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The Flooded Scars

Oh Flooded Scars of the land,
having rivers that are truly grand.
Causes joy, causes tears,
causes the trade to flow seemingly through the years.
You are the master of us, of this land, you let our civilisation stand.

-Unknow writer
When looking at a map of Upper Western Agia, you see several large rivers crossing the lands. Two of the longest rivers stems from the mountain range Gallina in the south. The floodplains where the two rivers runs through are commonly called the Flooded Scars, due to the flooding that happened in order to stop the creatures of the Goddess Rathias.

The two large rivers are called Clûdwír and Myklan. Both Myklan and Clûdwír have two major sources high in the mountain range of Gallina. Clûdwir drains in Môrsei da Winocci, while Myklan has its mouth in Môrsei da Noiled.

Myth and Tradition

Irath's Flooding of Western Agia

A few centuries after the construction of the Holy City, Diundad da Luzven, Rathias managed to create several creatures, that was supposed to attack the Western Agia from the North. She had created Illirfrain and Dymórleshra, amongst the creatures.
When Irath discovered Rathias doings, she decided to punish anyone in the Western Agia who did not follow her. But finding people not corrupted by the Illirfrain was hard, until she and some of her followers found a common trait amongst those who had become Illirfrain.
Soon after she told those she trusted to bring people who followed her and was not affected by Illirfrains, to climb far up the mountain range Gallina. But brave souls, soldiers, kings, even the common people, told Irath they would stay and keep the creatures occupied so they would not suspect anything. She then filled the sky with water, and it rained for several weeks, but somehow the people travelling to Gallina, were safe from the harsh conditions of the weather.
Months after, almost all Western Agia was completely covered by water, killing every creature of Rathias, and the brave souls who sacrificed themselves. They would become the martyrs and protectors of the land.
Even today, the martyrs are remembered in a large tradition by the two large rivers, and every country where Myklan and Clûdwír runs through, keep this tradition alive.

Remembrance Day

During autumn, people from the western Agia travels to the two rivers or their connected rivers to pay their respect for the martyrs of the Flood. They put candles on little wooden ships that sails through the rivers.

Normally, people would have a funeral pyre to guide their souls to Irath'las, the realm of the Goddess. But those who sacrificed themselves during the flood got buried beneath the water, and later became one with the land. Their souls are said to travel the night defending the lands from the evil of Rathias.

Still, all people in Agia, send down the Remembrance ships, in hope to guide their souls to the light so they can find their way to Irath'las and find peace.
Most people carve their own ships from a piece of wood, but the rich people buy these ships with beautiful detailing. Amongst the nobles in Aistana there are even competitions of who sends the most extravagant ships down the river.
This tradition is loved by every social class, especially children loves this tradition. However, in both Aistana and Estain there is a 5 Lipun fine, for those who is caught not sending boats down the river, since it is considered an offense to both the martyrs and the church. Other nations find this rule extremely foolish, especially because the poor probably cannot afford to have a candle ship in the first place.


Myklan is about 3000 km long, and travels through four countries, marking the borders between four countries. Myklan starts with two major sources, two mountain lakes that brings the melting snow from the top of the mountains with it.


On their path through Galidynos, the country where the mountains are situated in, it is met with several streams, the most notorious is the one travelling underneath the mountains that brings water to the capital Cerreg in Galidynos.

The first major city in Galidynos Myklan meets outside the mountains is Ungedinas, the trade city that's situated where all the smaller rivers and streams meet. Ungredinas is important since most trade to and from other nations along the Myklan. A toll must be paid to the city for entering it by ships from foreign countries, most of it goes to maintenance and new buildings.

Galidynos have almost all the mountains and large hills in the Western Agia, which makes it rich with all their quarries and mines, unfortunately that means the traffic on the river is rather heavy, causing troubles for the wildlife in the area.


Estain borders on the right branch of the Myklan to Galidynos, and further north, the river also divides Estain and Fundras. The river is very important to Estain, since they have many important cities situated near it to trade with not only Galidynos, but also Atlasé and Fundras.
It is also in Estain that Myklan meets more rivers, some comes from the hill areas in south Estain, while others relate to old lakes, presumably created by Irath's Flood.

