Feral Den

Purpose / Function

The Feral Den serves as the central guard house and heart of the security for the Ailuridae Protectorate. The Ferals themselves serving as the elite among the guards and as personal bodyguards to both Mykola Void and Aydan Nightshade. Despite this role however the Ferals do oversee the security of the protectorate as a whole and will put the good of the people first in a crisis.


Several updates and changes have been made to the interior of the building to add necessary functions have been made. This includes a bunker being built into what used to be a root cellar below the building. This bunker serves both as a safety net in a crisis as well as the home of control room of the security office for Penwall. In addition there has been additional construction to link the building with the walls of the city for faster access to wall patrols.


The Feral Den is a refurbished hunting lodge/guild hall. The building itself is old, having once likely played host to a hunting guild of some sort. The structure was one of the ones in the most disrepair, likely due to the nature of being a log cabin style building. As such it has a very distinct cabin appearance and is very rustic, this charm was preserved in the restoration. Accents were also added to incorperate the red panda motif that Penwall is fond of though it's inclusion in the den is subtle at best.


While there is no real tourist appeal to visit the Feral Den itself, all tourists have some level of interaction due to the close proximity to the gates.
by Mykola Void with Nightcafe
Founding Date
August 2022
Guard post / house
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
by Mykola Void with Night Cafe

Cover image: House Ailurus Crest by Misades


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