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Traits & Skills

A template for quick-linking skills and traits.
ID Name Tags
Latent Gelsir Traits Kuna
Voice of an Arle Trait Prerequisite Required Noble Corive GM Discretion Maybe Ability?
Chosen by the Gods Uncheckable Dark Shadows
Administration Knowledge
Silly Accent Traits
Ambitious Traits
Throwing Weapon Skills Maneuvers Combat
Sling Skills Maneuvers Combat
Polearm and Shield Skills Maneuvers Combat
Light Polearms Skills Maneuvers Combat
Heavy Polearms Skills Maneuvers Combat
Heavy One-handed Weapons Skills Maneuvers Combat
Bastard Weapons Skills Maneuvers Combat
One-handed Weapons And Shield Skills Maneuvers Combat
Balanced One-Handed Weapons Skills Maneuvers Combat
Duel Weapons Skills Maneuvers Combat
Crossbow Skills Maneuvers Combat
Archery Skills Maneuvers Combat
Weaving Skills Crafts Medieval
Weaponsmithing Skills Crafts Medieval
Wainwrighting Skills Crafts Medieval
Theology Skill Occultism Religion Theology
Tanning Skills Crafts Medieval
Stonecutting Skills Crafts Medieval
Skiing Skills Maneuvers
Shoemaking Skills Crafts Medieval
Shipwrighting Skills Crafts Medieval
Masonry Skills Crafts Medieval
Locksmith Skills Crafts
Literacy Skills Knowledge Medieval
Instrument Building Skills Crafts Medieval
Ink Making Skills Crafts Medieval
Hunting Skills Knowledge
Herbalism Skills Knowledge
Heraldry Skills Knowledge Medieval Dark Shadows
Glass making Skills Crafts Medieval Dark Shadows
Geography Skills Knowledge Dark Shadows Cinders of the Cataclysm CotC DS Dunia
Fletching Skills Crafts Medieval
Fishing Skills Knowledge Medieval
Fay Knowledge Skills Knowledge Medieval Dark Shadows
Entertaining Skills Maneuvers
Engraving Skills Crafts Medieval
Dyeing Skills Crafts Medieval
Cordage Skills Crafts Medieval
Coopering Skills Crafts Medieval
Cordwaining Skills Crafts Medieval
Cobbling Skills Crafts Medieval
Casting Skills Crafts
Cartography Skills Knowledge
Whittling Skills Crafts Medieval
Carpentry Skills Crafts Medieval
Candlemaking Skills Crafts Medieval
Calculus Skills Knowledge
Brewer Skills Crafts
Butchery Skills Crafts
Bowyer Skills Crafts Medieval Weapons
Bookbinding Skills Crafts Medieval
Whitesmithing Skills Crafts Medieval
Blacksmithing Skills Medieval Crafts
Basketry Skills Crafts Medieval
Armorsmithing Skills Medieval Crafts Armor
Draconic Blood Corive Dragons Traits Starting Trait messy solution to a messy mechanic
Wanderlust Traits Value Negative Corive Setting Agnostic
Well-traveled (Dark Shadows) Traits Situational Positive Dark Shadows
Superstitious Traits Value Negative Religion
Shadow (Dark Shadows) Traits Value Negative Shadow Corruption Dark Shadows CotC
Ordained Uncheckable Trait Religion Gods
Mysticism (Dark Shadows) Skill Occultism Shade Dark Shadows Fay Fay-blood Mysticism
Witchcraft (Dark Shadows) Skill Occultism Fay Fay-magic Witchcraft Dark Shadows
Occultism (Dark Shadows) Skill Occultism Shade Dark Shadows
Fay-blooded Uncheckable Trait Fay Fay-blood
Craftsman Uncheckable Trait Crafts
Agoraphobia Traits
Lovestruck Traits Situational Social Negative
Extreme Extrovert Traits Situational Social
Theurgic Disconnect
Combat Experience Trait Combat
Temporal Acuity Mutation Gift
Magnetoception Mutation Gift
Beastial Form Mutation Gift
Snap Musculature Mutation Gift
Voidmind Mutation Gift
Hypernociceptia Traits Value
Hyponociceptia Traits Value
Common Sense Traits Situational
Prehensile Tail Mutation Gift
Tail Mutation Gift
Microarolia Mutation Gift
Tentacle Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Emaciated Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Severe Disfigurement Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Distention Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Leather Skin Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Horned Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Lipless Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Eyestalk Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Skin Flakes Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Body Odor Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Gelatinous Blood Mutation Defect
Investigation Skills Willpower
Endurance Traits Situational Positive Physical
Stubborn Traits Value
Heavy Weapons Skills Firearms
Club Foot Mutation Defect
