The Treehouse

The Treehouse is the primary base of operations for House Ailurus and home of the Panda Archon Mykola Void making it both an important governmental and diplomatic center. Resting high in the trees at the center of Penwall, the Treehouse offers clear views of the settlement and the surrounding nature. It was built with the intentions of being both relaxing and offering an advantage for survailence.


The Treehouse is a large natural log cabin built high in the trees, it isn't particularly grandiose in appearance though it does feature a multitued of windows, porches, and balconeys. The intent of the design was to create a comforting, cozy, place that inspired whimsy and relaxation while still being defensible and having great views with which to monitor the settlement and surrounding lands.  


  Much like the exterior of the building, the interior is designed with cozy comfort in mind. Just past the entry hall in the center of the building is a grand common room featuring a large central hearth, floor to ceiling windows, and several cozy seating areas to relax and socialize. The common room also houses the staircases leading to the upper floor where both the guest and family rooms can be found. The lower floor houses the Treehouse's personal library, kitchen, and dining room.   The family rooms take over the right side of the upper floor behind a large ornate door. To the left of the upper floor are the guest rooms each with an antichamber meant for housing any guards that visiting dignitaries might feel necessary. The accomedations themselves are large with personal balconies and spa-style bathrooms attached to the suites, the rooms are designed to be relaxing and open.


A sturdy stone wall was built around the Treehouse's property as a first line of defense with heavy iron gates emblazoned with the Red Panda motif that Penwall uses often. There are two security checkpoints in addition, one at the gates themselves and the other at the stairs leading up to the Treehouse it's self. Beyond this a high-tech self contained survelience system is employed to keep watch over the property. Literomantic enchantments and defenses are also in the works in the form of wards though research is having to be done on what is possible and useful in that regard.
by Mykola Void with Nightcafe
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August 2022
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by Mykola Void with Night Cafe

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