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Agnete Nephel

Played by @moonie

« ~【G E N E R A L I N F O】~ » ➠Name: Agnete Nephel ➠Trollhandle: diffidentDozer ➠Age: 7.38 sweeps (16 years) ➠Gender: Female (She/They) ➠Sexual orientation: Unlabeled   « ~【T R O L L I N F O】~ » ➠Caste: Bronze ➠Sign: Taurcen ➠Typing Quirk: ☁︎repla☾ing c's with "☾'s" as well as suffixing and prefixing her text with ☾loud emoti☾ons☁︎ She also tends to joinher wordstogetherwhenshestartstalkingreallyreallyfast ➠Lusus: A blind sheep ➠Original Planet: Beforus ➠Classpect: Sylph of Blood   « ~【B I O G R A P H Y】~ » ➠Personality: Agnete is incredibly non-confrontational. They tend to be very weary of others and their intentions, and as such does not take kindly to even the most light-hearted of conversation. It can be extremely difficult, or even frustrating, to get her to utter a single word to those who may wish to consult her. She is labeled as a "crybaby" amongst most of the people they meet and is extremely group oriented. She doesn't do too well at making calls or coming to conclusions on her own, and when she does, she makes every one of her decisions under the very precise condition that very thorough thought is put into them prior- Any single action she performs, she's sure to consider nearly every possibility that could arise as a result. She deems interaction with nearly anything "dangerous" and "silly". She's very much a child at heart and has little to no fashion sense aside from the single dress she was gifted a while back. They only wear it on special occasions, whatever you think her idea of a "special occasion" is. To them, it ranges anywhere from a simple stroll outside to a single friend coming over to visit. That dress is the only thing she has to cling onto in order to feel somewhat in-touch with the standard fashion trends of Amalgama. They are in desperate need of guidance; in that area as well as multiple others, clearly. [1:33 PM] She finds it preferable not to take advantage of the spark the cloth adds to her looks too often, however, as she's afraid it may be dirtied with an unwashable stain. She's also afraid it might be caught on branch or two, or that she'll wear it out if she uses it for too long, or that a theif will break into her hive in the middle of the night and steal it out of her washing machine as she's fast asleep and it would be all her fault because she was the one who got it dirted in the first place and it all could have been avoided if she had just not worn it that day at all, or that it'll begin to form a grudge against her and decide not to be her friend anymore and leave her for someone else who will treat and care for it better than she ever could... That's about all the main thoughts that come to mind, though. [1:33 PM] ➠History: Growing up, Agnete didn't have any free time to do what sounded fun to her. It started ever since she was not much older than a wriggler, and extended all the way to her current teenage years. They were always busy caring after their lusus, Amphorn. They loved him, of course, but god was he a handful. They often felt like they were parenting their parent more than their parent was parenting them, forcing them to stay huddled up in their hive by his side at all times. Because of this, she had barely any time to have contact with the outside world. The only resources she had to connect with society were social media, and even then she couldn't access those as often as she'd like. Amphorn was visually impared and ended up badly injured every time he was left alone. He couldn't seem to grasp any sense of navigation, leaving Agnete to be the only one around to lead him along. She's been lectured all her life for keeping him alive as long as she has, but she just can't bring herself to take him out of her life. She used to cry and cry and cry until the idea would evacuate everyone's minds altogether, convincing people Amphorn was completely fine and healthy. They usually backed off after they noticed the toll it had on her. She has yet to have someone knock any sense into her, though she requires it so very urgently. [1:33 PM] ➠Skills and Abilities: Persuasion through tears   ➠Occupation: Works a part-time job at a supermarket that barely gets her by enough to pay for bare necessities. She dropped out of school as soon as she could in order to be there for Amphorn. ➠Aspirations: Unrealistic as it is, to nurse her lusus back to health somehow.   ➠Likes: Frills n fluffs, generally childish things, cloud watching, sleeping, jingly bells ➠Dislikes: Grumpy people, scary things (so like literally everything), social interaction   ➠Appearance: Due to her lack of knowledge on fashion trends, she just purchases whatever school supplies is available to her and turns them into tacky jewelry. [1:33 PM] (Art by me) (edited)


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