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Caridi Yamato

Played by @dead

[/container] « ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Caridi Yamato ➠Trollhandle: kindlyAnthropod ➠Age: 16 (7 ish sweeps) ➠Gender: Male ➠Sexual orientation: mlm [12:03 PM] « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: mutant candy red, but pinker then karkat's ➠Sign: uses Cansci, but technically has no sign ➠Typing Quirk: he types relatively normal, but puts words in CAPS to put EMPHASIS on them ➠Lusus: colony of shrimp lusi, all the size of husky's ➠Original Planet: Alternia ➠Classpect: page of life [12:04 PM] « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: sweet, but not overbearingly so. He's extroverted, carasmatic, and a little cocky sometimes. For his less desirable traits he also can be quiet rude and brash to people he does like,, though he doesn't dislike someone without good reason, and therefore can hold grudges for ages. In contrast, he is also very bubbly and social in general, the type to always have a million dollar grin. His past leaves him very untrusting though, and always on some form of alert. He'll always be welcoming and kind, but in the back of his mind he makes sure to never let a troll see him vulnerable.he often takes to situations where he chooses the location and has familiarity with the person, for his own safety. [12:04 PM] ➠History: grew up in the ocean, hiding in dense reefs from highbloods lurking the waters. He always feared highbloods growing up, and seadwellers tried their best to make him ashamed of his blood. He rarely met other trolls, but when he did it often led to fights. He took to fighting, and often to get him out of scuffles. As a younger troll he planned to make a carrer out of it, and has a large collection of pro wrestler memorabilia he keeps. He learned lots of starting and survival skills, not to mention a taste for adventure due to his lusii being migratory. He also gained leadership skills because his lusii forced him into a role by accident of being somewhat like what a Shepard is to sheep. His sense of adventure is dampened by that sense of responsibility, so he makes his best attempt to satiate his hunger for adventure through conservation efforts and making new reefs.
  ➠Skills and Abilities: very talented swimmer, also very good at hunting. Not to mention having a very good sense of direction (edited) [12:04 PM] ➠Occupation: since the merge, he started working as a swim instructor for young seadwellers, mutant seadwellers, and landwellers a like. he also cross breeds coral and various wildlife conservation efforts for work. ➠Aspirations: mainly caring for the ocean life, though he has issues of young and not yet experienced at his job.
  ➠Likes: swimming, food, exploring for sunken treasure ➠Dislikes: pretentious seadwellers, being out of the water for prolonged periods of time, and an irrational fear of starfish
  ➠Appearance: he occasionally wears a helmet similar to nepeta with enough weight so his body looses some more bouancy underwater. He has red-ish pink gills, fins, webbing, and even a little tail. His hair is matted a wild, and he has small, broken and bitten off nails. (edited) [12:05 PM]


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