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Manuscripts is the novel-writing software of World Anvil. You can use it to write, edit, and even publish your stories with a seamless integration with your world. This page will guide you through the process of creating, editing, and publishing a Manuscript on World Anvil.  

Writing interface

The Writing interface looks like this:  

  The top bar has some options to toggle the sidebars, a button to add new chapters ("folders"), scenes ("texts"), or images. There's also a search bar (for both the Manuscript and your world's contents) and then some buttons to toggle between write, review and read (more on these two later).   The left sidebar is the list of all chapters and scenes of your Manuscript. Click on any scene to edit it, and click on a chapter to get a detailed list of scenes. Clicking the Manuscript name will take you to the Manuscript's settings. Drag and drop any element of this sidebar to change its position in the structure tree.   The right sidebar contains options for each of the elements of the Manuscript. Depending on the elements you have selected (Manuscript, chapter, or scenes) the available options will change.  

Configuring your Manuscript

Click on your Manuscript title in the left sidebar to see all of the settings available, which will appear in the central section of the interface; use them to change the Manuscript title, the summary, the cover, and more. Use the Access tab to change who can see the Manuscript, and the Labels tab to set labels that you can then use to organize your scenes (note that these labels are only visible to you —they are meant to be used for organization purposes).  

In the right sidebar, you can also have several options and utilities:
  • Interface settings —change the font size, line height, and more. This will affect the text editor, not the Manuscript's presentation.
  • Stats: including current manuscript word count, likes, and comments.
  • Monetization options: use them to set your Patreon and Ko-fi pages, as well as a custom access denied and marketing messages.
  • Exporting. You can use this to export your Manuscript in HTML format. You can also get a BBCode tag to embed the Manuscript anywhere on World Anvil.

Chapter settings

manuscript chapter sidebar.gif
When you click on a chapter, the central section of the page has a list of the chapter's scenes with some details (such as word count and labels). The right sidebar has three tabs:  
  • General information: change the chapter title, the synopsis, and some notes for yourself. You can also embed rich media (such as audio or videos), add a label (which you can configure in the Manuscript settings), set the POV character, and some tags.
  • Chapter details: you can specify some details about the chapter, such as the time of the day, its importance in the plot, and others.
  • Other settings: choose who can see this chapter. You can also use this tab to move the chapter to the trash.

Scene settings

The main body of this interface has the text editor, where you can write the scene itself. The right sidebar has four tabs with different options:  
manuscript scene sidebar.gif
  • General information: change the scene title, synopsis, and notes.
  • Tags and related article: use the second tab to change the tags, labels, and POV character of the scene. You can also add related article to the scene, such as characters and locations.
  • Scene details: similar to the chapter details, add the time of the day, importance to the plot, etc.
  • Settings: change if the scene will be private or public and get a BBCode tag to link to this part. You can also use this tab to move the scene to the trash.

Review interface

Click the Review button on the top right to access this interface. The goal of this interface is to let you quickly organize your Manuscript's content structure. When you click on a chapter or on the Manuscript as a whole, you get a list of all of its contained elements. For a chapter, it's all of its scenes; for the Manuscript, it's all of its chapters:  

  You can use this list to edit the synopsis of each elements and set their labels. Clicking the pencil button will take you to the write interface for the selected scene, and the trash button will move the scene to the Bin. Use the buttons below to create new texts or folders within the selected element.  

Read interface and publishing your Manuscript

This mode is pretty self-explanatory. Simply click any folder or text to read it! The text you read in this interface will look very similar to how your readers will view it, so use it as a preview before publishing the Manuscript!  

