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You have trouble committing things to memory and even more trouble actually getting things out of said enigma that is your memory. Every time you, as a player, stumble when speaking or trying to say something, the Keeper may force a check with this trait and if you don't pass, you cannot continue talking because your character has forgotten what they were trying to say, or forgotten some important clue or part of what they were trying to remember.

The same applies for when someone asks your character to remember something, you must then pass a check with this trait in order to remember. If you fail, your character has forgotten.

The other player characters may, if they can, help your characters to find their way again, or completely avoid having to do the check by helping you along and filling in. The same is for things you have placed somewhere. If you are going to go and find something you have left behind, a check may be necessary to remember where you put it.

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CD10: Traits and Skills