Panda Archon

The title for the head of House Ailurus and head of the protectorate of Ailuridae.


  • Must be put forward as a candidate by more than one citizen of Ailuridae.
  • Above the age of sixteen at minimum, if the people all agree then someone younger can be named though a regent will rule until they pass the threshold.


  • The respect and approval of the people of Ailuridae, as the protectorate was founded as a safe and accepting place for all it is imperitive that the Panda Archon be trusted and respected within the community.
  • Literomantic power, so as to protect the lands and people of the protectorate from any and all threats.


The Panda Archon is voted into position by the people. This is to help foster the trust between the people and the ruling body so as to protects the core tenants of House Ailurus.


To create and foster a welcoming enviorment for others and to uplift those who need it. The Panda Archon is duty bound to help those it is within their power to help, though the focus should always be primarily on the betterment of the lives of the citizens of Ailuridae.


  • Protect the lands of Ailuridae.
  • Lead the people with a just, fair, and benevolent hand to the best of their ability.
  • Strive to improve the lives of the citizens and to aid where possible.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the people of Ailuridae lose faith in their leadership and no longer trust in their ability to lead and protect, then they can put forward a demand of abdication and begin the process of choosing a replacement.


Archon Mykola Void is the first Panda Archon to exist as House Ailurus was only recently founded. The name Archon was chosen for the historical context of the title. The idea of being a chief officer and leader of the community through law was an appealing idea. As such Mykola hopes to make the title one that can be proudly worn and fosters trust among her people.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Great Panda
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Life or abdication
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Current Holders
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Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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