Publishing your Manuscript

You can't publish your Manuscript all at once. Instead, you will have to do it chapter by chapter. When you publish the first chapter, your Manuscript will also be published and a notification will be sent to all of your followers. Keep in mind that publishing can't be undone —once it's published, it's published forever (until you delete it). To publish a chapter, use the green Publish Chapter button in the Settings tab of the chapter (right sidebar).   Note that published does not mean public: if the Manuscript is set to Private in its access settings, nobody will be able to see it (unless you assign subscriber groups). Likewise, you can make individual chapters private or available to subscriber groups —perfect for monetization opportunities! If you set a subscriber group for the Manuscript as a whole, you don't need to set one up for each chapter individually. Additionally, note that you will have to send the view link of the Manuscripts to your subscribers, as they won't be able to see the Manuscript in your profile.   This is how your Manuscript will look like when you publish it:  

Want to read this book? Check out the sidebar of this guide to see it live!
  Let's quickly unpack each of the highlighted section:
  • Custom marketing message (red): you can set this text in the manuscript settings, under the Monetization tab. It will appear under the manuscript cover and also right before the comment section when you read a specific chapter.
  • Quick Manuscript data (orange): under the Manuscript title you can see quick data, namely the Manuscript's world, completion status, views, likes, comments, and a word count.
  • Backcover summary (purple): you can set that in your Manuscript's settings, under the Basic Details tab.
  • Tags (cyan): set these tabs in the Manuscript's setting too. Language tags are displayed in cyan, and NSFW tags are automatically displayed in red.
  • Table of contents (green): this is the list of folders (chapters) of the Manuscript. Each chapter all of its scenes, one after the other. If a chapter is set to private, it will have a padlock icon —clicking the chapter will take the reader to the access denied page.




Can I outline a novel using Manuscripts?
You sure can! A possible workflow could be using the plot template for your outline. Using the search feature of Manuscripts, you can then look up the outline right from the Manuscripts interface.
What's the difference between a tag and a label?
You can define the labels in the Manuscript's settings, both their name and their assigned color. A chapter or scene can have only one label, but it can have multiple tags.
To define a new tag, just use it anywhere. The new tag will the appear in the autocomplete list every time you start typing it within the same Manuscripts.
How do genres work?
You can define genres in the Manuscript settings. World Anvil has an extensive list of genres and sub-genres that will appear in an auto-completion list. However, you can also type genres not in the list.
Pre-defined genres will display in green, while user-defined genres will appear grey. Languages included in the pre-defined list appear blue.
There are chapters or scenes that are not visible, even though they are published.
Look at the left sidebar (the structure tree) and make sure that all chapters are inside the Manuscript name. If they are on the same level, they won't be displayed. Similarly, check that all scenes are inside a chapter.
How do I delete an element?
For chapters, scenes, and images, use the Settings tab on their right sidebar. The red Move to Trash button will move the selected element and all of its children elements to the Bin folder. If you deleted it by accident, just uncollapse the Bin folder and drag the element back to its position.
To delete the Manuscript, go to the Manuscripts page and click the Delete button. There will be a confirmation page, but this process is irreversible —be careful!

Other guides


Creating a comic book

You can also use Manuscripts to create comic books! Before getting started, make sure you upload all of the pages of the comic to World Anvil using the regular method. Then, go to your Manuscript, click the small arrow next to the green + button, and choose Image:  

  Then, in the first text field, type the name of the image you want to add. You can optionally add a caption that will appear under the image. If you want multiple images in a chapter, create an Image element for each individual file and make sure to drag them all under the same folder.   Keep in mind that Manuscripts is not an image editor, so you can't use it to actually write speech bubbles or other textual elements inside the image.  

The power of search

The search bar is a powerful feature that lets you search both your Manuscript's contents and your world's articles! Type anything in the search bar and look at the sidebar, where two new tabs will appear.   The first one are Manuscript occurrences, which will be highlighted with their scene's label color (if any) —click any of them to jump to its scene. You can also use the search & replace tool at the bottom of the search results to mass-replace the search query with something else. Careful: There's no undo button!   The second tab are world occurrences: a list of articles with the search query in its title. Click the article to display it on top of the scene text editor. This is great if you have some reference articles that you need to look up often, such as your outline.  

Finding Manuscripts

When you publish a Manuscript, it is added to the community page for everyone to see! Simply go to the community homepage (from the sidebar) and choose Manuscripts in the top navigation bar.  

