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The main settlement of Ailuridae. Penwall is the heart of the land and the central powerhouse of House Ailurus. Home to Archon Mykola Void, Polemarch Senna Nightshade, the Ferals and the main storehouses of the protectorate. The city stands as a testement to what friendship and determination can achieve.


Penwall is the capital city of the Ailuridae Protectorate, which is a newly formed state covering the areas of Oregon State, Washington State, Aldergrove BC, and portions of Idaho State. It is ruled primarily by the head of House Ailurus (currently Mykola Void) as part of a constitutional monarchy.   The people of Penwall are expected to pay their dues to the Ailuridae Protectorate, and the Ailuridae Protectorate is expected to use those dues to provide infrastructure, services, and safety for all the people of Penwall aand the entiriety of the Protectorate. As of 2023, the income tax base is around 35%, but increases significantly after a declared income of over 150 million Woodlander Talons. The majority of these taxes go back into the public service programs of the Ailurus Protectorate.


Penwall is surrounded by a large wall meant to bolster defense and slow down would be invaders. In addition the Feral Den, centeral operations for the Ferals, also resides in the heart of Penwall. Funding is also being set aside to set up some literomantic wards to aid in defense though they have not yet been put in place.


House Ailurus is planning on undertaking the gargantuan task of refurbishing its infrastructure system to better suit the needs of a place that will consistently be overrun by zombies every November. Some highways and interstates are being widened with specially-designed defense points installed to be battle locations if needed, while the routes to the Lapin and Meles Protectorates are being reinforced. The construction is scheduled to start sometime in 2024.   In addition, Penwall features a large state-of-the-art hospital which is supported by a public health care system,as well as a university, arts school, airport, portal pad, bunker, multiple parks and a fairground, a harbour, markets, a temple, and many other amenities. The focus of rebuilding penwall having been put on those locations that the magical contributors thought important, useful, or relaxing.


House Ailurus' pride comes in the form of a House-sponsored Storehouse system which is designed to be able to keep up to 5,000 people fed, clothed, and alive for up to a year. This Storehouse system utilizes a mix of hidden, underground, and public bunkers to store supplies. When the world is not at risk, the Storehouses act as food banks to the needy.


The original city of Penwall was destroyed in the Third Word War, leaving mear ashes of what had been built except for the storehouses that remained untouched. As such the city was deemed uninhabitable and Mykola Void and Senna Nightshade began looking into perperations for reconstruction.   After the third word war ended and a few months of deliberation. House Ailurus was granted the territory that was unclaimed, presumed to have belonged to the missing. Shortly after the decision was made construction of the new Penwall began. The city was built with a literomantic ritual in April 2023. The ritual did not go smoothly, though disaster was averted by working together and through friendship and quick thinking.

