House Ailurus

House Ailurus is a newly formed Minor House led by the Panda Archon Mykola Void with support from the Panda Polemarch Senna Nightshade and both their Ferals — Foxx and Barbarossa the Wayfinder. The Ailurus Protectorate is under its care. The capital of the Ailurus Protectorate and thus House Ailurus is the city of Penwall.


The House is built on acceptance, understanding, camaradrie, and encouragement. As such, they strive to make a home for all who need it and offer a retreat and safe haven to those from other houses. They stress community and friendship above all else and believe in supporting each other through everything they face. If support or encouragement or even just a shoulder to cry on is needed, you can find it in House Ailurus.   House Ailurus puts their heart and soul into everything it does and often jumps in with both feet and do everything in their power to help each other succeed. They are known to quickly offer a helping hand in any capacity they can as well, be that moral support or getting their hands dirty to help out. Sometimes however this leads to burn out or feelings of guilt when they can't help as much as they would like or have failed to acomplish a task set in front of them. Despite this though they are also quick to shake it off and jump right back into action.

Public Agenda

House Ailurus' goal is to create a safe, welcoming, and relaxing haven for those that need it; to offer support and friendship to all and to do what they can to make the world a better life. This includes leaders and every other Tome Knight that needs the care or help.   In addition they hope to do their part in protecting the realm from magical and undead danger and put a great focus on preperations. Most of these preperations involve making sure the storehouses that they run are well stocked and that they are prepared to support as many people as they can for as long as they can.


July 2022
Mykola Void began to plan and hoped that she would be able to found House Ailurus during the July 2022 Tourney of Tales. Towards the end of the Tourney, Queen Siobhan surprised Mykola with the title of Duchess and a 100 acre plot of land to turn into the beginnings of Ailuridae. Thus began the planning in earnest to build and create the safe haven that she dreamed of and the settlement of Penwall.   When joined at the end of the July tourney by Senna Nightshade, they formed a trade company with the intentions of providing much needed supplies to areas that desperately needed them. This made getting a working settlement and the storehouses that Senna was imagining built a serious priority. In August 2022 construction began on the settlement of Penwall, starting with the Temple of all Deities, Requiem Library, the Storehouses and The Treehouse. Construction was completed shortly before the start of the Third Word War.   During this time the Ferals of Ailurus were founded with the first member being Foxx, a friend of Mykola.  
November 2022
  During the Third Word War, House Ailurus pledged their support to Queen Tara of Chiroptera after the untimely passing of Queen Siobhan. Despite their best attempts, House Chiroptera was the second house to fall to the horde.   During the attack on Chiroptera Ailurus Polemarch Senna Nightshade sacrificed her life to protect the storehouses and give the living a better chance of survival. The battle was long and hard and Archon Mykola Void and her bodyguard, Feral Foxx, barely made it out alive. They were saved by the combined powers of Queen Sable Aradia and Tempest Kwake from near certain death. Despite this, the survivors of House Ailurus were not ready to give up and continued to fight to the best of their ability.   During their stay with Lapin Mykola accepted the invitation of Queen Sable to join what would be known as the Woodland Alliance. The idea of supporting family and presenting a unified front appealed to her and aligned with the principles of House Ailurus.   When House Lapin fell Feral Foxx gave their life once again protecting Archon Mykola Void during the evacuation of the Warren. Ailurus was more than ready to join the fray again when the final battle was launched and worked in tandem with the rest of the Woodland Alliance alongside the Dinos and Birds to achieve victory.   After the war Ailurus sought refuge with House Lapin due to the destruction of Penwall. During which time they were granted the unclaimed territories, thought to have belong to the missing, after months of discussion and diliberation. After which construction on the new Penwall began.   It was during February of 2023 that it was decided that Ailurus would support Meles in the upcoming Tourney of Tales in April. After a tea party between friends to discuss the change with Queen Tara, House Ailurus shortly bid farewell to Lapin and headed for the Windy Willows.