Embedding a Manuscript

The BBCode tag to embed a Manuscript can be found in the Manuscript settings, export tab. It generates an image of your Manuscript cover, like this one:

Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West

  You can also link to individual Manuscript parts (both chapters and scenes/images) by going to the Settings tab in the sidebar and scrolling all the way down. Paste the [manuscriptpart:ID] tag anywhere to generate the link.


Please Login in order to comment!
Jul 10, 2020 17:04

Once it's published it's published forever, but can you still edit a chapter/scene that has already been published?

Jul 10, 2020 20:36

Yes, you can!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Jul 12, 2020 08:58

I was going to add all chapters but now I think I will do it by chapter then furnish all scene info then maps characters etc. Once I have all the stuff related to Ch 1 then I'll move to chapter 2. I just upgraded to get the manuscript access. Ive had this account nearly a year and done nothing so time to do it!

Aug 29, 2020 04:07 by Michael Ray Johnson

In the text editor, the first lines of paragraphs are indented, but not in the published version. I can't find a way to change this. Is there a way to get the published version to have indented first lines of paragraphs?

Aug 29, 2020 10:13

Yes! There are several editor customization options. While editing the manuscript, click on the manuscript title on the left sidebar. Then, use the options on the right of the page. "Paragraph indent" should be what you're looking for, and you can also add extra CSS rules (if you know how this works).

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Aug 29, 2020 15:03 by Michael Ray Johnson

I've done that, but it's not making any difference, no matter what I change the numbers to. I haven't done anything with the CSS rules though as I'm not familiar with how that works.

Aug 29, 2020 15:09

Make sure you add the measurement unit too, not only the number. Since you want to remove it, you can just type "0px" (without the quotation marks, and make sure there's no space between the 0 and the px). Make sure you refresh the page too!   Using "raw CSS" isn't necessary for that, it's just there for people who know what they are doing to customize the editor even further. But the default fields should be enough.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Aug 29, 2020 15:47 by Michael Ray Johnson

Yeah, I've included units, and the published version still still has no indents. I've noticed now that the editor isn't changing either. It has indents even if I set it to 0cm (or any other unit). The published version, however, never has indents, no matter what I set the value to, and I want the published version to have indents.   I tried creating a new manuscript as well, and it's having the same issues. Maybe it's a bug?   Thanks for the help so far.

Aug 29, 2020 16:30

I apologize, I misunderstood your question! I thought you were asking about changing the editor, not the published version. There doesn't seem to be a way to change this in the published version, as far as I know. Feel free to add a feature request (not a bug report) for this feature!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Aug 29, 2020 17:19 by Michael Ray Johnson

Ah, okay then. I'll put in the request. Thanks for the help!

Oct 9, 2020 09:33 by Peter J. Blake

Did this request get added? Because I think it's a critical one. I'd like my published manuscript to have indents on new paragraphs and also have no space between them (i.e. what a "normal" book looks like). Otherwise you can't make sensible dialogue - it just doesn't look right with spaces between paragraphs and no indents. Without this feature I wouldn't want to publish here, sadly.

Oct 19, 2020 18:11 by Michael Ray Johnson

I put in the request but it has not been added yet. I hope that it will.

Sep 6, 2020 20:43 by Ariel Purkeypile

Can I track comments, changes, etc from beta readers and editors inside Manuscript? TIA

Sep 6, 2020 20:52 by Ariel Purkeypile

Also, is it not possible to link things inline using the @ system inside Manuscript?

Sep 7, 2020 09:57

Hi! If you have beta readers, my recommendation is that you publish the manuscript but keep it private in the Access settings of the manuscript. Then, make a subscriber group for your beta readers and add it to the manuscript so that only them can read it. They will be able to add comments to each chapter.   As for linking, the mention system doesn't work in the Manuscripts editor. Each scene can be linked to multiple articles though, using the right sidebar.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Sep 9, 2020 02:50 by Ariel Purkeypile

Re: my earlier questions, with help for others on Manuscript:  

