Stripes Hospital

The Stripes Hospital is the primary medical center of Penwall. The hospital is funded through taxpayer dollars, and patients are not expected to pay out of pocket. Through the unique healthcare programs in place in Ailuridae, doctors are required to take and pass yearly courses in affirmative healthcare practises to avoid alienating their patients.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Stripes Hospital is to imporve the health of the community and individuals in the area surrounding it. It serves the entire area of Ailuridae. Its surgical center, in fact, is considered the best in the protectorate.


Stripes Hospital is a modestly modern building with an abundance of windows to let in natural light and to lessen the usual cave like feeling of most hospitals. The color pallet is bright and cheery but calming, another attempt to lessen the anxiety that medical facilities often induce. Red is avoided at all costs due to the nature of medical situations.


The hospital is protected by a high-tech security system as well as guards that patrol and keep survalence at all times.


Stripes hospital was built with a high priority due to Mykola Void's own health issues, leading to them sparing no expense in making sure that it was the best it could be.
by Mykola Void with Night Cafe
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by Mykola Void with Night Cafe

Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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