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Cymsniera was a small settlement in Atlasé, known for hosting Isith during her conquest of the Southern Agia. The settlement primarily consisted of ruins of an even older castle and was built in haste to have accommodation for her.

Isith insisted on not staying anywhere which had anything to do with the goddess Irath, and chose the older castle as her base, why she believed it was not connected to Irath is unknown.


Book of Irath

Currently, the only known record of Cymsniera before it became a ruin is the Book of Irath, describing the Age of Ice. Isith collaborated with Rathias to bring cold and darkness to the Western part of Agia. Rathias made the sky turn dark and full of ash, while Isith brought the cold and ice to cross the northern sea.

The nations in Western Agia were not prepared for an invasion from the north, and Atlasé was the first nation to be conquered, and the royal family went into hiding to avoid being killed. She ordered the people of Atlasé to build a castle to her. But the need to accommodate her soldiers and having residents who could provide food, weapons, and armour was vital, and the castle soon expanded to a small settlement. The residents were forced to convert to Lesfydd, the religion of the goddess Rathias, since Isith were a strong follower of Rathias.

About three years after, Irath and the niece, Foras, of Rathias travelled together to Cymsniera in order to force Isith to return to the North. Isith and Foras battled while Irath and Rathias made a bet that Rathias lost, which meant she was not allowed to set foot on Irath's and her followers territory for a century. Isith and Rathias returned to the North, the journey took about five months.

Stories and rumours

Cymsniera slowly crumbled through time, since no follower of Irath wanted to stay in a settlement belonging to their suppressor. Over time several rumours about the castle flew around, which became folktales of an ice monster keeping the place cold for no person to live there until its master, supposedly Isith, returns.

These folktales does not contain truth, for there have been people near Cymsniera several times both before and after it became a ruin, none have reported seeing a monster, although their logs tells about an unusual cold that lingers throughout the area.

-879 BGD

Founding Date
-934 BGD
Alternative Name(s)
Ruins of Cold
Owning Organization


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