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Ghiota Pozris

Played by @Paqui

« ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Ghiota Pozris ➠Trollhandle: internationalHarvester [IH] ➠Age: 10.15 sweeps (22 years) ➠Gender: Female | She / Her ➠Sexual orientation: Demisexual   « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Bronze ➠Sign: Taurga | The Guardian ➠Typing Quirk: "Grinnin' like a possum eatin' a sweet tater." While she doesn't quite have much of a quirk, her thick southern draw carries over to her typing. ➠Lusus: Three headed Wolf. (The Lusus has three separate heads with their own thinking and personalities. The actual size of the lusus is roughly the size of a mastiff.) ➠Original Planet: Alternia ➠Classpect: Knight of Space   « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Faithful to those she holds dear, Ghiota is powered by her love and hard work. She's the kind of troll you'd expect to get the job done at six o'clock, only sooner no later. She protects everything she holds dear and isn't afraid of grabbing that rifle by her side to make sure it stays that way. She's a hugger and loves a good joke as long as it isn't at the cost of someone's happiness. She isn't someone you should take for her kindness as a weakness, it's something she gives and expects it back in return. If you're going to blatantly rude to her she wont bother trying to be your friend for much longer unless she has a good reason. On the other hand, good luck trying to be mean to her family and friends or.. well.. somebody's gonna need a grave. ➠History: Ghiota always did the best she could to keep her livelihood intact at all cost! She is a hard worker and will continue being one till she dies or is culled! So, when that livelihood is threatened by trolls worse off than her and they refuse to just work with her for something in return she didn't take that quite lightly. Alternia never had a proper way to enforce the law unless it was high bloods cracking a whip at rebellions, so when other crimes became a thing, low bloods taking advantage on their own kind, who was there to call? Nobody cared.. not until now. There was a merge that took her entire life away from her, all that she worked for! She had to start all over again but she had faith in herself that she could do it! She got a new hive made, got her farm back in order, and the moment she caught wind of the creation of Law enforcement she instantly took a bite at the possibility of becoming part of the program.   ➠Skills and Abilities: Country Strength - Despite being a small gal she has some hidden strength. She can pick up some quite heavy stuff but isn't comparable to the indigo caste. | Sweet Honey Ice Tea - She's just as sweet as the tea she makes. It's so sweet its actually rather acidic and can nearly burn right through metal if given enough time. How she drinks this stuff with no ill effects is unknown. | Ruthless Officer - Just cause she's as sweet as can be at home doesn't mean she's nice at work. She's the last law enforcer you want going against you.   ➠Occupation: Farmer (Weekend Occupation) \ K-9 Officer (Main Occupation) ➠Aspirations: "To make our home a little better!"   ➠Likes: Coffee, Guitar Music, Troll Johnny Cash, Her Lusus, Hard working people, Big breakfasts ➠Dislikes: Lazy people, Going to sleep late, Going without her coffee, Rule breakers, Liars   ➠Appearance: 5'7'' (170.2 cm) 123 lbs (55.7919 kgs)


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