Requiem Library (/ ˈrɛkwɪəm / / ˈlaɪ.brər.i /)

The Requiem Library is the public library of Penwall. It is owned and operated by House Ailurus, which at least attempts to provide ample funds for upkeep and additions to the already quite vast collection. The library prides itself on its number of books on literomancy. These books date from both before the Decline of Literomancy and after the Revival of Literomancy.

Purpose / Function

The Requiem Library was built for entertainment, information, and relaxation. It serves as a place to unwind after a long day and read about whatever you would enjoy without any judgement or scrutiny. It is noted that the library is anti-censorship and will stock any book requested of them in the appropriate section, should they have the funds to do so. The library does, however, provide content warnings attached to the barcode of each book that warn of things that may be traumatic to readers (graphic violence, sexism, and homophobia are some examples).


A café — Books and Dreams Café — was put into the East Wing of the building by popular demand in September 2022. The café is only open from 8 am to 8 pm local time (workers split the time between three shifts). Coffees, teas, and juices are served regardless of the time. Food items are available, but are more snacks than meals.


The original building of the Requiem Library was built in 1861 CE, although the above-ground structure was subject to heavy damage before Penwall's restoration in 2022. The cellar below the library, however, remained almost eerily intact, and the books stored inside remained in good condition.   The library still utilizes the intact bits of the older structure, but newer wings have been added onto both sides, effectively tripling the size of the building. The Victorian Wing, as the old structure is now called, houses the original books of the library as well as the older books which require more care. The East Wing houses the computer lab and the non-fiction section as well as crafting and study rooms. The West Wing houses the fiction section, sorted into genre and "age group" appropriately.


The hope for Penwall is to serve as a relaxing place for those who need a break from their busy and stressful lives. The Requiem Library follows this hope completely. The Requiem Library is a 24/7 building, although visitors are asked to comply with the requests of any cleaning staff. It is not uncommon for visitors to arrive in the dead of the night in their pajamas when they cannot sleep, and no judgement of these people is permitted.   The café in the building will often provide a hot water canister and packets of hot cocoa mix and/or herbal teas for the "overnighters".
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Requiem Athenaeum
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