Points of interest

  • The Treehouse
The seat of power for House Ailurus. The treehouse is home to Panda Archon Mykola Void as well as Polemarch Senna Nightshade. It sits proudly near the center of Penwall and is usually a common place to see by tourists due to it's unique apperance.  
  • Penheart Market
A large marketplace with most everything one can imagine on sale. With room to rent for all the houses to dispaly their own goods and specialties it serves as a wonderful place to visit and explore with something new to find at every turn.  
  • Crafter's Corner
A wonderful area made of warehouses and workshops where people can rent space for their creative hobbies and endevours. The area is full of shops for handmade goods and places one can sign up for lessons on almost any craft they wish to learn.  
  • Requiem Library
As with most literomantic strongholds, Penwall would not be complete without it's shining gem of a public library. Filled with books from authors great and small and genres of all sorts. The Requiem Library is constantly on the lookout for new publications to add to their collections.  
  • Penwall Community Garden
A public space to grow whatever you please in rentable plots. The community garden serves to bring people together over a shared passion of gardening and maybe produce home grown crops for families to enjoy.  
  • The Feral Den
The operations center for the bodyguards and heads of security for House Ailurus. The feral Den is the central command center of all security and surveillance for the city.  
  • Rough Trade Tavern
A popular meeting place for writers, creatives, and even the average citizen. It is known for it's cozy atmosphere and good food and drink. The friendly staff and old world feel make the place a hopping place to be though even at it's busiest it still manages to bring inspiration and relaxation. It was sponsered by Duochanfan.  
  • Burning Quills Cafe
Residing within Requiem Library, Burning Quills Cafe offers a a quiet and restful place to sit back and enjoy a book with a good drink and filling snack. Carefully designed to maximize inspiration and peace of mind the cafe is kept a comfortable temperature with as few distractions as possible. Sponsored by Duochanfan  
  • Penwall Arts Academy
A newly minted school of fine arts, dedicated to helping young creatives reach their full potential and reaching their dreams. It specializes in all forms of art and the many different talents of it's students are often displayed in gallerys and performances. Sponsored by Bardwithmanynames.  
  • Temple of All Deities
The central home of religion in Penwall. The Temple of all deities where one can practice their religion without judgement no matter what that religion might be and a safe haven to all.  
  • Badger Heart Forest Park
A beautiful park with many walking trails through the trees. With the help of Meles the park is warded to be a safe place to seek shelter from a zombie attack as well and is outfitted with a large greenhouse to help provide food to those using it as a hiding place. Sponsered by ShyRedFox  
  • Summercourt Gardens Fairgrounds
A beutiful chunk of land dedicated to putting on fairs and events for Penwall. Including but not limited to a craft fair, Renissance festivle, and a childrens fair. The land itself is beuatifully manicured and well kept with plenty of seating and amenities to make a day out there comfortable. Sponsered by Bardwithmanynames  
  • Stripes Hospital
A state-of-the-art hospital built to handle any emergency. Stripes hospital is also home to the Bright Eyes Children's Ward and the Sable Aradia Medical Tower. Both of which are gaining noteriety for the care and healing they provide. Sponsored by Queen Sable Aradia  
  • Rabbit's Paw Greenhouse
A large and very well taken care of greenhouse that provides a large amount of food for the store houses and communities surrounding it. A project endorsed by House Ailurus and sponsored by Sable Aradia.  
  • Star Light University
Star Light Univeristy is a large campus that has opened it's doors to all who wish to better themselves. Offering low tuition costs and finacial aide to anyone who needs the help. It's focus is on helping the future bright minds of the protectorate to shine and to achieve all they are capable of. Sponsored by Sable Aradia.  
  • Bunker
A large bunker ment to house as much of the population of Penwall as possible in times of disaster, it is directly connected to the store houses through secure tunnels so as to make the retrieval of neccessary goods as easy as posible and sustain the population for as long as possible. Sponsored by Sable Aradia.  
  • Portal Pad
A s the name suggests the Portal Pad offers a connection to other literomantic houses as well as an escape route in emergencies. Sponsored by Sable Aradia.  
  • Castona Coast Harbour
The Harbour serves as the primary point of import and exports for Penwall. Sponsored by Erin Righ  
  • Overflow Public Pool
The Overflow Public Pool is a large facility with both leisure pools and sports pools available. It is best known for it's large rubber ducky murals and generally colorful nature. Sponsored by Tempest Kwake  
  • Great Flame Productions Theater
A large stage theater that is as ecclectic in it's shows as the people of Penwall are themselves. With a focus on helping young actors find their feet and confidence there is almost always a stage production on at the Great Flame Productions Theater. Sponsored by Tempest Kwake.  
  • Martha Anders Airport
A large international Airport that sees constant travel in and out of Penwall. Sponsored by Tempest Kwake.  
  • Bardic Productions Amphitheater
The home of many music festivals and outdoor plays the Bardic Productions Ampitheater is a grand and well manicured outdoor theater. Much like the Great Flame Productions Theater it sees near constant use for some porduction or show at any given time. Sponsored by Bardwithmanynames.  
  • Royal Gallery of Inspiration
A museum dedicated to all forms of art and the insperations of those artists. The collection is ever growing and changing as it features works and infomation on the inspirations behind those works. Sponsored by Duochanfan  
  • Ink & Tea Cafe and Shop
A relaxing cafe and tea shop where one can often find Archon Mykola Void and family enjoying and talking with eachother and the people. In addition it is known for it's murals of Bats, Bunnies, and Red Pandas having Tea with a Stoat running with a pastry from a lizard.  
  • The Amethyst Dragon
A plaza in Penheart Market with glitter and amythysts inlaid into the stones floors, walls, and the dragon foutain in the center. It is a common meating place with lots of outdoor seating to enjoy meals from surrounding cafes and resturaunts. Sponsored by AttoraRu.  
  • Summoner’s Tomes & Coffee
A dark and cozy shop that features books on mythology, magic, and the metaphysical while serving gourmet coffee. A wonderful little spot for those who enjoy coffee and the unknown. Sponsored by LordGalakrond.  
  • Woodwright Copperworks Museum and Forge
A museum dedcated to the great art of redsmithing in all of it's applications. As well as a shop for redsmithed goods. Sponsored by James  
  • Yarn Tails
Yarn Tails is a renowned little shop run by Feral Foxwriter. It specializes in crocheted goods and is known for it's quality and ecclectic nature. Sponsored by Foxwriter.  
  • House of Glitter Shop
A mainstay with the Chaos Cartel, the House of GLitter shop specializes in all kinds and colors of glitter. If you want it they probably have it. Sponsored by Foxwriter.  
  • Werifesteria (Tea Garden)
A beutiful outdoor cafe specializing in tea and community. A placve meant to be enjoyed with friends and family in the beautiful outdoors. Sponsored by CreativeTaterTot.  
  • Open Heart Lighthouse
The large Lighthouse at the harbour known mainly for it's coloration like that of a Red Panda's tail.  
  • Fountain in Penwall Square
A beutiful fountain in the center of Penwall Square. The Statue depicts red pandas, bats, stoats, rabbits, and badgers.


The hope is for Penwall to serve as a relaxing place for those who need a break from their busy and stressful lives. A place to go for encouragement and companionship without judgement or ridicule.


The rebuilt Penwall is an ecclectic mix of every style imaginable, despite this one common theme is greenery and new life. With something new to see in every corner of the city, the hope is that people will never be bored of their surroundings and find adventure, relaxation, and inspiration everywhere they go.


  • Penwall
Founding Date
Penwall - April 2023
Alternative Name(s)
Panda Pad
Inhabitant Demonym
Pan-pans (colloquial) Ailurusians (official)
Location under
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Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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