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Nility Gazete

Played by @lengn

[/container] « ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Nility Gazete ➠Trollhandle: darkMatter ➠Age: 9.23sweeps(20years) ➠Gender: agender(afab). prefers ae/aer, but doesn't correct misgenders ➠Sexual Orientation: asexual ⠀ « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: mutant (glowing white) ➠Sign: Vircer ➠Typing Quirk: Nility types in short consise sentences. Saying only what is need with no clear tone. ➠Lusus: never got one ➠Original Planet: Beforus ➠Classpect: Sylph of Blood ⠀ « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Nility is a quiet and calm force. Though she is kind in aer own way, she has a strange air of ancient malevolence about her. Ae is not cruel or mean spirited, but ae can be a bit cold seeming. Aer personality is more akin to the vastness of space than that of normal troll. Aer main instinct is that of protection, but aer form of protection isn't always what others might have been looking for. ➠History: Nility lived aer life in the brood caverns. With aer abilities ae kept the grubs around aer calm and docile. Because of this many didn't end up getting a lusus untill they were about to pupate or after. Though ae did so to protect them, it left many of them emotionally stunted having to learn how to express them selves later than other trolls. The merge disturbed the cavern ae was in and fused it with a human hotel and an alternian lake. ae still takes care of wigglers that come her way the best she can, but being exposed to the greater world has been a strange and unpleasant experience for aer. ⠀ ➠Skills and Abilities: Ae has the ability to put others into a sleep like trance of calmness and emotionlessness, though it mostly works on grubs. Its rare that it would work on a human, grown troll, or animal/lusis ⠀ (edited) [9:09 PM] ➠Occupation: unemployed and lost ➠Aspirations: to put the world to sleep ⠀ ➠Likes: quite places, dark cold caves, deap dark cold water, the night sky, stars and other things that glow softly in the dark. ➠Dislikes: loud noises, strong emotions, the new world ⠀ ➠Appearance: Nility's hair and skin are black as pitch. Aer horns are a few shades of grey instead of yellow to orange, and aer blood is black white. Ae keeps aer curly hair up in two bun like pigtails on top of aer head. Nility can't feel temperature, though ae can smell it, because of this and because ae never had a lusus ae is only now getting the hang of clothing and will often forget to use it or use it incorrectly


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Character Portrait image: by Kiwi


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