The entirety of the plot of land that belongs to House Ailurus. Founded on the remains of a settlement on what use to be part of the Chiroptera Protectorate with the blessing of the Queen of Bats Siobhan.


100 acres of temperate coniferous woodlands on a mountain side. There has been a bamboo grove planted on the south facing slopes. There is a natural plateau perfect for a fortress to be built, with a small river running along the western edge. It is also home to at least one natural hotspring not terribly far from the settlement of Penwall.

Fauna & Flora

Teaming with animal life as well as evergreen trees and rocky terrain. The trees are sturdy strong mostly conisting of pine and the ground is solid but fertile. The Lucky Paws Bamboo Grove was planted on the southern slopes mixed in the the diverse natural environment.


Once a part of the Chiroptera Protectorate, Ailuridae was founded when the area was gifted to Mykola Void along with her title for the founding of House Ailurus. It used to be home to a logging settlement in 1852 that was abbandoned sometime towards the end of the vicorian era or just after. The reasons for this are unknown. There is also a decent cave system on the lands that has been converted to storage of excess supplies. Within was found the remains of a library of literomantic books and scrolls, nothing is known on the origin however.


Mykola hopes that Ailuridae will become a place that many people will seek out encouragement, peace, and rest. She wishes to make it a haven for all to feel secure and supported.
House Ailurus Crest by Misades
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Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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