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Gelsir [CotC]
(v: -1 to -4)
Developed from Latent Gelsir, the Gelsir state is one of increased aggression, anger and inability to reason. The Gelsir trait works similar to Rage, but will also display other symtoms such as increased salivation, lowering of the vocal register, increased strength and somewhat hunched posture.   When resolving strength and agility related checks, the trait is reversed, turning positive.   Once you have acquired Gelsir, you continue to make yearly Gelsir checks, but this time the base difficulty is 6 with an added +1 yearly and you use this trait for check modification, since you removed Latent Gelsir. If the trait ever reaches -5, your character is fully feral and is no longer a playable character. If you fail a yearly check for Gelsir, the difficulty goes back to 6 and then increases by +1 yearly again until you fail another. Remember that this trait itself modifies your check as an Internal Modifier.   The yearly Gelsir check is subject to Hero Points.   For in-universe information on this condition, see the Gelsir, article.

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