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Senna Nightshade

Polemarch Senna Nightshade (a.k.a. Moonflower)

Senna Nightshade is a twenty-one-year-old Werestoat. She was created by The Company in 2001 CE, using stolen gametes from Sable Aradia and Erin Righ. The title of the Witch of Words was bestowed upon her by her peers sometime in 2022.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Senna is no longer in particularly good physical condition after her interaction with the Void when she was twelve. Despite this, she maintains the strength needed to draw her bow, which has quite a high draw weight.

Identifying Characteristics

Senna obtained a scar on her neck after she died in the Third Word War. She has also dyed portions of her short-cropped hair bright purple.

Apparel & Accessories

Senna is partial to dark colored clothing. She prefers shades of black and gray, but will also wear dark purples and blues. She can occasionally be seen in the bright reds and oranges of her House, but usually tones down the colors to much darker hues.

Specialized Equipment

Senna uses a literomantic sniper rifle when the Word Wars are on, but much prefers a much quieter literomantic flatbow with arrows when outside of war.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Senna was born as part of an experiment to create a powerful, weaponized Literomancer by the Company. For the first twelve years of her life, she was trained in the arts of Literomancy, combat, and strategy. The only thing truly keeping her sane and grounded was her sister — Mykola Void.   Prisoners the Company had taken — political or otherwise — were used to condition Senna to acts of violence. She took a life for the first time when she was only five years old.   When Senna was twelve, the Company attempted to force a connection with the Void in them, which they thought should've manifested naturally by that age, but did not. The Void completely and totally rejected Senna. When they were forced into the portal, images flashed before them. Images they had never seen and still do not recollect. They woke up in a boreal forest in Manitoba, Canada with no concrete memories. Whenever they tried to remember their past, only jumbled interference came back.   Senna lived in near-total solitude in the forests of Canada for many years before the First Word War drew them into a community of Literomancers.   Senna was known as "Aydan" until she was renamed by her family when the name no longer fit.   While the Tourneys of 2022 were underway, Senna began to slowly remember her past with the help of Mykola Void, who had recently joined House Sauropoda. When Myko wanted to form her own House, Senna jumped at the opportunity to help her long lost sister. They formed House Ailurus just in time for the Third Word War.   In the Third Word War, Senna made a deal with the Nite Monarq ICC Dead People to become his minion in exchange for the protection of the Storehouses.


Senna has had no formal education outside of what the Company provided in The Compound before age 12. Despite this, she retains a good deal of knowledge about the world and its workings. She credits the House Lapin library for her more in-depth knowledge, and the "school of hard knocks" for all else.


Despite her lack of formal education, Senna was tasked with tutoring the bunny children and some of the Forgelings at the Warren. She has found herself suited for the position of teaching mathematics and physics in particular, and she is decent at explaining literomancy to the children. History, however, she retains little knowledge of, partially due to her concept-based memory.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The creation of the Moonflower Doors is considered to be Senna's pinnacle achievement, although they are still in development.

Intellectual Characteristics

Senna has a concept-based memory that fails them quite often, but their extensive note-taking makes up for this lacking. They have a knack for recognizing patterns, even where nearly invisible, and numbers are certainly their forte.   Senna has trouble remembering faces, names, and specifics. They cannot recognize age in the slightest based on physical features, which sometimes plays in their favor.


Contacts & Relations

  • Siobhan The Writer = Former employer
  • Family Ties

  • Erin Righ = Father
  • Sable Aradia = Mother
  • Daniel = Older Brother
  • Rebecca = Older Sister
  • Jean = Older Brother
  • Mykola Void = Older Sister
  • Galakrond = Younger Brother
  • Missi = Younger Sister
  • Salembear = Younger Sister
  • Xantos = Younger Sibling
  • Jellybean = Younger Sister
  • Monkeybutt = Younger Sister
  • Batman = Younger Brother
  • Merrie = Younger Sister
  • Alexandrea = Younger Sister
  • Dave = Uncle
  • Sunny = Aunt
  • Tempest Kwake = Entie
  • Realm = Uncle
  • Speech

    The simultaneous formality and bluntness of Senna's speech puts many ill at ease, but they are attempting to learn more casual encounters.
    Lawful Neutral
    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Witch of Words
    Panda Polemarch (with House Ailurus)
    21 Years Old
    Date of Birth
    11 June 2001
    Circumstances of Birth
    Experiment to make a weaponized Literomancer, partial success
    The Compound
    Current Residence
    Deep-set and brown (humanoid)
    Black (stoat)
    Short and dark brown with a purple-dyed section at the front
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Light beige (humanoid)
    Dark brown with a white underbelly and black tail (stoat)
    155 cm / 5'1" (humanoid)
    91 kg / 200 lbs (humanoid)
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    Progress is progress.
    — Senna Nightshade
    Pantheistic Pagan
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    Founded Settlements
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    The Moonflower Doors

    Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades
    Character Portrait image: Senna Nightshade No Paint by Hero Forge


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