Disfigurement Mutation Defect Disfigurement
Lentus Medela Mutation Defect
Hypersensitivity Mutation Defect
Wings Mutation Gift
Ultrasonic Mutation Gift
Alacrity Mutation Gift
Regeneration Mutation Gift
Hardened Skin Mutation Gift
Claws Mutation Gift
Chameleon Pigments Mutation Gift
Immunity Mutation Gift
Fangs Mutation Gift
Aquatic Mutation Gift
Photosynthetic Skin Mutation Gift
Elemental Resistance Mutation Gift
Debt Traits Situational
Therapy Skills Communication
Insomnia Traits
Chemistry Skills Knowledge
Permanent Cybernetic Complication Cybernetics Complication
Cybernetic Complication Cybernetics Complication
White Noise Traits Psionics
Psion Psionics
Psionics Psionics
Medicine Skills Knowledge
Dexterity Skills Maneuvers
Socially Inept Traits
Claustrophobia Traits
Magnanimous Traits
Gelsir [CotC] Traits Kuna
Sensitive Traits
Peripheral Vision Mutation
Inexpressive Traits
Heat Vision Mutation Gift
Easily Starved Traits
Agile Traits
Darkvision Traits
Latent Gelsir Traits Kuna
Coward Traits
Mechanics Skills Technology
Submarine Operation Skills Technology
Swimming Skills Maneuvers
Driving Skills Technology
Digital Forgery Skills Technology
Piloting Skills Technology
Cyberrunning Skills Technology Cyberrunner
Computers Skills Technology
Electronics Skills Technology
Throwing Skills Maneuvers
Melee Weapons Skills Maneuvers
Brawl Skills Maneuvers
Heavy Energy Weapons Skills Firearms
Light Energy Weapons Skills Firearms
Assault Rifles Skills Firearms
Shotguns Skills Firearms
Rifles Skills Firearms
Submachineguns Skills Firearms
Handguns Skills Firearms
Withstand Torture Skills Willpower
Urban Survival Skills Willpower
Tracking Skills Willpower
Tactics Skills Knowledge
Stealth Skills Maneuvers
Singing Skills Communication
Streetwise Skills Communication
Seduction Skills Communication
Riding Skills Maneuvers
Playing Instrument Skills Knowledge
Persuasion Skills Communication
Performance Skills Communication
Perception Skills Willpower
Orientation Skills Knowledge
Surgery Skills Knowledge
First Aid Skills Knowledge
Lockpicking Skills Maneuvers
Rhetoric Skills Communication
Leadership Skills Communication
Language Skills Communication
Intimidation Skills Communication
Interrogation Skills Communication
Gambling Skills Communication
Farming Skills Knowledge
Etiquette Skills Communication
Drinking Skills Willpower
History Skills Knowledge
Survival Skills Willpower
Cooking Skills Knowledge Crafts
Composition Skills Communication Knowledge
Mathematics (modern) Skills Knowledge
Disguise Skills Communication
Dancing Skills Maneuvers
Bluffing Skills Communication
Athletics Skills Willpower
Architecture Skills Knowledge
Animal Handling Skills Knowledge
Acrobatics Skills Maneuvers
Young Traits
Willpower Traits
Conspiracy Theorist Traits
Supernatural Trait Traits Supernatural
Sullen Traits
Stranger Traits
Stage-fright Traits
Speech Impediment Traits
Snob Traits
Slave Traits
Sickly Traits
Shy Traits
Sharp-eared Traits
Reputable Traits
Rebel Traits
Rage Traits
Quick Study Traits
Strong Traits
Weak Traits
Untapped Strength Traits
Unapproachable Traits
Ugly Traits
Teacher Traits
Swift Traits
Quick Traits
Promiscuous Traits
Pregnant Traits
Poor Traits
Poet Traits
Pious Traits
Piercing Gaze Traits
Phobia Traits
Persecuted Traits
Pacifist Traits
Outlawed (modern) Traits
Old Traits
Obsessed Traits
Oathsworn Traits
Night Owl Traits
Musical Synesthesia Traits
Outlawed (feudal) Traits
Lucky Traits
Loyal Traits
Low Self-esteem Traits
Leader Traits
Jealous Traits
Iron Physique Traits
Intuition Traits
Insidious Traits
Insane Traits
Influence Traits
Inflexible Traits
Infamous Traits
In Love Traits
Hound-nose Traits
Honor Traits
Hideout Traits
Riches Traits
Status Traits
Heir Traits
Healing Hands Traits
Hawkeye Traits
Hatred Traits
Handsome Traits
Greedy Traits
Charismatic Traits Value Social Positive
Friend Traits
Forgetful Traits
Feeble Traits
Overweight Traits
Eye Defect Traits
Enemy Traits
Eidetic Memory Traits
Educated Traits
Distracted Traits
Dislike Traits
Dull Traits
Dim Traits
Dexterous Traits
Debt of Honor Traits
Contacts Traits
Compassion Traits
Clumsy Traits
Child Traits
Cute Traits
Curious Traits
Crippled Traits
Carefree Traits
Butterfingers Traits
Brave Traits
Small Traits
Big Traits Value
Astute Traits
Artist Traits
Animal Speaker Traits
Ambidextrous Traits