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Empress Isith Koert Rhesinn, the Blessed (or Feared) (a.k.a. The Blessed Queen, The Dead queen, Bringer of Dark and Ice)

Beware of the Lady in White
She'll create the ice,
she'll create the lasting night.
And Rathias with all Her lies,
will get all souls led by Her false light.
- An Irathian nursery rhyme
  Isith was the Hailan of Rathias. Some followers of Rathias actually believes she was the daughter of one of Rathias disciples, while others believes she was one of the disciples. Irathian people think of her as the Bringer of Dark and Ice, or the lady in white, which is ironic because they often depict Irath in white, though the hair is of different colours.  


Isith had long white hair, which often fell down her back like a frozen waterfall. She wore an icy crown and with little silver chains hanging from it. Her eyes were icy blue and glowing, and her overall complex were bluish, as if she had been freezing to death.
She almost always wore white bell-sleeve dresses, with a very light blue dress underneath. Her belts were either blue or white silk ropes, blue leather belt, or silver girdle belt. From the belt hung a long chain with one glowing blue pendulum.  


Not much is known of Isith before she created the Age of Ice in -1035 BGD, except that she was carrying the will of Rathias and became one of her most trusted followers after she discovered how to bring ice to almost all of Agia. However, the story has always been that she had been blessed from her birth. It was perceived as a blessing when she was born on the coldest day for 30 years, and in the bright light of Tewyblis. She even received a special blessing from Rathias, who foretold that Isith would bring great fortune to both Lesfyddians and to Inord.  

Age of Ice

What is known of the Age of Ice is, that she spent decade on finding out a way to bring more people to Rathias, either as followers or as souls. A common belief in both Irathian and Rathianism belief is, that the soul travels to Pothint'Glux either by dying in the sunlight or by a funeral pyre, or both, while those who is buried or dies in the dark will travel to Porthint'Tewyblis. Irathian people calls the light of Tewyblis the false light, created to lead the souls astray from their path to Porthint'Glux. When Isith managed to bring the ice over most of Agia, a volcano erupted as well in the south, and its ash darkened the sky for a long time. Thus the Irathian nursing rhyme came to be, in order to scare people into the belief that Isith is an evil person that helps Rathias leading souls astray to Her realm, with her false light. The rhyme is still used today since winter will always bring ice, and who knows if Isith is truly dead.   Isith ruled the Inord for almost a century before she was defeated by Foras in -931, which ended the Age of Ice and the Ice Dynasty). There are some who believes she fled Inord after she was defeated, while others believes Foras killed Isith, but Isith have not been found since her defeat.   Isith was known to be one of the best rulers in the Inord Empire (which is now divided into smaller nations), while in other countries she was known being brutal and a tyrant. Some even referred her as the Dead Queen, though I bet no one ever dared say that in front of her.

Physical Description

Special abilities

From what both Lesfydd and Lasfydd wants us to believe is, that Isisth had the ability to control cold, ice, and snow. But her most used ability was her manipulation of other people and her fierce leadership.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

She is often described as a chaste person who never married, but a rumour has it that she gave birth to a son. It was never confirmed. Though she had a cold personality, she often took care of those who needed her help, if they believed in Rathias and was very pious.

Vices & Personality flaws

Isith often had her councillors sent to the coldest part of Inord, just to test their loyalty to her. If they could not survive, their resolve and loyalty could not fit her court. If any foreign delegations did not live up to her expectations of the respect for her or Lasfydd, she would often freeze them to death and sent them back with a note that said they did not give her or Rathias the respect that they demanded. It nearly destroyed trade between several countries, and the Yppwenlas and Irath almost went to war because of religious differences. The only reason they did not was her and Rathias abilities.


Religious Views

Isith was a true follower of Lassfydd, and especially Rathias. She would always do what Rathias wanted from her no matter what it was, and she hated everything that had to do with Irath and Lasfydd.
Divine Classification
Date of Birth
22. Tynebris Temun, -1085 BGD
Date of Death
Assumed dead in -931 BGD
Year of Death
931 BGD
Circumstances of Birth
Blessed from birth.
Circumstances of Death
It was the defeat that led to Isith assumed death, but no one truly knows if she is really dead, or plotting her return somewhere in the North.
Glowing ice-blue
Long white hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white, with a sligt bluish tincture
Quotes & Catchphrases
"May the cold settle in your heart" - often said to people she did not like. "People are like storms, they can be loud and kill you with their words, while others can be a silent breeze and still feel like a sharp knife cutting you. Which one do you think I am?" - said to a opposing minister who was known to be loud when he wanted something, and the next day he told Isith off and were not able to talk at all afterwards. It was believed she had cut his tongue with her ice abilities.
Rathias, the Goddess of Dark
Aligned Organization
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations


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