  • The right-side sidebar tags menu has fields you can use to attach articles for reference.
  • Using the search inside Manuscript returns 2 lists under icons, manuscript and world. You can click on the articles to open them in the text-only format above your manuscript doc, assuming you have one open. It's really easy to reference from there as long as your bb has its
    's in order. (Or at least that's usually my issue if I have one!)
  • The left-side sidebar will list whatever you have in Manuscript in whatever hierarchy you give them, including nesting folders. I'm using folders to manage bits and bobs of text I have for each of my divisions. I can see using it as a home for edits.
  • Like so mucheverything on World Anvil, the more I learn about the Manuscript tools, the more I love it. Having somewhere to put this entire other universe other than my head is amazing. Using such an amazing reference to write the stories of my world is sublime. Actually doing the work of the writing inside the reference is another step beyond. I'll come back when I'm more familiar have better adjectives for it!

    Sep 11, 2020 08:28 by Ben Mobley

    Attempting to delete a manuscript I created as a test results in a 404 not found error.   Also, I cannot save my manuscript backcover summary? I enter the text, go to another chapter, it's gone?

    Sep 12, 2020 10:23

    Hi! How old is that Manuscript? If it was created during the alpha-testing phase, errors are expected. If don't have and never have had beta features enabled (also known as "Alchemist"), let me know and we can work from here.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Sep 12, 2020 13:00 by Ben Mobley

    Hi Ondo, yes that could very well be the case. I will start over with a new one, but is there a way to delete this?

    Sep 12, 2020 17:45

    Alpha Manuscripts can't be deleted due to how the system used to work vs how it works now. However, you can file in a bug report requesting the Manuscript to be deleted. Make sure to provide details (the 404 error, that it's an old one, and the manuscript ID).   There's a link in the help page. You'll need a separate account because it's a third-party service (unless you already have a Jira account).   Sorry about that!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Sep 12, 2020 21:36 by Ben Mobley

    Hey no problem, thanks for the help ;)

    Oct 10, 2020 11:29 by Leeland Artra

    I want to include the published manuscript embedded codes in my world. The link codes work as described. However, I cannot control the size of the book cover. I tried using the CSS code in the WorldAnvil guide (.user-css .bookcover) but that did not change the manuscript image sizes for the manuscript embeds.

    Nov 5, 2020 21:43

    Is there an easy export function if you want to take a completed manuscript and, say, publish it as an ebook somewhere?

    Nov 6, 2020 22:26

    Yes! You can currently export the Manuscript as basic HTML in a new tab, which you can then "print to pdf". From PDF you can easily convert it to ebook format. I know there are plans to have direct ebook format downloads, but I don't know when this will come and which formats will be included.   Hope this helps!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Nov 9, 2020 22:49

    Yes, thanks so much!

    Jan 11, 2021 08:22

    Help! I want to use manuscripts to write, but when I enter a space it jumps a whole line (I assume it's using the br command). I need to be able to see just a normal space when doing this (like you can with Word or Scrivner), otherwise dialogue breaks look horrible and my work becomes harder to read. Any fixes for this?

    Jan 11, 2021 08:22

    Help! I want to use manuscripts to write, but when I enter a space it jumps a whole line (I assume it's using the br command). I need to be able to see just a normal space when doing this (like you can with Word or Scrivner), otherwise dialogue breaks look horrible and my work becomes harder to read. Any fixes for this?

    Jan 11, 2021 14:41

    That should definitely not be happening. Do you have any browser extensions that could be interfering?

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Jan 28, 2021 17:23 by JRR Jara

    Hi! I finished the first draft of my novel with Manuscripts and now I want to edit it. there is a way I can make a copy of the first draft and keep it untouched and make the edits on the copy like a second draft?

    Creator of Hanzelot and many more.
    Jan 28, 2021 19:15

    Hi! Not on the current version of Manuscripts, unfortunately. It's a good feature request though, so feel free to make it!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Jan 28, 2021 20:40 by JRR Jara

    Thank you for answer! I've never requested a feature before, but I'll do it :)

    Creator of Hanzelot and many more.
    Feb 24, 2021 05:48

    Any one figure out how to add an inline image? At present, I haven't seen anything that supports that, just dumping an image in between scenes, which makes editing text *around* the image a right PITA. Also, any way to *turn off* the auto save after every keystroke this site does? Not much point in writing when the interwebs are slow if you have to type as slow as the overworked network.

