The main settlement of Ailuridae. Penwall is the heart of the land and the central powerhouse of House Ailurus. Home to Archon Mykola Void, Polemarch Senna Nightshade, the Ferals and the main storehouses of the protectorate.


Penwall is the capital city of the Ailuridae Protectorate, which is a newly formed state covering the areas of Oregon State, Washington State, Aldergrove BC, and portions of Idaho State. It is ruled primarily by the head of House Ailurus (currently Mykola Void) as part of a constitutional monarchy.   The people of Penwall are expected to pay their dues to the Ailuridae Protectorate, and the Ailuridae Protectorate is expected to use those dues to provide infrastructure, services, and safety for all the people of Penwall aand the entiriety of the Protectorate. As of 2023, the income tax base is around 35%, but increases significantly after a declared income of over 150 million Woodlander Talons. The majority of these taxes go back into the public service programs of the Ailurus Protectorate.


Penwall is surrounded by a large wall meant to bolster defense and slow down would be invaders. In addition the Feral Den, centeral operations for the Ferals, also resides in the heart of Penwall. Funding is also being set aside to set up some literomantic wards to aid in defense though they have not yet been put in place.


In the construction of Penwall, special focus has been put on the roads, library, storehouses, temple, and gardens. This is primarly as they serve as particularly central areas to the ideals of House Ailurus and it's tennents. Preperations have been made to increase security and defense of the city as well as surrounding areas. The markets have also recieved a great deal of care in hopes of fostering trade among the houses to the benefit of all.


Town Center - The central courtyard of the settlement, houses the Temple of All Deities, Requiem Library, and Stripes Hospital. All of them surrounding a central fountain that has been carved to looked like playing red pandas.   The Treehouse - The Treehouse is the central building of Penwall and home to the leader of House Ailurus.   Penheart Market - The district in the south east corner of the settlement. Made up of old workshops and shops with the hopes that other houses will begin to market their own goods as well and all protectorates can prosper together.   The rest of the settlement is a mix of housing, shops, gardens, etc. There are plans to encourage farming as well as plant a bamboo grove and conservation area outside the city walls to help provide for the surrounding areas.


The original city of Penwall was destroyed in the Third Word War, leaving mear ashes of what had been built except for the storehouses that remained untouched. As such the city was deemed uninhabitable and Mykola Void and Senna Nightshade began looking into perperations for reconstruction.   After the third word war ended and a few months of deliberation. We were granted the territory that was unclaimed, presumed to have belonged to the missing. Shortly after the decision was made construction of the new Penwall began. As of April 2023 construction is still underway.


The hope is for Penwall to serve as a relaxing place for those who need a break from their busy and stressful lives. A place to go for encouragement and companionship without judgement or ridicule. As such there are many places being planned or under construction to lend to those ideas.


Penwall is very much both new and old, with buildings ranging in appearance from the span of the Victorian era to more modern construction. It is a wonderful mix and juxtaposition of the old world and the new one blending together and coexisting. Something that House Ailurus is very proud of.


  • Penwall
Founding Date
Penwall - 2023
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Panda Pad
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Pan-pans (colloquial) Ailurusians (official)
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Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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