House Ailurus controls the Ailurus Protectorate, a territory that primarily encompasses what used to be known as the states of Washington and Oregon, as well as portions of Idaho. Aldergrove, British Columbia is also encompassed by this territory, although multiple surrounding areas are considered Lapin territory.


House Ailurus is a pantheistic organization which recognizes and accepts all religions and denominations so long as no harm comes to their communities. They have no one official religion, instead acknowledging all of them.

Agriculture & Industry

Significant agriculture industry capable of sustaining the relatively small population’s need for most grains, fruits, and vegetables, although there is still significant imports from other Protectorates to satisfy a want for variety. These same products are among the chief exports of the protectorate. They also form the basis for the preperations made at the storehouses to sustain as large a population for as long as possible in the case of an emergency in the realm.   Lumber and Timber is one of the leading industries, and is the second-largest category of exports. the territory of Washington State supplies a majority of the timber exports for the Ailuridae Protectorate. Accounting for 25% of the former U.S. log and lumber product exports and 9% of the paper products. In addition the gross business income for sector businesses is an impressive $36 billion annually.   Most of the energy produced by the hydroelectric plants in Washington State is used internallyto fule industry and infrastucture. There are ongoing attempts to increase clean energy options for the protectorate and surrounding areas.


Education in the protectorate is mandatory up till grade 11, generally from the ages of 5 to 17 years old. At which point continuing is a personal decision. There are many trade schools and colleges available for secondary education for those who choose to pursue it.   In addition, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are easily available and required by law to be followed, to help make things easier for those that need them. As House Ailurus puts a high importance on education and mental growth and tries to provide services that aide in the personal achievements and growth of it's people.   Mental health is a high importance to House Ailurus and as such every school is required to have one mental health proffessional available per 50 children. This is to ensure that the menatl health concerns of students, parents, and faculty can be handled to the best of the protectorate's ability.


House Ailurus has a House-sponsored Storehouse system which is designed to be able to keep up to 5,000 people fed, clothed, and alive for up to a year. This Storehouse system utilizes a mix of hidden, underground, and public bunkers to store supplies. When the world is not at risk, the Storehouses act as food banks to the needy.   House Ailurus is planning on undertaking the gargantuan task of refurbishing its infrastructure system to better suit the needs of a place that will consistently be overrun by zombies every November. Some highways and interstates are being widened with specially-designed defense points installed to be battle locations if needed, while the routes to the Lapin and Meles Protectorates are being reinforced. The construction is scheduled to start sometime in 2024.   House Ailurus has a public health care system. This is imperitve to the wishes of House Ailurus to provide a safe haven and affordable care to all those within its lands. Archon Mykola herself is chronically ill and does not wish to see anyone struggle or go without care because they can not afford it.   Income tax base is around 35%, but increases significantly after a declared income of over 150 million Woodlander Talons. The majority of these taxes go back into the public service programs of the Ailurus Protectorate.

Open Hearts & Pens

Founding Date
August 2022
Alternative Names
Red Panda House
Pan-pans (colloquial) Ailurusians (official)
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
House Ailurus was granted the following territories after much discussion and diliberation between the Great Houses:   Oregon State   Washington State   Aldergrove BC   Portions of Idaho State
The official currency of House Ailurus is the Woodlander Talon, which has recently replaced its former currency of the Ailurus Airi, which was only in mint for a few months.
Major Exports
Major exports include timber, fish, agriculture (such as grains, fruit & nuts, vegetables, soy, grapes, alcohol, livestock, fertilizer), technology (computer and electronic products, machinery manufactures, biotechnology), automotive vehicles, aircraft, oil, and metal
Major Imports
Major imports include pharmaceutical products, livestock, textiles, medical supplies, oil, plastics, chemical products, arms and weaponry, technology (such as computer and electronic products, machinery manufactures, broadcasting supplies), automotive vehicles, aircraft, and luxury Items.
Related Ranks & Titles
Notable Members

Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades
Character flag image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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