    Feb 27, 2021 11:51

    Hi! You should be able to embed images using the Insert > Media menu on the Manuscripts editor. It will ask you a direct link to your image. If you want a section of your manuscript to be mainly an image with complementary text, you can create an Image instead of a Text when adding a scene. This will prompt you for an image that has been uploaded to your world and a text caption.   As for the auto-save, don't worry! You don't need to wait for the auto-save to run before typing the next word. Just make sure you wait for the auto-save before leaving the Manuscripts page and you should be fine!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Mar 3, 2021 03:50

    That's ... weird. We have image storage for our world guides, but have to use off site images for our books? I mean, sure we could go through the hassle of figuring out the direct link to stored images, but what happens if the backend changes break the links? Not that the media insert is at all intuitive. It seems to try putting in video links, not static images. As for the auto save, I got confirmation there is no off button for it, which sucks because in is current state the site is practically read only for me. Even doing all my typing off site, just opening any page in edit mode makes the site unresponsive due to network lag. (No browser extensions to turn off, just the difference between urban and rural infrastructure. ) Eh, feature requests submitted.

    Mar 3, 2021 10:18

    As someone who's lived with rural connection, I understand the struggle! As for the insert media, that's because the text editor for Manuscripts is actually an external service, so it's not fully integrated with the World Anvil ecosystem. Thanks for submitting the feature requests though!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Feb 11, 2022 20:15 by F. J. Brodie

    Do you know if this has been figured out yet? I have a small symbol/emblem I want underneath section titles but even if I manage to get it to show in the editor, it breaks instantly.

    F. J. Brodie Writing The Chronicles of Qal'ath, doing my own artwork and fighting chronic pain.
    Feb 14, 2022 08:51

    If it doesn't work for you yet, it means it hasn't been resolved. The devs don't watch this space, so the best option to get this feature is to submit a feature request or use the development channels on Discord to communicate with the developers.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Feb 14, 2022 13:38 by F. J. Brodie

    Okay, thank you :)

    F. J. Brodie Writing The Chronicles of Qal'ath, doing my own artwork and fighting chronic pain.
    Mar 2, 2021 22:18 by Tasha Harrington-Howard

    I have a quick question, I don't have a cover or blurb for my story yet, but want to publish the first couple of chapters. Can you add these things in later? Even after the first chapter has been published?

    Mar 3, 2021 10:16

    Yes! You can edit everything no matter the publication state.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Mar 3, 2021 22:58 by Tasha Harrington-Howard

    Brill thank you so much.

    Mar 12, 2021 21:35 by Hailey Jeannine

    How do you save your work??? Everytime I navigate away from the text document the work is lost

    Hailey Jeannine 
    Mar 13, 2021 12:29

    Hi! The Manuscripts software has an auto-saving feature. You should see a "Saved" notification pop-up in the top bar every few seconds. If you don't, check if you have any browser extensions that could be preventing it to work (try using Manuscripts in another browser or in incognito/private mode). Let me know if that helps!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Dec 14, 2021 15:36

    Is there a way to change the default yellow background of the editor?

    Dec 16, 2021 10:40

    There are no customization options for the editor, although you might be able to do something about it using CSS if you're proficient with it.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Feb 24, 2022 02:50

    If you publish a private manuscript are your followers still notified and can people see that it exists? Also, do the word statistics only go up after publishing?

    Feb 24, 2022 10:11

    Hi! The Publish button will send a notification to everyone, but if it's set to private, no one will be able to access its contents. The word count statistics in the Manuscripts sidebar are updated every day that you access the manuscript. Each scene also has a word count at the bottom that is updated live. Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Mar 15, 2022 00:51 by Bobby Hardenbrook

    Are images supposed to autoscale for mobile? I've noticed that images don't seem to autoscale well or at all when I view a manicript on mobile. Is there something we need to set or configure to make that work? Or could this be a bug?