In the forests near these lakes, you find the Ballerikis Froith, a rather rare and native subspecies of porcupines that lives near fruit trees. When they mate, they present best looking fruit to each other, if there are other contenders to the female, she will pick the best-looking fruit. Often the males makes the surrounding look pretty as well in order to make their fruit look better.
After the porcupettes are born, the parents take shifts to collect fruit for the children. Usually, the parent rolls itself in fallen fruit, so they get stuck on their quills, which they carry home. The porcupette eats the fruit from the quills. These types of porcupines are larger than normal species.

The Myklas is also met by one of the few rivers that starts in Lintudoma, commonly called the Cursed River, but people tend not to touch the river in fears of what it might carry from the Lintudoma. Though they tend to forget the Cursed River connects to Myklan. Many people claim the river brings disasters to anyone who dares to cross it, therefore no bridge have been built across it, but there are still ships that tries to sail this part of Myklan to get to other trade cities.


Fundras is the third nation Myklan travels through, though it mostly acts as a border for Fundras to both Estain and Atlasé. The river is vital for the much-needed trade to the otherwise rather poor country. The river is also used to bring prisoners and slaves to Fundras to be given to the Chasm of the Beast in Eastern Fundras.
Wood and food are the primary trade goods, Fundras are most interested in, due to most of Fundras is situated in the Lintudoma. Fishing is a very important part of Fundras in general, and along the banks of Myklan there are several fishing towns.

Katlon is situated near the mouth of Myklan, it is one of the two largest harbours in Fundras, that leads to the ocean. While not many dares to sail east or north of Western Agia due to the tales of Môrwen, there are still trade ships who takes the route to the north, and explorer ships that travels east, though they tend to never return.


It is not a particular large part of Myklan that marks the border to Atlasé, still there are two trade cities near the bank. Since Atlasé have many rivers, they have made a deal with Fundras they would have monopoly on the fishing industry on Myklan, at least the part where the two nations owns.



Galidynos also controls the beginning of this, and have a trade city, named Ongryth where the river is connected to all its streams and sources. Ongryth also has a toll like Ungedinas, though the toll is much lower due to the war between Estain and Aistana. It has become increasingly difficult to transport goods to and from Aistana by ships on the Clûdwír, because Estain lies between the two countries and will not let any goods through.
Clûdwír tend to flood more than Myklan, especially in Galidynos, which makes the soil more fertile that is used for agriculture.

In its freshwater lake high in the Gallina mountains there is a very rare fish that only lives here, the silver char. It is supposed to shine as silver, but it only lives in this cold lake, and the lake is not easy to approach due to the height, therefore it has not been a huge fishing spot.


Estain have been at war with Aistana for several decades now. There were plenty of reasons why the war continues, it started as a political dispute within the church, which later became Aistana's want to take the Clûdwir area that was part of Estain's territory, for themselves. That way Aistana could have an easier and safer trade route with Galidynos, without Estain stealing the goods meant for Aistana. This conflict started with Estain building a city just near the border of Aistana and made a heavy toll on any Aistanian ships.

Clûdwír is met with another major river near the border of Aistana. This river is called Cedwin, and its source is a large freshwater lake called Ceddios. Here the capital of Estain lies, Hevasefis, which is central to Estain, and a very important city overall, being also in the upper centre of Western Agia. Fishing and agriculture is an important part of Ceddios surroundings.
The forest nearby is the same that Myklan travels by.


Ever since Estain did the little toll and stealing trick, trade have been difficulty along the Clûdwír. However, since Aistana controls the river delta flowing into the ocean, Aistana has made it impossible for Estainian ships to sail into the ocean. It makes trade with the countries south of Gallina extremely difficult for Estainian traders, who must either travel through the mountains, or sail by Myklan to the north and then into the western sea.

Aistana has its capital, Aistalion, placed near the delta area. To avoid flooding protective dikes and dams have been built. Today Aistalion is one of the riches capitals in Western Agia, both due to its important trade route, convenient position to the Holy City, Luzven, and its cultural significance in both art and history.

"The Flooded Scars both connects and divides the people and history to this day. I will even argue that the Flooded Scars is the Upper Western Agia."
-Aewydim Scibodaeth
Clûdwír locations

Myklan locations

A Ballerikis Froith parent bringing fruit to its Porcupettes.


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