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-1 to -4

You are part of a minority that is persecuted by society in one way or another. The trait is used when interacting with society and determining people's reactions to you.

-1: You are minority but a common and not overly disliked such. You stand out in a crowd and people may throw snide remarks at you, but you have the same rights as everyone else and suffer only minor persecution.

-2: You are a barely accepted minority. While you legally have the same rights as everyone else, most people either distrust you or outright dislike you for who you are. If you are seen in public, groups of people may gang up to throw slurs and foul words at you. Any law enforcement is likely to be skewed against you simply for who you are.

-3: You are no longer accepted among your fellow people. You belong to a minority who is sometimes exposed to open persecution by others and it's no longer safe for you to walk openly and display who you are. Store-owners or merchants may refuse to do business with you, people may refuse you to enter their buildings and if you are caught out in the open, alone, you may be assaulted.

-4: At this level of persecution you are actively hated and people will go out of their way to persecute you. While most will limit themselves to words and maybe throwing things at you, if a large enough group gathers, you may end up killed unless you flee the scene. You have barely any legal rights as even the system is biased against you. In some places you may even be put to death for who you are.


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