    Mar 15, 2022 10:53

    Hi! Which images do you mean exactly, and do you have an example?

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Mar 15, 2022 18:41 by Bobby Hardenbrook

    Actually the issue is with viewing manuscripts, not timelines. See this when viewed on mobile....

    Mar 15, 2022 18:42 by Bobby Hardenbrook

    It happens with the large map image but smaller images seem fine. Is there a maximum height/width?

    Mar 16, 2022 10:20

    I see! I'm not sure why this is happening. My guess is that the smaller images are small enough that they fit a mobile screen without having to be resized. Could you report this as a bug? Thank you!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Mar 16, 2022 19:05 by Bobby Hardenbrook

    Opened issue #926 on the tracker just now.

    Jul 9, 2022 03:09

    Hello all!!   A quick question and maybe I am overlooking this. In my manuscript, how can I add links to articles, timelines, or maps? :-)

    Jul 11, 2022 09:05

    Hi! Currently Manuscripts use a different editor so it doesn't support BBCode nor the mention system. So you'll have to use full URLs if you want to link to external content.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Aug 5, 2022 03:11 by Pexuson

    Hello! I noticed that it is possible to have folders-within-folders in the editor, and I was hoping to use that to have more than one grouping level in my manuscript, i.e. have "Chapters" grouped into "Parts" with both levels showing up in the Table of Contents for the manuscript.   However, no matter how I fiddle with things I am not able to get this to happen: Whenever I have a folder INSIDE a folder, the entire contents of that "inner" folder simply do not show up in the published version of the manuscript! Am I doing something wrong, or is this not something that is possible with folders-in-folders?

    Aug 5, 2022 07:28

    Hi! I don't think that's possible. But it's a good idea for multi-part stories, so feel free to request it in the feature suggestion board!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Aug 6, 2022 03:10 by Pexuson

    I will do it! Thank you. ☺️

    Dec 28, 2022 03:39

    Hi, is there any way to import a manuscript we have already started into Manuscripts? I have, like, 30000 words in a word doc and I dont really want to go through copy pasting chapter by chapter...   Thanks in advance!

    Jan 2, 2023 08:35

    Hi! (and happy new year!) There isn't an import feature for Manuscripts as of now, so copy-pasting will be the only way to move an existing novel into World Anvil.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Jan 3, 2023 05:29

    Happy New Year to you too. Fortunately I had access to my husbands twin monitors so it didnt take too long but it may be a useful function for the future?   KK

    Jan 3, 2023 09:32

    Feel free to suggest it as a feature! You can do so here:

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Feb 28, 2023 11:43

    QQ - i have had a significant change in my planned story - i am going to start a new manuscipt as will be easier than editing what id already done - thankfully not shedloads. is best idea cut and paste what i can re-use into a new manuscript ?

    Feb 28, 2023 12:47

    That will be up to your own workflow, as well as how much you want to reuse! I recommend not deleting the old version of the story though, you never know if there might be something good there that you can use in the future!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Aug 25, 2023 18:18

    Hi, attempting to delete a manuscript and start over from original save documents. The Manuscript has a red lock icon on it, and attempting to delete it gets me the confirmation dialogue but it never actually gets deleted. Help!

    Aug 25, 2023 18:42 by Cosmic Fjord

    I had this problem and my world was in "Stored" status. I set it to "Active" status and I was then able to delete my manuscript. Maybe this is the case for you?

    Aug 26, 2023 12:14

    I don't see these settings, where do I change them?

    Aug 26, 2023 17:30 by Cosmic Fjord

    It is under the Configuration cog on the left hand panel. Then go to Settings>Additional. You'll see the storage status as one of the options. It sounds like this might not be the problem in your case if you have not changed this in the past. Good luck!

    Aug 27, 2023 14:24

    Thank you, you're right - it IS set to active, and I'm getting the 404 error listed above. I created this manuscript this month, so it's not an 'alpha' item or anything like that.