Temple of All Deities

A pantheistic religious space where any can go to worship and observe religious rites that are important to them.

Purpose / Function

The Temple was repurposed to serve as a house of worship for all people. It was designed in such a way as to meet the needs of every religion that could be thought of. The intention is to welcome all within Penwall and to make sure they feel accepted and seen. Religion is one of the most important parts of many people's lives so it was imperitive to have a place that catered to that need.


Once the building itself was replaced, alterations began to the enterior to accomadate both the beauty of the building and the features necessary to providing a place of worship to many different faiths. These alterations include the addition of 'chapels' seperated into different pantheons.


A rather large stone building that resembles gothic cathedrals built in 1852 with stained glass windows depicting sceens from various religions and mythologies. Inside there are several seperate 'chapel' rooms marked with ornate signs of which religion they cater to.


The temple was one of the first buildings repaired and repurposed for the settlement as it was deemed an important feature for the comfort and wellbieng of those who would join the House and choose to live in Penwall. It used to be a christian church for the logging settlement that existed before hand, it was also the least damamged of all the surrounding buildings.
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Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
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