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Dyysta Volage

Played by @jack

[/container] « ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Dyysta Volage ➠Trollhandle: turningTurnbuckle ➠Age: 12 sweeps (26 years) ➠Gender: Female ➠Sexual orientation: Pansexual
  « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Mutant blood balanced on the edge between Indigo and Cerulean ➠Sign: Sagimini, Sign of the Lurid ➠Typing Quirk: normally her typing is nice and calm. Only When She Gets MOre EXcited DOEs HER TYPing GET REALly INTENse AND WORRYing. AND EVENTUally IT WILL BE TOO MUCH FOR MOST PEOPLE TO COMFORTABLY LISTEN TO. ➠Lusus: A massive bear, crocodile thing that she wrestles with on occasion to vent her excess energy before doing anything that requires calm ➠Original Planet: Alternia ➠Classpect: Heir of Doom
  « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Dyysta is kind of like a reeeaaally old car in some ways, slow to start, but once it starts, it has none of the modern comforts that make the thing easy to control. No power steering, no power brakes. When she’s calm she’s much easier to talk to, but if she gets riled up or excited, she has a tendency to yell and start steamrolling over other people’s words, rambling for hours and hours. Best way to get her out of this state is to just, actively attempt to beat the shit out of her. A fight has always been the best way to calm her down and let out all her excess energy. [3:30 PM] ➠History: Due to her specifically strange blood situation, Dyysta was not welcomed by either of her castes, but nor was she shunned. Both castes treated her as a ‘no mans land’ of a troll, functionally in both and neither at the same time. She was allowed in their spaces sure, but she didn’t have a voice in their conversations. She did inherit the strength of her indigo blood however, even if she didn’t inherit the mind control of her cerulean. So she put her gift to use among those who would have her, the fight pits. So this was how she made her living, as a subject for entertainment and respect alike. She was good too, she left every fight she entered in a bloody mess. Due to her slow starts, she even made the fights entertaining too, taking hits and throwing light ones back as she got more and more riled up, until eventually her power overtook her opponent, killing them quickly, but not too quick for the fight to be boring. However, her brutal victories eventually took a toll on the organization. The merge created a brief uptick in activity for her employers, many new fighters entering the ring, thinking they have what it takes… Dyysta killed every single one of them, and even a few audience members in the process. While she was having the time of her life, the organization was in shambles. She was fucking scary to be honest, no one wanted to fight her, no one wanted to see her fights out of fear they would be thrown into the ring and killed. Eventually the business just had to cut its losses, banning Dyysta from the ring unless she could get her strength under control, which obviously she couldn’t. So now she wanders from street brawl to bar fight, not entirely caring who she was beating the snot out of, as long as they bled.
  ➠Skills and Abilities: Dyysta is strong, like, crazy strong. Her strength takes a few rounds to get up to tip top shape, and she hasn’t fought many practiced fighters in a while so she’s a bit rusty, but give her some time and some motivation and she’ll break something important. Her extra eyes don’t do her much good in the ring, but in the times she’s wandered, she’s used them in a sort of survivalist way, tracking, keeping lookout, etc… She’s even managed to figure out how to sleep with her eyes alternating from open to shut, top to bottom.
  ➠Occupation: Well I mean, she was a fighter. Not any more ➠Aspirations: The same thing every fighter wants, to find someone on her level. Someone she can put all her energy into fighting, and then lay down with a smile. Even if it isn’t a fight to the death, a fight with an equal would be amazing.
  ➠Likes: Hitting stuff, soft clothes, the feeling of floating weightless in water ➠Dislikes: Cowards, People who wont do their fucking jobs, Mind Honey
  ➠Appearance: She stands tall at 7 feet, and is, well, a strong woman. She commonly wears a fur-lined jacket for comfort, even if it gets hot at times, she doesn’t seem to mind. Other than that her clothes are fairly average, comfortable yet unstylish, because who really cares about fashion? She has 4 eyes, two in a normal place, and a second pair above them. This combined with her enlarged bottom teeth almost looking like fangs is the biggest indicator of her cerulean blood. In fact, the combination of fangs, eyes, and her fur jacket is what earned her her stage name, “Wolf Spider”


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