Mykola Void

Panda Archon, Dame/Sir Knight of the Order of the Light Bearers, the Candle of Hope, Princess of Positivity and Self-Encouragement Mykola Void (a.k.a. Myko, Kola, Void) (Any)

Mykola Void is a 28 year old werepanda created with gametes from Sable Aradia and Erin Righ by The Company. She is a Duchess by gifted title from Queen Shiobhan of House Chiroptera.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mykola is chronically ill, this however does not stop her from enjoying life and partaking in as much as she can.

Apparel & Accessories

While her style varies to almost everything under the sun, she tends to favor a scented lava rock necklace, sun and moon earrings given to her by her elder sister, and jewelry she made herself.

Specialized Equipment

She is known to carry a large purse or messenger bag that is usually full notebooks and pens, most of which have very few blank pages at any given time.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mykola was discovered after being odserved performing literomancy by one of King Bob's dinos. They approached her eventually and took her in to teach her. Under their care and teachings she quickly learned a great deal about the art and her particular skill set. Despite their kindness and acceptance though, Mykola never truly felt that she belonged in the house of dinosaurs.   The April Tourney of Tales was her debut event; something she decided to take part in due to the encouragement of the Dinos, especially the King Dino himself. During the event, Mykola decided to share a tradition of hers with all of the Tome Knights -- daily affirmations and motivational quotes she adds to with her own thoughts and understandings. She expected to blend into the background and remain mostly unnoticed. However, that was happily not the case, as she made several good friends through several Houses. She used it as an opportunity to grow into herself more, as well as to bring as much light to others as she could. The Great Flame surprised her at the end of the event by bestowing a knighthood on her and giving her the title of 'Candle of Hope' -- something she dearly hopes to live up to.   Before the start of the July Tourney, Mykola approached King Bob about her insecurities and how she didn't quite fit in with the Dinos. It was an easier conversation than she thought and within the week she was on her way to House Chiroptera among whom she had met many friends during the previous Tourney. It was during her stay with them that Mykola started to think about founding her own minor house in honor of Senna. One that would offer a safe uplifting haven for all, and give the support necessary to those that needed it a little more. Eventually she decided to pursue the idea further and went to Queen Siobhan to ask after it and discussion of House Ailurus began.   During the Tourney, while the Triathlon was happening Mykola spotted someone unexpected. Mykola recognized Senna, while it had been years and Senna was no longer a kid Mykola was sure it was them. After the events she approached her lost sibling and quickly realized she was not remembered, with that knowledge she decided to befriend the other anyway and to see what happened. During their conversations Mykola mentioned her plan to try and found a house and Senna agreed to support.   During the following months construction began on Penwall and saw the birth of the markets and storehouses that many other houses joined in on the use of. It also saw Mykola's friend Foxwriter joining House Ailurus as both a Feral bodyguard and the official keeper of the market It was also during this time that Mykola and Senna finally discussed Senna's returning memories and their connection. Reforging that bond happened faster than Mykola had even hoped for, though that was not the only surprise that waited for them as they were also made aware of their connection to the royal house of Lapin. During the exchange with Sable and their newfound siblings they both shared an overview of what they knew with Mykola offering to provide documentation she stole regarding both she and Senna. Before that exchage of information could happen though the 3rd War of words broke out.   During the 3rd War of Words Mykola did her best to uplift her people and defend them offering her support to the 50k challenge as backup. When House Chiroptera fell Mykola watched as Senna sacrificed herself to protect the storehouses, an act that saved many in the long run. During the battle she also saved and was saved in turn by her friend and guard Foxwriter, in saving the other though something happened and they both wound up away from the main batle and fleeing through the woods from the horde. They were both saved by Queen Sable and Prinx Tempest and a flaming void gate.   It was at that time that House Ailurus properly joined what was becoming the Woodland Familly Alliance and their strength as a family and as leaders was tested when Lapin fell and one of the young forgelings was lost. Mykola's self doubts almost consumed her but her mother managed to help pull her through despite everything and she helped lead the alliance charge in the final battle alongside the Dino and Bird alliance. Happily regaining her lost family.   After the dust settled Mykola and Senna decided to keep House Ailurus at the Warren until Penwall could be rebuilt.

Gender Identity

Mykola is in the process of figuring out what exactly her gender identy truly is. It was only recently that she realized she is somewhere under the umbrella of Non-Binary.


