer [SP] ➠Age: 9 Sweeps (19.5 Years) ➠Gender: Male (he/him) ➠Sexual Orientation: Gynosexual (An attraction to femininity, regardless of gender/sex) ⠀ « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Bronze ➠Sign: Custom (Drawn on Reference) ➠Typing Quirk: He types with proper grammar and punctuation, adding == before and after his thoughts. Additionally, Tenbir replaces p, P, q and Q with 9. He tends to be rather short and to the point when he talks, omitting the subject at the beginning of some sentences. When communicating with the horrorterrors, he speaks in all caps. == The 9uick brown fox jum9s over the lazy dog. == == THE 9UICK BROWN FOX JUM9S OVER THE LAZY DOG. == ➠Lusus: Spiderdad is a giant, blind huntsman spider. He tends to be very quiet, but also extremely protective after the destruction of Tenbir’s hive several sweeps ago. People he knows often find his lusus creepy, but with the way he moves and the silence he stalks in, they aren’t necessarily unwarranted in that belief. ➠Original Planet: Alternia ➠Classpect: Seer of Void [5:52 PM] « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Tenbir is a blunt and unapologetic person, his disdainful demeanor shaped by the life he has lived thus far. He often turns his back on people who he doesn’t have any emotional connection to, making it extremely hard for him to make new friends past the ones he already has (and has lost). Whether intentionally or not, he often isolates himself from the people he wants to protect, as he feels he is a bigger danger to them than they could ever realize. He tends to be a bit intense, usually deadly serious about the things he pursues. Tenbir will obsessively seek out the truth and nothing but the truth from those around him, especially if he suspects someone is lying. Oftentimes, he turns to external methods to do so, such as research or reconnaissance. ➠History: Tenbir used to be a lot more optimistic, living in a cute lowblood settlement at the edge of a city and living out his days peacefully with his oliveblooded moirail, Rhadne. TW: Death Unfortunately, when they were 5.5 sweeps old, a random drone strike destroyed their neighborhood, ending with the total destruction of Tenbir’s home and his beloved Rhadne. In the aftermath, he managed to run away from the smoldering remains of his old neighborhood, finding a cavern in the wilderness to call hive. Now living in the cavern, Tenbir realized the tunnel went much deeper than he’d known when he moved in. He began dedicating his time to exploring it in total isolation. While in the depths, he began to dream of incomprehensible outer gods, all trying to command his vessel and pull him in every which way. When he finally ascended to the surface once more, he realized the voices were coming to him during his waking hours as well. Because they tended to be…less than benevolent, Tenbir began to actively repress their influence and to isolate himself even further from society. On the few times he did venture into the city or into the outskirts of the woods, however, he ended up meeting several trolls. Notably, though, he met a young troll named Kuzari, who he quickly became close with. Because she reminded him of Rhadne, a sort of person who deserved to be protected, but with her own strange charm. TW: Death Again, Tenbir wasn’t lucky enough to continue this potential pale romance, as the fifth time he was able to visit Kuzari’s hive, he found it empty and set to be condemned. The only evidence at all of a struggle was the mutant’s blood spread across the floor of her workshop, the superheated glass she’d once blown all broken on the floor. If the first loss hadn’t completely broken him, the second certainly did. Now, he actively pushes others away from him, trying not to make any close friends that he didn’t already have. Due to the whispers in his mind, he blames the deaths of both trolls on the horrorterrors, pursuing a cure for their influence on him. He swears he will never care for someone again, but knowing how much he yearns for companionship, it would be foolish for him to think it would never happen again. [5:52 PM] ➠Skills and Abilities: Tenbir is a seasoned spelunker, as he often has to descend into the throat of his cave-hive to ensure he is still safe from the mutant lusii that nest in the cavern’s depths. He is also well-versed in traditional research methods from his time attempting to uncover the secrets of society. Tenbir is able to read surface level emotions from lusii and was taught by his own lusus to sense his surroundings without relying on vision. ⠀ ➠Occupation: None ➠Aspirations: Tenbir, at the end of the day, just wants to keep the people near and dear to him safe. He would give anything if it meant he could do that for the ones who are still alive. Secondly, he hopes to someday sever the connection between himself and the horrorterrors, as it puts his friends in danger. ⠀ ➠Likes: Treasure Hunting, Spelunking, The Outdoors (Specifically Underground), Lusii, His Close Friends, and Crystals ➠Dislikes: The Empire (and Highbloods by Extension), Culling and Cullers, Explosions and Loud Sounds, Uncontrolled Fires, and the Horroterrors. ⠀ ➠Appearance: Tenbir stands at a lanky 6’0’’ and has a rectangular fit figure. He has sharp features and heavy eye bags, most of his body dotted with thin scars and scrapes from his time underground. Long spider fangs stick out of his mouth at the corners, causing him to speak with a very slight lisp. (This is represented by the 9 in his quirk.) He dresses in functional clothes, somewhat like what people wear hiking, and covers his figure with a brown cloak. His twin machetes always hang at his waist, regardless of where he is. [5:52 PM] TW: His lusus is a cartoony spider


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