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The Lintudoma is an area in the southern part of Western Agia. It's a barren land with absolutely nothing except burnt ground and burnt trees. There are one town and one village in this barren land, but they have long since been abandoned. What is left of the town and the village is but ruins of houses and broken things.


The terrain is barren, vegetation haven't grown here for a thousand years, except for a few rivers that runs from the hills and though a part of the Lintudoma where some vegetation can grow close to water. The area stretches several kilometres wide with absolutely nothing of worth, unless you find barren land, dead trees, and lightening-storms that most certainly will kill you exciting. Since the waste stretches for such a long distance, water is scarce and that makes the land dry with no hope to cultivate.

Localized Phenomena

During lightening-storms, the waste is being constantly hit by lightening, though no one can explain why, since it's the only area that receives such massive lightening in all of Western Agia. Scholars have discussed the ground might be warmer due to a catastrophe about a thousand years ago. Whenever the cool air meets the warm air that rises from the ground these lightening-storms will happen, but it's a quite recent theory and have not yet been proven.


According to the Book of Irath, this land used to be very fertile with people travelling through. But the day the Goddesses died, Rathias sent out a storm of chaos and fire, which killed anything within miles of the town where they supposedly died in. Both the Goddess of Light, Irath and her sister, the Goddess of Dark, Rathias, was killed by the Dynbodaul Cailan. For several years no one dared to have anything to do with the land since it was believed to be cursed, and the powers of the Goddesses were not for a ordinary person to be close to. Even the most curious scholars, who otherwise earned the ire from the church in other ways, never found the courage to travel to this land.   Two countries have their boundaries across the Lintudoma; Estain and Fundras. And while they have a smaller discussion of who actually own the Lintudoma, none dare to start a war centred in this region because of the danger. Of course the value of this land can also be discussed, because the only thing of worth in this region is the prospect of this being the place where the goddesses died. A few centuries declared Estain war against the Yppwenlas and Aistana because of the rumour that the Aistanian Yppwenlas killed the late Estainian Yppwenlasto gain the chair. The King and his council used Lintudoma as an excuse to move the Seat of the Yppwenlas to Estain, because Estain had the last resting place of the goddesses, and therefore made Estain more appropriate as the religious centre.


While some venture to seek out ways to make the land more fertile, yet none have succeeded, others do it for thrill seeking. Some have this absurd idea to see who can survive the longest in the Lintudoma, but since I don't have time to count idiots, I have no idea how many have succeeded for how many days.
I beg of you, do not be an idiot and venture to this forsaken place. It is not worth it, unless you seek an untimely death.
- A note left by Aewydim Scibodaeth

Alternative Name(s)
The Barren Land
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Dec 22, 2021 11:10

I always love myself some inhospitable regions! A barren wasteland just being bombarded with lightning seems really scary. I only have one question left: How did the goddess die? Was she killed? Does anybody even know, or is it just myths and rumours?

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Dec 23, 2021 12:12

Thank you :D The Goddesses were killed by the human, Cailan. I have now added the part into the text :D I haven't written the Goddesses yet, but if you want to know more I can definitely recommend reading this article:

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Dec 22, 2021 11:17 by Andrew

I had fun giving this a read, I'm a big fan of lightning as a phenomena so that was really good for me! It's not too long, keeps you pretty engaged in the text as well! My one main criticism is that I think you should run it through something like Grammarly, you've got some typos around which can be easily fixed, not a massive deal. Other than that, great work!

Dec 23, 2021 12:13

Thank you :D I should have run it though a spell checker now, and there should not be so many mistakes :D

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I love the idea of a land constantly ravaged by lightning storms! It's very cool XD   You could add a link to your character article now to share more info about the legend :D   Only one section confused me in the article: "A few centuries declared Estain war against the Yppwenlas and Aistana because of the rumor that the Aistanian Yppwenlas killed the late Estainian Yppwenlas to gain the chair. " You're missing a few tootlips here to clarify what those names mean and help make sense of the sentence.   And I think you have a "wase" instead of "vase" in the article in the first paragraph?   Any lifeforms living in the region or do they all feel that the place is cursed and avoid it?

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Thank you :D I have now added a very short sentence about Cailan. I hope this works well enough. Aistana and Estain are countries, that will be added later, once they're more properly done. I have added an explanation to the Yppwenlas now :D   I haven't really thought about lifeforms yet. I might return to that later, once I've written more of the major stuff :D

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Interesting region! Want to learn more about the godess though. Is there any particular myth related to her death?   Loving this sentence as well xp "unless you find barren land, dead trees, and lighteningstorms that most certaintly will kill you exciting"

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Thank you :D Yes there is. I've added a part of it to the article, though it's about the person who kills the Goddesses. I can definitely recommend reading the Cailan article, if you want to know more:

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  Hehe I had fun trying to imagine this author being like "this is just stupid, why are people stupid?!"

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Jan 11, 2022 00:50 by Michael Chandra

Sounds like a good place to hide something...

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