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Azdaja Dahaka

Played by @Tom

[/container] « ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Azdaja Dahaka ➠Trollhandle: absoluteDesaster ➠Age: 24 Sweeps / 52 Years ➠Gender: Depends on their state of mind ➠Sexual Orientation: Yeah, no. ⠀ « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Mutant with slightly metallic looking cyan blood ➠Sign: Nrociborn ➠Typing Quirk: )}{(tHe quIck brOwn fOx juMPed oVEr tHe lAZy dOg )}{( ➠Lusus: Sand Tiger Shark (deceased) ➠Original Planet: Alternia ➠Classpect: Heir/Sylph of Rage ⠀ « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Azdaja Dahaka is not quite easy to understand or form lasting bonds with. They are not exactly a split-personality, consisting of a brother and sister pair but something a bit more mixed up. The two personalities are codependent and codominant, with none being able or even wanting to overpower the other. They are also weirdly meshed in some areas and it seems there are no clear rules for when or why they switch. In general Azdaja is a fairly kind person and pretty sensitive for what’s going on around them. They fiercely protect people they deem important to them, completely disregarding the consequences and sometimes even the person’s own wishes. They can flip their shit seemingly completely at random, which can easily lead to violence. Usually they don’t talk a lot, they are not shy though, as they seem to have no concept of shame or embarrassment. They have a weird but good sense of humor and laugh maybe a little too much for them to be amused all the time. Despite all their faults, they are pretty easy to have around and always try very hard to fit in. [12:02 PM] ➠History: The being known as Azdaja Dahaka now, was originally two beings. They hatched from the same egg as identical twins, one male and one female, one with white skin and one with black. They almost died several times before making it out of the breeding cave and only survived by relying on each other. Finally, they were picked up by the Sand Tiger Shark Lusus. It called the male Angra and the female Spenta and put them through hell. The Tiger Shark trained them to become assassins of the highest calibre, as it had done many times before. It was a bloody time for the twins and by the time they had fully grown up, one of them was dead and the other had changed drastically. Their skin colour had changed to a regular troll grey, their ears were shredded and they had grown an additional damaged pair, their hair had turned white, with blackish highlights and their blood had turned cyan. On top of that their Lusus was dead and its hive destroyed. From this day on they called themselves Azdaja Dahaka, a name they had assembled from some ancient books in their Lusus’ possession. Their mind was fractured and they persistently claimed that their sibling was always close by, identifying themselves as the brother or the sister in completely random intervals. [12:02 PM] They knew something about what awaited them in alternian society, especially that they’d be killed if they were ever found out to be a mutant. So, they stayed away from civilisation as much as possible and only ventured to isolated hives occasionally when their sinister urges overcame them. They survived on a vegetarian diet, even vary rarely eating fish. This life barely lasted for a few sweeps before the Merge happened. Since Azdaja had been in Alternia’s deep sea, far away from the shore, they landed somewhere in the Beyond. It took them several years to find their way back to civilisation. The journey being so long and hard in fact, that their dark impulses and desires almost fell asleep entirely. Sometimes the desire flares back up again but they try to suppress it as best they can. They have found refuge of some kind, in a strip club of all places. The club gave Azdaja work and even a place to stay. Their role is kind of unique, as they perform for clients but also do duty as a bouncer sometimes. Azdaja became very protective of the other entertainers very quickly, a bit possessive even, for reasons they themselves have not understood yet. It goes so far that they see the club almost as their hive and the workers, mainly the entertainers, basically as their kin. [12:03 PM] ➠Skills and Abilities: Azdaja is proficient with a multitude of weapons and in their own words: “Brother knows a thousand and one ways to kill someone but I know a thousand and two! Or was it the other way round?” They are a scary opponent in direct combat but prefer to avoid it and kill from the shadows. Through their mutation and/or their cannibalism, they can make their blood appear in a different color for a limited time (no longer than an hour). A sample taken will turn back to the natural, slightly metallic, cyan color, after the time is up. After the time is up Azdaja is also hit with a backlash and experiences fatigue, headache, malaise and other symptoms associated with decompression sickness. Changing their blood color takes very little time but the longer they keep up the change, the more severe is the backlash. They are also able to modify their body to look more masculine or feminine, depending on which sibling they currently identify as. These modifications take time (a full night’s rest) and cannot be changed on the fly. They also cannot deviate too much from their natural body, so their key features always remain recognizable. They have a very sensitive sense of smell and taste when it comes to blood, being able to smell a single drop of blood being spilled from several hundred meters away and a lot farther when in water. Once they have tasted someone’s blood, they’ll be able to recognize this blood merely by smelling it and from a single mouthful they are able to glean significant information regarding that person’s health and even gain some clues about the state of mind the person is in. Additionally the sister can give someone her own blood to put them into a berserker state, giving others greatly reduced sense of pain, resistance against illusions, increased bloodlust, a boost in strength and a LOT of murderous rage. This power does not work on Azdaja themselves. [12:03 PM] The brother on the other hand is psionically sensitive to the emotions of people surrounding him. If they are filled with anger, fear or other negative emotions, he can absorb part of it to increase his own physical abilities, mental resistance, pain resistance, poison resistance and bloodlust. Sometimes this power works involuntarily, putting Azdaja in a fighting mood/state, when they don’t even want it. The switch in personality between Brother and Sister can happen pretty quickly but their powers need a few minutes to catch up, giving them only their shared abilities for that time. ⠀ ➠Occupation: Dancer/Acrobat/Bouncer ➠Aspirations: “Living happily with brother for the rest of my life!” “I just want sister to be happy!” ⠀ ➠Likes: music, friendly people, juice, carving, jokes, (pole-)dancing and acrobatics ➠Dislikes: mean and/or somber people, alcohol, very quiet environments, having to hold their tongue, puzzles ⠀ ➠Appearance: With four big, shredded ears, neon-red shark-teeth and no horns, Azdaja is certainly a sight to behold. Their body is covered in scars, with a particularly big one across their throat. Their body is lean with very well-toned muscles. These are not muscles for show or simple strength, these muscles have been forged in fire for the purpose of combat alone. Currently they are used for performing though… mostly. (edited)


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