Mykola is Ace-spectrum, aegosexual being the closest matching term she has found to describe herself. She is also Panromantic and open to the idea of polyamory dependent on the comfort of her current signficant other.


For as long as Mykola can remember she has dreamed, created, and written stories and worlds of mysticism and wonder. She was never formaly taught the art of literomancy nor did she know, that she was capable of such things. What she lacks in finess she makes up for in imagination and the speed with which she comes up with ideas.


Mykola is the leader of House Ailurus.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Mykola has been awarded 31 Flames of Encouragement -- one for every day in the April Tourney 2022. It was this impressive accomplishment, and her lovely daily affirmations that everyone began to look forward to, that earned her the title 'The Candle of Hope.'   Mykola among others was gifted the honor of Defender of the Realm for writing in support of the power writers in their ritual to calm the Iron Tome. An honor she takes great pride in.   Mykola Founded House Ailurus after the July Tourney of Tales 2022

Mental Trauma

Mykola faces extreme imposter syndrome, depression, anxiety (both social and personal), and rejection sensitive dysphoria. She struggles greately with the need to always be strong for those around her and able to jump and carry their burdens while never allowing others to know her own. Something she has recently begun to work on tirelessly. Her fear of failure is often her downfall causing her to freeze up and fail to even try in many circumstances. Something which feeds into her mental abuse towards herself and causes an increase in fear of disappointing others as well as failing in whatever task she was given. She often feels that even when she overcomes the fear of trying she has still failed to live up to expectation (If those are the expectations of others or self imposed expectations doesn't seem to matter).

Morality & Philosophy

If I can bring a small amount of happiness or inspiration to even one person's day, I have done my job. — Mykola Void


The senseless and meaningless act of putting others down about anything. Bigotry of any kind.

Personality Characteristics


Mykola strives to care for, encourage, and support those around her. Helping others to succeed and to making the world a little better to the best of her ability, and pursuing every avenue of creativity open to her are her greatest goals.   She wishes to lead House Ailurus to be an open and accepting place for all. To help where they can and lift others up in everything they do. She wants to relieve the stress of others and encourage them to be as great as they can be.

Likes & Dislikes

Mykola adores all things cute and fluffy, often finding the question "What is your favorite animal?" to be nearly impossible to answer though she would probably eventually say the Red Panda. She loves music, art, reading and writing, listening to others speak of their passions and dreams, and helping where she can. On the top of her list of dislikes are spiders, clowns, and human dolls; in fact those things absolutely terrify her. She also dislikes those that use others for their own gains, are needlessly cruel, or put others down for fun.Though what she absolutely despises above all else is The Company.


Contacts & Relations

She has several friends throughout the literomantic houses.

Family Ties

  • Erin Righ = Father
  • Sable Aradia = Mother
  • Aydan Nightshade = Younger Sister
  • Daniel = Older Brother
  • Rebecca = Older Sister
  • Jean = Older Brother
  • Galakrond = Younger Brother
  • Missi = Younger Sister
  • Salembear = Younger Sibling
  • Xantos = Younger Sibling
  • Jellybean = Younger Sibling
  • Monkeybutt = Younger Sibling
  • Batman = Younger Sibling
  • Merrie = Younger Sibling
  • Alexandrea = Younger Sibling
  • Dave = Uncle
  • Sunny = Aunt
  • Tempest Kwake = Entie
  • Realm = Uncle
  • Social Aptitude

    Mykola is incredibly socially awkward and initially a shy bean. She tends to keep quiet but also often tends to jump on a soapbox if it helps lift someone up or encourage them. Once you get to know her though you learn that she is a very odd duck.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Miji of the Jiji's Our Future Fluffy Overlord, her cat who is polydactyl and more than likely a secret member of the Self-Care Mafia.
    Lawful Good
    Current Status
    Writing so many filks, no one will ever be able to perform them all
    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Panda Archon
    Currently Held Titles
    Date of Birth
    August 11th, 1994
    The Compound
    Dirty blonde naturally, but often dyed purple and blue
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Often likened to porcelain (Humanoid)
    5' 1"
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    Open Hearts and Pens!   Fluff Around and Find Out!
    Founded Settlements

    Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades
    Character Portrait image: by Heroforge


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