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Raymus Tangar

Played by @Tom

« ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Raymus Tangar ➠Trollhandle: commandingTower ➠Age: 27 years / 13 sweeps ➠Gender: male ➠Sexual Orientation: Pansexual ⠀ « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Bronze ➠Sign: Taurrius ➠Typing Quirk: u is the same as v and t and f as well: “Vnder no cirvmstances is the tvgitive to be lett vnsvpervised!” ➠Lusus: Lavastrider ➠Original Planet: Alternia ➠Classpect: Prince of Hope ⠀ « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: He is a fairly tight-lipped Person, always keeping his cards close to his chest. He appears cold and uncaring about any person he comes across and only focused on achieving his own goals. Projecting a feeling of invincibility and well-founded arrogance makes it difficult to approach him. But all this is just a façade he keeps up to protect the people he cares about. It is true that he is very focused on his goals but he’d never sacrifice a person he holds dear to achieve them. For that matter, he'd much rather sacrifice a part of himself or just set back his plans, than to let his friends and loved ones come to harm. He has plenty of scars to show for it as well. Those that are close to him know him to have a pretty dry and dark sense of humor, that gets exercised quite frequently. His self-confidence is very strong but contrary to what he likes to display, he has a very good grasp on what he can and cannot do. (edited) [5:49 PM] ➠History: Born on Alternia, Raymus was raised by his Lusus close to an active volcano, the Lusus being a Lavastrider after all. Just like his tiny cousin, the Waterstrider, the Lavastrider walks across lava unharmed and unhindered. Raymus was not his only charge, since the volcano was filled with bugs of all kinds, that have an affinity to fire. As the biggest and most intelligent of them, the Lusus took care of and managed them as well. Soon in his life Raymus was taken on daily trips by his Lusus to learn how to identify and take care of these insects. He also quickly learned to use his psychic powers on them. This didn’t always go without a hitch, which is why he has a few burn scars. When he was fully grown, he already knew all there was to know about firebugs and he usually had some hidden on his body at all times, feeding and replacing them as needed. He joined the Cavalreapers and aimed to attain the highest rank possible. With his ability to produce fire, apparently from nothing, his career was quite fast. What also helped was that he followed orders quickly and without any backtalk, showing no mercy on the battlefield and instead making an effort to demoralize the enemy. Of course, this was not because he enjoyed killing but instead trying to make them give up by killing their hope of victory. After the merge he stayed within the military, with him and his unit serving as shock troops, as )( IC unified the new planet. During one of those skirmishes, he lost almost his entire unit in an ambush, as well as his left eye. That didn’t stop him though and he devastated the rebels that day, in a most cruel fashion. For this day he was awarded a medal and an artificial eye, to replace his lost one. Still to this day he serves as an officer in the Cavalreapers, even though there is much less killing to be done each day, which he is secretly happy about. [5:49 PM] If not on duty he stayed in his quarters usually but he has finally decided to dive back into the city life. Realizing that his fallen friends and comrades would not want him to mourn them forever, wasting his life. ⠀ ➠Skills and Abilities: (optional) Like many bronze bloods Raymus has the ability to commune with animals, especially insects in his case. His gloves are made from the silk of his Lusus and can produce sparks if rubbed hard enough. When fighting, he makes the firebugs hidden in his clothes basically fart out a highly flammable gas, with his psychic powers. Afterwards he snaps his fingers, producing sparks that ignite the gas and thus produce raging flames, as far as his opponents can see, simply from thin air. Each bug needs a period of rest after producing a gust of gas, so Raymus is limited in his ability to throw around fire by the amount of rested and well-fed firebugs he has on him. If it’s raining or he gets really wet for some reason, this ability cannot be used, if he still tries to he only produces a few sparks or at the most a tiny flame, like from a lighter. He has trained for combat almost his entire life, which makes him a superb combatant. He is also an excellent rider and master at mounted combat. ⠀ ➠Occupation: Cavalreaper Officer ➠Aspirations: Attaining the highest rank in the entire military and being able to direct the armed forces at his own discretion. ⠀ ➠Likes: fresh salad, champagne, spending time reading or playing games or just cuddling in a calm and comfortable atmosphere; ideally with a loved one, bees, short skirts and hotpants ➠Dislikes: barbecued meat and barbecue in general, beer, visiting a club or disco or something similar, most birds, superior officers [5:50 PM] ➠Appearance: Most of the time he wears his uniform, with all his commendations on it, as well as a wide cloak, the latter serving mostly for his firebugs to hide in. He doesn’t always wear his gloves but has them in reach at any time. He is very meticulous in his personal hygiene but very seldomly goes out of his way to style and dress himself up. Without his boots on he is roughly 6’1’’ and has a solid weight of almost 200lb.


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