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Almast Efreet

Played by @alex

[/container] « ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Almast Efreet (Nickname : White) ➠Trollhandle: obsidianAmnesia [OA] ➠Age: Unknown, like to says 17 years old or 8 sweeps ➠Gender: Female (she/her, they/them) ➠Sexual orientation: Unsure ⠀ « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Mutant (Orange blood - #cb410b Sinopia) ➠Sign: Sagitabīja ➠Typing Quirk: She tends to forget words that she’ll then replace with a [ ] space, sometimes remember at the end and write again. [blank] The quick [ ] fox jumped [ ] the lazy dog. [brown] [over]. ➠Lusus: She does not remember anything about her lusus. All she knows is that he wasn’t around when she woke up. ➠Original Planet: Beforus (she doesn’t know) ➠Classpect: Maid of Blood ⠀ [4:26 PM] « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Suffering from amnesia, her lack of footing and basic interaction has made her apathetic. She’s unable to feel on her own, yet has a sensibility to other’s emotions, an empathy that could be considered almost like mind reading (or heart reading, as in the brain not the soul nor the aspect). She understands, but she does not care nor feel. As such, her personality is hard to grasp, sometimes smiling, sometimes uncaring, it all depends on her goal and the person in front of her. While she doesn’t feel, she makes an effort to look like she does have emotions, being a blind, amnesiac mutant (both by blood and outside) was enough unwanted so that she’d try to at least stay in a semblance of normalcy regarding her personality. She’s an amalgamation of masks that she wears depending on the situation, yet she tries to be as impartial as she can, not picking sides, laying low and trying her best not to rile people up. She stays coherent in her persona, making sure her personality and emotions are believable. However she’s not as impermeable to feeling as she would think. Being an empath, she’s able to know what others feel, and when pushed enough, is capable to feel what others feel like it was her own -or at least that’s what she believes, but she has no way of comparing the two. Even as smart as she can be, she sometimes misinterpret, or goes to far in her words without realizing, having absolutely no social filter besides what she knows as fact to be acceptable or not -and this varies from people to people, especially in Amalgama where 3-4 different societies merged into one.) There’s an unstable part of her, one that manifests into anxiety crisis shaking her body whole. It’s the only thing about her own mind she doesn’t understand, something she fears beyond rationality, and she tries her best to avoid anything that could trigger them, but she doesn’t know what can have the potential to cause them. [4:26 PM] ➠History: She doesn’t remember much about her life, only that she woke up two years ago in the desert with no memories of who she was. The only thing she knows about herself comes from a diary she found on herself after waking up, one marked under the name Almast Efreet. She isn’t actually sure whether it’s her name or not, which is why she chose to call herself White, a name she gave herself as an opposite of what she could see in a fit of cynisme that marked her first anxiety crisis. To her, life on Amalgama is as odd as it is normal, she adapted to the world fairly easily, long after the Merge, after society found some semblance of footing and equilibrium, not having any other society to compare it to. She’s been searching for a way to recover her memories ever since she woke up, but hasn’t had much luck in that regard thus far. As of late (a few months ago) she started attending high school. She doesn’t actually need to be taught much, but she believes it to be the best way to learn how to and make relationships. Basically, she only attends for the social, and still stars a good top student all the time. ⠀ ➠Skills and Abilities: She’s blind, but while she cannot see the world properly speaking, she can feel it all around herself, both through life and through sensation. All her other funcional senses are heightened, especially the touch, up to the point where she can feel the differences of heat through a colour’s reflection as well as feel the bump ink leaves on paper. Other than that, she’s especially good with anything catering to cerebral abilities, reflexion, and such -aka, she’s school smart. She’s able to make the right decision without much time to think, and analyse everything constantly. While not necessarily an ability as such, her blood turns black whenever her crisis hits her. Why it does is -as of yet- unknown, and even she doesn’t really realise it changes. ⠀ [4:27 PM] ➠Occupation: High schooler ➠Aspirations: To recover her memories. She isn’t sure about after. ⠀ ➠Likes: Reading, learning, light, heat, the sun, strategy games, traveling, chalk and fruits ➠Dislikes: Crowds, water, hights, physical activities, meat and alcohol ⠀ ➠Appearance: 1m75 for around 85 kg, most of her weight comes from her horns and her tail. In order to support this, she seems to have a reinforced vertebral column, entirely blackened and more visible than she’d like, continuing at the bottom of her back to make her tail’s framework. Both her tail and horns take up a reddish purple hue, lightening at the tips of her horns as might the colour of a regular troll’s. She keeps her deep purplish hair long, generally free except for one braid woven with a turquoise silk thread, and tries to keep a fringe that usually tends to end up a little too long. She’s thin, an attribute she likes to accentuate with long dresses or skirts ending at her ankle and tightened at her waist by large obi-like belts, though she sometimes switch for a more occidental style. She never wears shoes. Her eyes tend to stay one of the most surprising parts of her. Usually closed, she opens them on rare occasions when she talks to people, revealing then an entirely black pair of eyes, iris like sclera, with sole contrast a white thin, cat-like pupil, the cause of her blindness. She’s however surprisingly good at making them focus on a point in space, capable then to fix her eyes on someone or something despite not actually seeing it.


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